Project Runway Recap — Part 2

So excited Project Runway is back and that I am back blogging! My first recap was for the first 3 challenges. Now my part 2 recap is up for the past 3 — the 90s, Underwear as Outerwear & All Denim. These next 3 challenges have also brought us to the halfway point for the season. Wow! It’s flying by! And in my last post, I mentioned how each elimination would get tougher and I was right. Each week its hard to predict who might be in the bottom, who might be eliminated? But it’s even harder to watch it unfold as everyone left is good. So its tough to watch the eliminations. But there are only a few spots for the finale and of course only one winner. Certainly going to be a hard call!

I’m excited to see the final few challenges because this mix of tasks were not my favorites. I am not a fan of denim, so 0 interest in seeing those looks. Underwear as outerwear looks, I get the trend, but I don’t view that as showcasing a lot of innovation, its not so much of a strength from the designers. But I did love the 90s challenge and seeing all of the throwback inspirations in the looks! And Jennie Garth as the guest judge, I mean how can you make a perfect week even better! I am such a fan!

So for this particular week there would be two teams of 5 competing, Red team vs Blue team, each tasked with creating a look, so creating a mini collection, with the inspiration being the 90s. I loved that they had the runway in an actual high school, with the hallways as the runway — Obsessed! When I think of 90s TV, I think of so many great shows then in a school setting, Saved by the Bell, 90210 (hence Jennie Garth as guest judge), Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and more.

The blue team consisted of Prajje, Bishme, Korto, Rami and Laurence. They were the winning team. I loved the vibe of this collection, very hip hop, music video. There were a lot of strong looks! I thought the use of colors like orange and green could have been risky, but worked so well in the collection. For me, Korto’s look was the weakest here. And I thought with other looks, there were aspects I loved, but then parts I didn’t care as much for. Laurence was the deserving winner here! I thought it was such a cool look. I really loved these leather suspenders. Its a look you would see people wearing now!

I also thought Prajje and Rami did great work. With Rami, he thought of Aaliyah and I could have totally seen her in this and slaying! With the blue team winning, that of course meant the red team was the losing team and someone here would be eliminated. The red team was Kayne, Brittany, Fabio, Kara Saun, and Anna. I thought these looks at least tried to make 90s modern, so not just looks you would see in the 90s, but looks that were inspired by the 90s and wearable today. It was plaid, fun and very Clueless! But there were some messy/sloppy looks and it made sense this was the bottom team. I mentioned tough cuts and this was tough for me. I love Kayne! But this was not his forte in creating 90s RTW, more of a streetwear vibe. At least I know for him he has created true success for himself as a designer. He has built an amazing business, with many stunning creations, strong clientele and dresses celebrities. I don’t know that all of the designers from this cast can say the same!

The next week was following the trend of underwear type pieces being worn as outerwear. This was not an exciting runway for me, but there were a few good looks at least created. Prajje did fairly decent with his look. But I agreed with Brandon, the jacket was his strength here and we barely got to see it. Brittany did better than I expected. I loved the bit of color in lime green. It felt more sporty than underwear, but still a good look. Kara Saun was the named winner, but for me, it would have been Rami. I actually have a skirt in this similar coloring, the black lace overlaying a nude fabric. It was just gorgeous, super sexy, but not distasteful.

It was between Korto and Fabio as to who would go. I felt Fabio has been judged and criticized more harshly than others this season. IMO, his previous looks were not just safe. But it seems like those critiques, then this not so amazing look meant he was the one to go. The judges didn’t seem to care for the direction of the look and it was Christian who pushed this direction, creating the disharmonious final result. Fabio should have just ignored the advice. And for all the discussion about Anna in the next challenge and how her timing issue was her fault, and that her last minute look should have sent her home. That was my opinion for Korto this week. Her look made no sense to me, felt super safe, but was also poorly constructed. The slight interest in this piece for her was a good fabric selection and it would have been doing all the work in this look, not the design itself. I guess there could have been no Siriano save this week for poor Fabio because Christian wasn’t even there!

Nina was also absent for this challenge and the next one. But she should be back it seems for the rest of the season. The next task was a challenge used before. It was actually from Rami and Christian’s OG season, creating a head to toe denim look. I am not a denim fan. I don’t wear jeans hardly ever! So again, not the biggest fan of these looks, but a few did stand out. Also, not sure if we needed Julia Fox as a judge offering any suggestions/thoughts I would consider, but oh well, that’s where we were!

Part of the challenge would be each designer would be a duo, one vs the other, whose look would come out on top! And from the bottom looks, one designer would be eliminated. It was interesting seeing the selection process. As the winner from the previous week, Kara got to pick her battling partner first. As she stated, not the most amazing prize, but it would give her the advantage. And despite her not actually wanting to say it, she picked Anna because she thought she would easily beat her. As it interestingly enough turned out, it was not the slam dunk she thought it would be.

In terms of fan criticism, I have seen a lot about Anna. But we got to see a snippet of some past looks in this episode and I actually think she is a good designer. Her looks are very conceptual, much more editorial, so it’s not looks that are going to be for the masses. But I don’t think she lacks talent or deserves to go the most amongst the remaining designers. There was a lot of criticism about her bleach mistake this week, leading to timing issues and sending down the runway a less then perfect look. But is that the only time this has happened in PR history, or even this season? I recall a few scrambling, like Korto and Brittany, but neither were sent home.

I’ve seen talk that maybe the judges favor her? But are we going to pretend the judges and even Christian don’t have other faves? I know with Chrisitan its very obvious, especially when it comes to the advice he offers and how much. And I see that with Brittany. And as it came to the Siriano Save for the season, he saved someone he has known for years, the person from his own season, Rami. When the season first started I called if he used it, it would absolutely be on Rami, given the connection, or Brittany because I knew he had favored her too. In fact she received the Siriano Save during her original season.

I thought Bishme vs Prajje would be the hardest battle. Nobody picked them. They were paired together because they were the last 2. But the judges didn’t love Prajje’s look, putting him in the bottom 2. I didn’t agree with that. Bishme’s look was clean, very chic, but certainly a basic denim dress. His fringed coat was the winner here. But Prajje’s look was not that bad IMO. I love a good jumpsuit. I thought the patchwork denim pattern looked like mixed media. I got some of what the judges were saying. I didn’t love the back either. But I don’t know if I would have judged it as harshly.

Brittany vs Laurence was the toughest call. I loved both looks! Laurence was the winner, which I thought worked. And I am glad for this win she actually got a prize, 5k! Laurence did something very different with a denim gown. But Brittany also did well, creating a solid jacket here. I felt with Rami’s look, it was a similar situation to Kayne and his elimination. I don’t think this is a strength for Rami. Not his aesthetic at all. But we did see the memory of the challenge he did on this before and his look was actually very good. So with having done this challenge before and doing it well, I think it was more disappointing his look this time was bad. The look was not flattering. I am not sure where he was trying to go with this. I don’t feel like I saw him in this piece at all.

So Rami was eliminated but saved, so ultimately nothing changed in terms of the number left. It’s only going to get tougher so the designers have to bring it each week. Hopefully they focus and don’t rely on excuses or sad stories to escape elimination. And hopefully the fans can’t keep enjoying and not complaining if there fave goes home. We have to remember, there is only going to be one winner. So chances are you might be disappointed. And if you like more than one designer, prepare for that disappointment since only one can win. And there are a good amount of designers left so a couple of more good ones will be eliminated. Just the name of the game! But I am ready to hopefully see some exciting new challenges and some even more amazing creations from the designers!

Project Runway Recap — Part 1

I started this current season of Project Runway late, trying to watch/catch up and just can’t help but want to blog! So taking a stab with the first few challenges here in my Recap Part 1. Looking at the first challenge, the unconventional challenge, dressing for royalty and all from the same bolt of “Red Rage”.

The various runways have been very up and down for me, some peaks of brilliance to some very lows that I wouldn’t expect from the supposed “best of the best.” I also feel like we keep hearing a lot of excuses and sad stories to distract from bad design. I’ve seen a lot of fan commentary on what the show should be about, fashion or the back stories. From just the very few first episodes it’s quite evident they all have had something bad happen to them, a rough childhood/upbringing, a tragic loss, etc. But no individual designer’s sad story should overtake the week’s given challenge, the work they actually put down the runway. So I don’t mind learning more, hearing about a journey, but it shouldn’t overtake your work or be an excuse to keep you from going home.

Thus far, I have agreed with all who have went home. I do appreciate Viktor. I have even met him; he is a great guy and designer. But that royalty look was a hot mess and that was mostly because of him. He was more focused on putting his POV on a look that it wasn’t working with. And then on the “Red is all the Rage” runway, it was abundantly clear Hester was going. And the excuse of oh, I am not familiar with this fabric doesn’t fly. You chose to create something ambitious, so if you don’t know how to work with the fabric, then create something in your wheelhouse, not something you really haven’t done on a fabric you supposedly don’t know. Sounded like a big excuse, which I think would bother the other designers, but somehow most were unnecessarily focused on Anna.

Certainly the big topic of debate from that runway was Anna repeating work? This was beyond blown out of proportion. I could maybe understand if she had won, but the judges were in no way giving her the win. And there was no way that look was sending her home. So I don’t get the outrage when it was clear that the look that was going home was the one poorly made, sloppy, and just all over the place. I don’t get all the drama there. Kind of laughable for example hearing Korto discussing it when in that same week her look was repeating a weaving design she had also done before. A few were saying Anna has done nothing but repeat the ruffle, yet I can only recall the one look.

Let’s also not pretend in the real world on a runway you don’t see some repetition of a signature design detail or that even on the show we don’t see designers re-use fashion details or design aspects. Leanne Marshall, Dmitry Sholokhov, Sean Kelly, just to name a few! I feel the designers were more upset with the bottom 3 maybe because they liked them better than actually thinking of the looks. They also seemed more upset with Anna as if she put herself in the top, when it was the judges who did this. I guess time will tell if they actually have the audacity to say something to them vs jumping on Anna. But again, the bottom 3 made sense even if you like the designer. We know Christian convinced Rami to change his design a good bit after the start. It clearly led to not the best Rami look and something that didn’t seem fully visualized. Christian also told Fabio he was playing it safe, which is exactly what the judges told him. And again, finally with Hester, it was quite clear she was the one going home.

I mentioned the runways being full of highs and lows for me. Of course episode 1, I thought it was great to see everyone back and such dramatic changes from their worst looks revisualized. The unconventional runway really blew me away – was probably my top runway thus far. Nina thought the royalty runway was complete with no bad looks, but I very much disagreed. She actually then didn’t care for the Alls Red runway, which I thought was pretty good. Going back to the royalty challenge, I really didn’t love many of the looks. And I think the problem was most were just doing whatever they wanted to and not actually thinking of the task at hand. It was either a design for future royalty or a nonexistent land of royalty, but the challenge was create a look fit for royalty, not for royalty that doesn’t exist or whatever you are just making up in your mind.

The runway was again surprisingly lackluster for me, but of course not very surprising was a teamwork challenge and that at least providing a little drama. A typical dramatic group, that of Anna/Brittany, it did land them in the bottom. It was not surprising they clashed somewhat, both with very strong personalities. I know with Brittany, I want to like her. And she is not a horrible designer. Her next winning look with the red sportswear piece was actually pretty great. But I just feel like every episode she has to try so hard to get attention. It doesn’t feel like a natural for reality TV. I think if she wasn’t so focused on trying to make what she thinks is good TV her design work would be far better.

I am looking forward to continuing to catch up on the latest episodes and putting together my Recap Part 2. It’s only going to get more tough from here on out as I am sure most of us have more than one fave!

#WCW — All Things Lauren Conrad


So for this Wednesday, this #WCW, I am dedicating it, fashionably speaking, to the ever–talented, extremely gorgeous, forever fashionista Lauren Conrad, aka LC. I have been a fan of this lady ever since her reality days on Laguna Beach and The Hills. At first, I was always captivated by her own sense of personal style. Literally any outfit I would spot her in, I would want!




As soon as learned of her design work though, I knew I would be hooked on her own creations as well. So whether it is LC’s higher-end line in that of Paper Crown, or her more RTW pieces thru her exclusive line with Kohls, I have been and forever will be a fan.



Her collection with Paper Crown is for those who want to have fun…and look lovely while doing so. Lauren Conrad’s designs are a modern take on classic style, with an emphasis on fabric fit to create staples for the contemporary women’s closet.



The collection is composed of romantic dresses, feminine blouses, chic day wear, and tailored basics. The result: an understated elegance that is both effortless and sophisticated. There are even bridal pieces now with LC’s bridesmaid dress collection.


It was founded in 2010 by Lauren Conrad & Maura McManus. Now on its impressive 17th collection, the line shows 5 seasons and 6 to 8 deliveries a year, completely designed by Conrad. Her love of fanciful design elements that transcend the boundaries of everyday fashion are beloved by customers & fans alike.The paper crown brand continues to grow, while maintaining an aesthetic that is fresh and  forward with a feminine charm.


Scattered throughout this post are images from current pieces by Lauren Conrad, on sale at Kohls. Also, I have images of my own personal items that I own from her various collections!





LC also has a lifestyle blog, encompassing decorating, crafting, fashion, and more! Lauren has added “best selling author” to her resume after signing multiple book deals with Harper Collins. Lauren’s first novel, “L.A. Candy” debuted #1 on the New York Times Best Seller List for over a month. Since releasing this first best seller, Lauren has released “Sweet Little Lies,” “Sugar and Spice,” “Lauren Conrad Style” and “Lauren Conrad Beauty,” all of which have topped best seller lists. Lauren then signed another book deal for series titled “The Fame Game,” penning her final books titled “Starstruck” and “Infamous.”





As if this lady was not already multi-faceted enough, Lauren has also teamed up with BlueAvocado, a sustainable lifestyle products company on a mission to inspire millions to reduce their ecological footprint with “cool products for a hot planet.” Lauren has since designed two eco-collections for BlueAvocado, which include stylish prints and new products that expand the company’s food-on-the-go product portfolio to include home storage, travel and cosmetic accessories.



Clearly I’m a fan and I hope to in the future read more of LC’s books, own more of her pieces, and maybe, just maybe, attend  a fashion show or presentation of hers!



Project Runway is Back in Action!!

And as always for the 1st episode, there is lots to report! Lots of designers. Lots of looks to grace the 1st runway. And lots of other show details from designer intros to workroom beginnings. So let’s get right to it with the 1st challenge of season 14!


Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn met the group of 16 designers at Madison Square Garden to give them their challenge details. It was nothing out of the ordinary, very typical for a PR 1st challenge. The designers had 1 day to create any garment of their choosing, as long as it represented their designer POV. There were a few tiny catches — limited fabrics (courtesy of Mood) and only 3 minutes to shop, and by shop I mean to run around Madison Square Garden as the fabrics were scattered over the arena, draped over the seats. Each designer could only take 4 textiles. And since the designers were only provided with a limited number of fabrics, these choices could be ones the designers would not typically work with or might not be familiar with using.


The designers got a little crazed running around the arena, lots of snatching and definitely some aggressive behavior. But it was then off to the workroom where everyone got settled into their workstations with some friendly hellos and getting to know each other a little better. The mood of the room came down quite a bit though with some of the designers questioning their fabric choices and a major PR first!


Three designers, David, Swapnil, and Merline, did not bring their designer kits. Needless to say, Tim was shocked as this had never happened before on PR. Those designers were left to the kindness of their fellow castmates. I’m assuming everyone was given a helping hand as nobody seemed to have any further issues. A bit of other drama from this 1st episode, #projectmusical. Merline was singing about the workroom, definitely being dubbed as the season chatterbox. All fellow designers seemed quite annoyed to say the least!


The fun and laughter came to a quick end as Tim Time came around. There was a mixture of nervous designers, questions from Tim, and even some praise. Notably Tim had a disconnect with Edmond and some disagreements with Hanmiao. But overall, Tim left the designers with some firm notes. He was very disappointed and wanted the designers to turn their lumps of coal into diamonds!


As time for the first runway rolled around, it was also time for some of the season’s intros. The entire runway and set for the runway had been re-invented. Accessories this year were provided by JustFab. Mary Kay Cosmetics were back to provide makeup services. And new for this year, Sally Beauty was on board to work as the hair team.


As in previous seasons, the runway was being judged “anonymously” and the Tim Gunn save would return. The 1st guest judge of the season to join Heidi, Nina, and Zac was Hannah Davis, model and soon to be host of PR Junior.


With regard to the massive 1st runway, I was not in total agreement with Heidi’s statement that it was so spectacular. There was definitely some highlights, but I kind of agreed with Tim’s earlier sentiment of disappointment. Many of the safe designers were just that, lucky to be safe. The bottom 3 I couldn’t say I disagreed with, but I believe a few other designers could have easily found themselves to be in the bottom. I will give one honorable mention that was in my top, but forgotten by the judges, and that was Swapnil’s sassy royal blue frock. I love this color choice and the bodice was intricately created and detailed. In the midst of mediocrity, Swapnil certainly stood out for me.


Another quick honorable mention, Amanda. The more and more I look at her design, the more and more I like it. But what I wanted to point out was a shout-out for her work with Mary Kay and Sally Beauty. We see a lot of updos on PR, so to see a fresh, gorgeous hair look that is down, I had to give some props here. But also, I thought the sunkist, bronzed beauty look was a great pairing with her flirty, girly, fun look.


Ashley was the clear winner though this week. This look was so chic, very fashionable. I can’t imagine any young fashionista wouldn’t be over the moon to wear this piece!


Ashley not only created a rave look, but she stood out with hair and makeup as well. This lovely chignon updo by Sally Beauty was spot on. And the bold burgundy lip by Mary Kay was a great touch.


I was 100% in agreement with the judges here, top 3 placement and winning look. I loved that Nina pointed out the texture. This was so impressive for a 1st look and I’m happy Ashley was given immunity for next week. But I would hope she doesn’t need it!


The other 2 designers in the top I was more on the fence about. Edmond’s black tube dress with a train, showcasing a bright neon color, was very much a turnaround from Tim time. But I’m not sure about the neon fabric on the train as Hannah pointed out as well. In fact, several of the designers made use of a yellow under-fabric so I’m guessing it might have been the most prevalent of the fabric choices at Madison Square Garden. Clearly Mood was trying to get rid of this busy color! I believe it was Nina that was quick to remind her fellow judges that this was not overly innovative, a tube dress with a train. I might have responded differently without the neon color, maybe a royal purple or cobalt blue, but I get that Edmond was working with what he had. I appreciate his ability to “make it work”!


Merline rounded out the top 3 this week, but I was not so gaga over this one. I loved the use of color. And there were some nice details, but I just wasn’t over the moon here. Just as with Edmond though, I know Merline did a lot to make this work. I would just hope for the future we see less chat and more work. It will only serve to improve her work.


Nobody wants to be the first to go, but this is PR and each week there is a bottom 3 and one must go. Of the bottom 3, I was so surprised to see Blake become a part of this, so I’m happy he was saved. I loved Blake’s audition pieces, so I certainly didn’t want him axed first. This print could be a lot to take, but I think it was a bold, daring choice, which I applaud him for. However, there was a lot going on here and with such a busy print, too much wasn’t going to work. And again, we see this god awful yellow color as part of an under-fabric, which really didn’t make much sense. So I don’t disagree with the judges on this one, but I’m hopeful we will see better from Blake in the future!


This left Hanmiao and Duncan in the bottom 2. The judges felt Duncan didn’t do enough and when it comes down to designers not doing enough versus doing too much, the one who doesn’t do enough generally goes home. What saved Hanmiao was the judges did get her aesthetic, which was not a vibe they received from Duncan. I actually believe if Hanmiao had ditched the jacket she would have been safe. The dress on it’s own wasn’t altogether terrible, but with the matchy-matchy coat, it was too much. The dress still had some issues, but I’m guessing with sole focus on the dress, it might have been better. I know she demonstrated a stubborn side with Tim, but Duncan firmly stood by his design with the judges. On top of doing too little, it just wasn’t going to clearly work out in saving Duncan.


Duncan selected a stunning bun updo, which I loved for this look. I also liked the back. But other than that, this gown was a hot mess. If you are going to just drape, you have to do so superbly. And this wasn’t it. Duncan accepted his elimination well though; he left with his head held high.




Project Runway Returns!

hp-images-pr14-newLifetime’s hit reality series, Project Runway, is back for it’s 14th season this Thursday, August 6th!! As an avid fan, I know I am excited!! How about you?!? I wanted to put together a little intro piece for this exciting event, discuss the designers, the season details, and more! So for all you PR fanatics just like me, ENJOY!!


There are 16 designers coveting and competing for the PR title this season. Not only is the competition for the title, but a host of prizes including:

  • $100,000 to launch his or her business
  • a Celebrity Cruises® modern luxury vacation
  • a year’s worth of products courtesy of Sally Beauty
  • the opportunity to consult with Sally Beauty to create a limited edition “FingerPaints” nail color collection
  • a 2015 Lexus RC 350
  • a complete sewing and crafting studio from Brother Sewing and Embroidery
  • a fashion spread in Marie Claire magazine, and
  • from Mary Kay, an entire year’s worth of beauty products for their fashion shows and professional makeup artist services for their debut show.


In addition to the always impressive and talented judges, Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia, Zac Posen and mentor Tim Gunn (and his save!), top names in the entertainment industry sitting as guest judges this season include: Bella Thorne, Kiernan Shipka, Tracee Ellis Ross, Paula Patton, Ashley Tisdale, Shiri Appleby, Constance Zimmer, Ciara, Mel B, Coco Rocha, Lisa Perry, and Hannah Davis.

So let’s meet the designers —

Amanda Perna: 28, Delray Beach, FL


Amanda’s studies included The University of Alabama, as well as a first internship with Oscar de la Renta. Her strengths, putting together cohesive collections, mixing colors and prints, as well as thinking outside the box.



More on Amanda & her brand The House of Perna

Gabrielle Arruda: 27, New York, NY 


Gabrielle hails from NYC and studied at the infamous Parsons, The New School for Design. Her strengths include time management and designing pieces that reflect her style and accomplish the task at hand. She has a modern and feminine sensibility infused into her designs.

pr14-ga-pastwork12  pr14-ga-pastwork8

More on Gabrielle

Hanmiao Yang: 27, New York, NY


Hanmiao’s strengths include being a fast learner and time management. She pays attention to detail, can work under stress, is a problem solver, and being a multi-tasker.

pr14-hy-pastwork3  pr14-hy-pastwork10

More on Hanmiao

Edmond Newton: 37, Atlanta, GA


Edmond’s strengths lie with evening wear & high fashion. He’s been trying to get on since season 1, is this is time??

pr14-en-pastwork2  pr14-en-pastwork4

More on Edmond

Jake Wall: 36, San Francisco, CA


Jake’s strengths include that he is a fast learner, impeccable with time management, pays attention to detail, can work under stress, is a problem solver, and can multi-task.



More on Jake

Joseph Charles Poli: 37, Las Vega, NV


Designer strengths include creating a strong silhouette, fit and tailoring.



More on Joseph

Blake Patterson: 24, Los Angeles, CA


Designer strengths include designs, fabric selections, craftsmanship, and creating something amazing!

pr14-bp-pastwork4  untitled

More on Blake

Swapnil Shinde: 34, Mumbai, India



With a 4th time in auditioning, Swapnil is ready to show off his exquisite skills in patternmaking.


More on Swapnil —

Merline Labissiere: 32, Savannah, GA


Merline attended SCAD. She is very conceptual, tending to think outside the box, both with designs and the colors she uses. Architectural elements come out in the way Merline designs patterns.



More on Merline

Laurie Underwood: 29, Chicago, IL


Her designer strengths include creating looks that allow women to stand out, while fitting in at the same time.



More on Laurie — (brand is Wanda Grace)

Lindsey Creel: 28, Austin, TX


Lindsey feels she is strongest with patternmaking, sewing, and ready-to-wear.

pr14-lc-pastwork1   pr14-lc-pastwork5

More on Lindsey, M.E. Shirley

Candice Cuoco: 27, San Francisco, CA


Candice was honored to win the SF Best Emerging Designer in 2013 and nominated for Designer of the Year in 2014. She feels and interprets everything deeply. “Women are emotional creatures and to pay close attention to the meaning behind why I create is my strength.”

pr14-cc-pastwork2  pr14-cc-pastwork11

More on Candice, House of CCUOCO

Ashley Nell Tipton: 24, San Diego, CA


Designer strengths include sewing construction, thinking outside of the box, and problem solving.

pr14-at-pastwork9  pr14-at-pastwork3

More on Ashley

David Giampiccolo: 31, Hollywood, CA


David is highly client centric, focused, and based, so he strives to make my designs comfortable and mix street wear with a touch of couture.



More on David

Duncan Chambers-Watson: 25, Auckland, New Zealand


Duncan’s designer strengths are tailoring, knitwear and patternmaking.

pr14-dcw-pastwork2  pr14-dcw-pastwork5

Kelly Dempsey: 31, Boston, MA


Kelly is confident, with a designer strength in that of creating her own individuality, picking and choosing what she wanted to learn along the way, leading her to the designer she is today.

pr14-kd-pastwork1   pr14-kd-pastwork4

More on Kelly with Keli Couture