MBFW Swim 2014 Part 3 — Even More Designers Set to Present!


So Day 2 & Day 3 posts, with designer information and images, are up regarding MBFW Swim. Again, here is the full list of designers and the entire schedule. But what about Day 4 — let’s check out those designers, their past work, & a little bit of brand information!

PROFILE & BLUSH BY GOTTEX — July 20th, 5 pm, Raleigh Pool

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Profile & Blush — made for you, as consumers, to enjoy! The brand invites you to find the perfect fit, basically, to have fun with the pieces by mixing & matching.

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GOTTEX — July 20th, 5:30 pm, Raleigh Pool

4467.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480                              4466.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480

When you think Gottex, think iconic, quality, fashionable, & glamorous — it has been that way since the brand’s inception — 1956, over 50 years in this business!

4468.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480                            4458.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480

CAFFE SWIMWEAR — July 20th, 6 pm, Cabana Grande

4541.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480                            4540.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480

Caffe Swimwear is the Perfect Blend, from the exquisite use of luxurious materials, to the sexy & undeniably chic style, and finally to the flattering fit provided by each swimwear piece.

4545.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480                              4537.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480

BELUSSO — July 20th, 7 pm, Oasis

If you are into a laid-back, luxe lifestyle, then Belusso is the brand for you with an uncompromising fit, use of luxurious fabrics, & the ability to marry current fashion trends to resort-wear.


MEEGAN ELIZABETH HAWAII — July 20th, 7:30 pm, Penthouse

neu01mFanFsv4xRC2VewTL67c50kJYj1ka3pyTBa3I_large                    Meegan-51_647f1f8c-f778-4d78-b6c5-8327bfb159a1_large

A specialization in versatility, limited edition swimwear, & free-flowing island beachwear — that’s Meegan Elizabeth Hawaii!


LULI FAMA — July 20th, 8 pm, Cabana Grande

4522.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480                            4523.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480

So what is Luli Fama known for — a universally flattering fit, immaculate designs, eclectic mix of vibrant hues, bold prints — just to a name a few.

4524.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480                             4530.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480

SUBOO — July 20th, 9 pm, Oasis

3480.jpg_53_0_347.626865672_658                            3481.jpg_53_0_347.626865672_658

Suboo swimwear & cover-ups are all about a masterful construction, while still maintaining wearability. You will find within this brand — fusing clean lines, signature prints, and bold colors.

4201.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480                              7137.jpg_53_0_347.626865672_658

JANKELE — July 20th, 9:30 pm, Penthouse


Jankele transcends the code of a physical existence; it goes beyond the belief of what is ordinary.


6 SHORE ROAD BY POOJA — July 20th, 10 pm Cabana Grande

4655.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480                             4666.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480

6 Shore Road is a playful brand, but still with subtle edgy silhouettes — the pieces can be worn from dusk til dawn!

4676.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480                                4683.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480