UTG — All About “The Showdowns”!!

Yes, this week, battles, duels, showdowns, all the same and they were all over the place this week on Under the Gunn — mentors, judges, & designers. So what brought on all of this drama? Well first, let’s take a look at the challenge. The designers received their directions this week at FIDM. The idea stemmed from a partnership with Glade this week and their latest fragrant product — Glade Plug-Ins Customizables, which allow fragrances to be switched up! The designers were asked this week to have their looks make a switch. Right on the runway the look had to transition from day to night — multifunctionality was key!


With that, the designers were off to Mood to start their 1-day challenge, with a $250 budget. I noticed the mentors did not go this week so I wonder why?? Everyone gets back to the workroom and quickly we saw Nick and Tim with another mentor job description discussion! Tim counseled Nick to pose questions versus answering and we saw this play out later on in the episode, quite well if you ask me. An issue of co-dependency was brought up this week with Nick & his designers, which I question a little bit. I can see the angle slightly with Natalia, but I think Oscar is clearly doing his own thing. But personally, I like Nick’s hands-on approach versus Anya’s vague commentary & plastered smiley face approach.


But pretty much from the get-go, we knew the direction this episode was heading in — all about Natalia! I will get into specifics in a bit, but in my opinion, this was just the wrong episode for all of this drama. I don’t pretend to know how production might be involved in all of this, but throwing someone under the bus and wishing for them to go home when they were in the top — WRONG TIMING! Why not do it last week when she was actually in the bottom?? It’s also weird with timing since the other 3 bottom looks were fully agreed upon by the judges as being “bottom looks”; I mean there were some issues the judges adamantly discussed with each look & really not many if any positives. This reminded me of an episode of ANTM — one cycle, a model had professed over and over again feelings of wanting to go home. She ended up on top that week, while others who were loving the experience were in the bottom. But, one of the safe models quickly brought this to Tyra’s attention. Needless to say, it didn’t go over well & was clearly an issue of poor timing. That is how I feel about this pointless drama this week. And I get Mondo being upset, but Anya, really?? Her questioning Natalia’s talent is just sooooooo amusing to me, but we won’t get into all of that again!


The judging panel was missing Zanna this week, but in her place was guest judge Macklemore. I guess he picked a good week with all of the drama! Even with a clear-ish top & bottom, there was some major drama after all of the deliberations. So basically, after everyone had left the runway, Mondo & Anya stayed behind to speak of their disappointment this week. They not only didn’t think Natalia should have been in the top, but they also thought she should go home. The judges were needless to say in shock, but clearly didn’t regret their decisions. They all seemed to be in agreement and I thought answered the 2 mentors very well for why they made the decisions they did this week. Again, I reiterate bad timing for this drama to play out and it still doesn’t make much sense to me. Also, I’m not sure if this happened when the episode aired, but when I watched later, a poll flashed on the screen and the public agreed, overwhelmingly, with the judges this week, 76%. So they too were clearly in disagreement with Anya & Mondo.


The only designer I still wish I could have seen more from this season was Brady. But everyone else, I agreed that it was their time to go. So even if this had all happened last week, I still don’t see how Stephanie should have stayed. And Nicholas, I mean I won’t get into all of that again, but it was his time to go as well. So let’s take a look at how everything stacked up this week, safe zone first!


I’m still not sure how Sam’s look was the solo safe look for the week; it was pretty awesome! And I will say this every week, but it was so SAM! Each week, I am so happy to see Sam’s work & to see that he is not changing who he is as a designer, but rather growing. The day look was perfectly casual & chic, and what a print! And then to change it up to this sexy, yet still cool look for the evening was just fantastic! Shout-out to Benefit Cosmetics for this fresh beauty looks, effortlessly gorgeous!



So now to the looks in the top & heck let’s just start with the winner — OSCAR!! I’m a fan. Every week I am in awe and if he is not in the finals I will be shocked, disappointed, sad, and just an array of other feelings. What he can do in a day just blows my mind! His day look, I mean it’s sexy for day, but you can’t deny that it’s well made & perfectly fits the woman he designers for. Then you flip some details for the night look & it shines like a night sky full of shimmering stars. Clearly, well deserved win! Shout-outs to Francesca’s for the statement making heels & stunning black clutch; Blowpro for the side-swept bangs updo; & Benefit Cosmetics for the ever so slight smoky eye, perfection!



So Natalia, yes the one who all the drama was about this week, actually came in 2nd place. You would have thought for all of the craziness her look would be in the bottom, but that just wasn’t the case and shouldn’t have been the case with this look. Yes, there was a bubbled issue with the front of the day look, but many other looks had construction issues this week too. Asha said this was “Forever 21”?? Ok, please take me to whatever Forever 21 has this. Yes, they specialize in bodycon dresses, but their dresses are very short and of very little quality; that is not the case with Natalia’s dress, in either way it’s worn. Was the dress over the top or full of bells & whistles?? No! But who said it has to be. It was minimalism, which can very easily be applauded. I loved the cowl-neck for the day look & I thought the night look was effortlessly easy-going and could work for dinner, dates, drinks or dancing! Shout-outs to Francesca’s for the perfect black heels; Benefit Cosmetics for the smoldering gray eye; & Blowpro for the up-do with casually falling pieces!



The final top 3 look was Shan, but again, I’d rather have seen Sam! But Shan’s look was okay, not overly exciting for me. I think it was Anya & Tim who suggested to Shan about not using black, but I am not a fan of the mix of black with this plaid. I just didn’t love either look fully. For day –I loved the silhouette & it had a great fit, but I didn’t care again for this plaid. Then for evening — I loved the side cutouts, but I didn’t care for the godet zippered effect. Either way, even if not in 3rd, his look should have been safe. Shout-outs for Francesca’s with the great strapped heals & gorgeous statement making jewelry (Love the necklace!); Benefit Cosmetics for the smoky eye & lightly pink lip; Blowpro for the messy, but still chic ponytail.



Switching things up, no pun intended, let’s look at the bottom looks. The one the judges quickly saved was Asha, although I thought it could have been a bit more deliberated. All episode, Asha was putting Natalia down and was very much into her own look; I think that was a delusion. This look was just not great — poor construction, poor fit, very boxy. The concept of the transition was okay, but it added even more boxiness to this look, which didn’t help matters any. I’d say Asha should worry about herself from now on out, because for me, she was my vote to go this week. I don’t see a clear vision from her as a designer and I think she needs to step it up! Shout-out to Francesca’s for the cool shades & orange side satchel;



So that leaves Blake & Michelle for the bottom 2 looks, which very much saddened me as I’m a fan of both! So with Blake’s day look I was happy we saw some pants because it’s not often we do on PR. The judges said something about the shape, but again, if I’m not mistaken, I think Anya said something about the fit of the pants — so was that 2 pieces of bad advice this week?? I loved this print BTW! Moving onto the evening look, yes, it was short, but other than that, what was the issue?? This is why Asha made more of a bottom look for me and not so much Blake! Shout-outs to Blowpro for the curly up-do; Benefit Cosmetics for the smoldering grey eye; & Francesca’s for the gold jewelry & black handbag.



Ughhhh, this sucks to write this week, but sadly we have to say bye to Michelle. I don’t agree with all of the Natalia drama, nor do I agree with this decision. I don’t get why the judges don’t see who Michelle is as a designer. I was very happy to hear her say she knew last week, that look, was outside of her wheelhouse. The day look was a very casual and easygoing look. The silhouette seemed to perfectly fit the LA lifestyle & woman. The transition for the evening look didn’t work quite as much for me and I know Michelle liked the color palette, but for some reason, I think a mix with a bolder color or print might have helped here. I’m all for nudes & browns, but maybe a little color diversity could have made the look pop a bit more. I think the judges used the word “boring”, which I don’t agree with, but maybe a different color story was the answer??


So I wonder if next week, will we be in for even more DRAMA!!?? A pairs challenge is forthcoming & this time, unlike the last group challenge, the designers are being mixed around, dum dum dum — SOUNDS INTRIGUING!!

UTG Designers & Their Beach Party!!


That’s right! This week on Under the Gunn, the designers started off at the beach! Of course you might think fun in the sun & let’s go surfin’ now, but……..naturally, the setting was just part of the challenge! This week, Tim Gunn, in his nifty flip flops/sandals, delved out the designer instructions for the ever-popular UNCONVENTIONAL challenge. The materials?? — All the decorations and beach items used to decorate for the beach party! The concept was to create a beach-inspired look perfect for the LA beach woman. It was a free-for-all with the run & grab for materials, so how did it all pan out???


The designers were off to the workroom to begin their 1-day challenge. It was quickly time for the mentors’ round-up and we saw some early frustrations! Mondo & Sam were experiencing some difficulties. Sam was stuck in a rut, pretty much, and Mondo was urging him to go a different route. Nick too had to step up with his designers and was really doing a great job in handing out words of wisdom. Oscar had 2 looks, which Nick advised were not working, and so Oscar had to work with a change of design direction as well.


The models soon thereafter came in for their fittings. It was quite a different vibe this week. Many designers were feeling out frustrations and as always, in a crunch for the time. But the mentors worked a bit differently; they left the designers to just work it all out. The morning of the runway quickly approached and a lot of craziness & doubts were still running rampant, leaving the viewers to wonder how the top & bottom would fall into place for the week!?!


The judging panel was oddly enough a repeat from last week as Marchesa designer Georgina Chapman joined celebrity stylist Jen Rade, Marie Claire editor Zanna Roberts Rassi, well sans Zanna I guess, but also, designer Rachel Roy. Again nice to see Georgina since we missed her ever so much on PRAS!! So the materials this week were beach-y items. Tim was quick to remind the designers at the start to think outside the box, don’t be literal with the materials, and let their meanings transcend what they actually are. So what did this all mean for the finished products??? Let’s begin with the “safe zone”!!


The designers started out the episode with a re-hash of the Anya/Nicholas debacle from last week. The designers were upset about the surprise accusations, but the mentors seemed to be all on team Anya, even Tim! I guess all is well that ends well because Anya’s team was safe & sound this week. There were definitely a lot of great looks this week, but I have to say, Blake’s look of woven table liners and straw decorations should not be forgotten. The less colorful items seemed to be on top, I guess with a more streamlined focus to construction and with that, Blake’s belted look certainly fit that bill. I think this is a major Blake come-back so wishing him luck for next week! SHOUT-OUTS to Francesca’s for the gold dangling earrings & multi-colored bracelet & Benefit Cosmetics for the golden eyes & lips for a, haha, Golden beauty look!


Shan on the other hand I think should feel a bit lucky because with maybe 1 judge scoring differently, his beach umbrella & inflatable raft look could have been in the bottom. There was hardly any design concept here. It was also quite boring! Many of the top looks weren’t there because of a bold color or overly-dramatic sentiment, but were there because of innovative design-work & great construction, considering the materials used. But Shan’s look didn’t encompass any of this! SHOUT-OUT though to Blowpro for the lovely side-swept do of flowing beachy waves!


Continuing with the bad news, let’s look at the actual bottom looks!

I was not sure who was going home this week for the bottom. I know who I wanted, but 2 designers I enjoy watching were here in the bottom, one being Natalia. She again worked with a braiding technique for her raffia & beach umbrella look, and I could see where she was aiming, just disappointed with a lack of time as she was so rushed. This look kind of reminded me of her 1st look of the season, a bit under-developed, a little short, but it had potential. I still see that with Natalia and unlike someone such as Shan this week, I at least appreciated her concept for some design! SHOUT-OUT to Blowpro for some more luscious flowing beach waves!


With Natalia safe I was still on pins & needles, wondering if another designer fave of mine, Michelle, would be out this week?? Luckily….. No! However, the judges were still not in love with her brightly color-blocked look of inflatable rafts! With colors such as hot pink & bright sky blue, the look could go either way in a judge’s eye. Many past PR designers were known for looks of bright colors and off-the-wall prints, and were praised, ahem Mondo! Could it look a bit junior, a little too youthful, maybe, but I thought there were a few positives here. The fit was great and I appreciated some color in a sea of nudes & tans. I also liked the use of the colors in a color-blocked set-up, which is an ever-popular trend. I guess better luck next week to Michelle, but glad she is still here! SHOUT-OUT to Blowpro for a gorgeous straightened side-swept look!


With Natalia & Michelle safe, that left Stephanie rounding out the bottom & ultimately going home. I never root for someone to go home, but Stephanie has yet to have a standout moment yet. With that said, Michelle has so it made more sense in my eyes that it was Stephanie’s time. She had a great idea with the “melting of leis” and it was certainly a look that inspired fun with popping colors. The differences for me, with this look and that of Michelle’s, was some issues with construction, fit, a less modern silhouette, and Stephanie’s was far more junior. SHOUT-OUT to Francesca’s for the nude sandal heels.


It was great to see Oscar in the top again, especially after his rough start. His structured look of a beach mat and straw fans made my jaw drop; I was in awe!! I think that is the point with unconventional challenges, to make the mind wonder and I applaud Oscar for doing just that! The look was just so chic, clean lines, & superb construction considering he was using straw fans! SHOUT-OUTS to Blowpro for the retro beach look of golden waves; Francesca’s for the elegant golden hoop earrings; & Benefit Cosmetics for the bold & dramatic beauty look of a slight smoky eye & glistening nude lip.


It had to have been a tough call this week for the top, but Oscar didn’t make top 2; Asha was the fortunate runner-up this week. I definitely was impressed with this textile printed look of straw decorations, woven table liners, palm leaves, & leis. It’s always nice to see a designer branch out, be innovative and that is what Asha did with creating her own print/textile. SHOUT-OUTS TO Benefit Cosmetics for the slight smoky eye & pop of color on the lip; & Francesca’s for maybe the fun printed clutch, gold necklace, & gold cuff (not sure if any of this Asha created, but I’m sure one of the 3 items is from Francesca’s!)


But the big winner this week was the comeback kid, no more Mr. Safe, Sam! And I mean big as in he not only won for best look, the 5k, but also the random 1K Benefit Cosmetics gives out this season. This week, the prize was awarded for the look the judges thought was the most fun & free spirited, and that, along with the top look was Sam. This was again nice to see since he too had a rough beginning! But really the judges slacked a bit on adjudicating by letting Mondo pick the winner between his 2 designers. We’ve seen this as Anya has chosen twice now between who to send home. Big difference though in picking a winner versus who to eliminate — Mondo’s designer is still here and I can’t imagine this made Asha feel to great! But back to Sam for his well-deserved win….

His fit & flared look was created with the use of a bamboo beach mat, a beach chair, & a pineapple (check out the clutch!). This was definitely a fun look and perfect for any willing beach bunny! SHOUT-OUTS TO Blowpro for the side-swept loosely fit ponytail; & Francesca’s for the statement heels & cool shades!









UTG: Is Project Runway meets “The Voice”?!?

Ok so maybe Under the Gunn, aka “UTG” is not like The Voice, no singing, but there was a similar aspect or two when it came down to the team selections. But most certainly, UTG started off in true PR form with the meet & greets and then out comes Tim. He of course doesn’t just say “Hello”, but rather brings out the mentors and really gets right down to business.

images   MEETS  The-Voice1When the mentors — Nick Verreos, Mondo Guerra, & Anya Ayoung-Chee — come out, we find out that eliminations are not just for the designers, but the mentors too. If a mentor’s team of designers are all eliminated, so to is the mentor. Only 1 designer and 1 mentor will win Under the Gunn. But this week was all about forming the mentor’s team and the 1st challenge.

Under-The-Gunn-Key-Art-VerticalSo really a mentor’s group is just that, it’s not like a season of team challenges. The designers were reminded this is an individual competition. The 1st challenge was basically a “show us who you are” challenge. The designers were given a Mood tote bag with 6 different fabrics — gold/shiny fabric, black/white polka dot, black/red flannel, horse print pattern, black knit & a bright blue knit. The look had to show who they were as a designer and only these fabrics could be used, as many different ones or little of each. This challenge was also about seeing how the designers coped with this level of pressure as they only had 6 hours!!

There were 15 designers though waiting for instruction, but only half competed this week. We will see the other half next week. But each mentor’s group will only have 4 members so that means 3 are eliminated right after the 1st challenge. So the 1st 8 designers were off to their new workroom at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, aka FIDM. We got to see the lovely Francesca’s accessories wall. But after a few oooo’s & ahhhhh’s, it was time to get to work!


The designers were all having mini-freakouts and the mentors were also starting their work. They began to look thru the designer portfolios and discussions of who was already catching their eye! We started seeing what each mentor wanted — Nick wants versatility; Mondo wants a risk-taker; Anya wants to see clear aesthetics/visions. While Tim came to check in on the mentors, it was actually the mentors who came to check on the designers’ progress.

So from the mentors workroom visit, here is what we saw — they all still want Brady!; they want Oscar to find an element of surprise. They were worried about Melissa only using the polka dot fabric. We kept hearing Anya ask the most ridiculous question ever, about if the designers, first being Michelle, were nervous! We get to Camila and a point was made about 3 designers using the black and gold fabrics. This seemed kind of pointless, there were only 6 fabrics for each designer to choose; there was bound to be a little commonality. They questioned how much Blake could show with just an LBD. Shan sort of came to the forefront as a potential front-runner since he created a bomber jacket. And finally, Natalia, who was a great big ball of energy, was definitely showing the most nerves this week.

UTG01-ep1-episode17So it was nearing the time for the final runway moment. Natalia decided to change up to a braiding technique during pretty much the final hour. But other designers too threw in some last minute additions — Oscar with a hat and Brady with name stitching on his crop top tee. Now though, it’s the moment that counts and who impressed on the runway.

My favorite look was Blakes’. Yes, it was just an LBD, but it was done beautifully. There were some great details as well from the straps to the back, and it really just had such a great fit. I was then in a toss-up between Michelle and Shan. Michelle’s look was also very chic and had a great fit. But I wasn’t sure if I loved all of the cut-outs with use of the gold fabric, but it definitely had a great futuristic vibe. Shan’s LBD dress was also great and really rivaled Blakes’, but you have to give some credit for him also making a jacket! For me though, as much as I loved that ability, I didn’t like this particular one with the crazy mix of fabrics, but then again, he was working with what he was given.



Next is Brady and while I would probably never wear that look as it came down the runway, I would wear some of the pieces separately. He also created a lot — the tee, skirt, and jacket. I can just see who is girl is and it’s not me, but I don’t hate that girl! Oscar was next for me and there were a few aspects I might have changed, but I liked the potential I saw. He did use a few too many accessories, but he is all about glam and chicness and I like that!

tvfash2112       OSCAR’S LOOK

The bottom for me was Natalia, Melissa, & Camila. With Camila, I do agree with the mentors and she just created something she knew how to do with the slashed detailing and it really wasn’t that spectacular. I also didn’t care for the length or the flapper bottom. Natalia’s dress, I mean yes, it was way to short! But I think if it was longer, it wouldn’t have been such a bad dress. I liked her mix of the blue & black fabrics and I think the braiding technique somewhat worked. So Melissa’s problem was just using the black/white polka dot fabric. It really wasn’t special and you can find those pieces almost anywhere. If she even made the top out of the blue fabric or used some other fabric it might have worked.

under-the-gunn-melissa                MELISSA’S LOOK

It’s always sad with elimination time and Melissa was the 1st and only to go this week. The decision made sense in light of her limited vision this week. There was also a concern for Natalia as she was the last one standing, but then, in a surprise move, Mondo invited her to be on his team and Nick did as well. It was definitely a surprise moment since she too had a not so great look this week, but I think it was right for her to stay. The potential is there and I think Nick will be a great mentor for her, especially in light of her time management issues.

-4c471b03cb9d5136      NATALIA                     UTG101-Look-3-BackSo this is where “The Voice” comparison comes in. No the mentors were not choosing blindly, but they did get to voice who they wanted on their team. But if more than 1 mentor wanted a designer, it was then the designer who chose. This is where some concern came in for Nick this week. I think some designers made the wrong choice by not going with Nick, but he did end up with 2 slots filled, Natalia & Oscar. And I think he will work great with both. He also will have 2 slots for next week and that leaves him a lot more choices versus Anya, who quickly filled up 3 of her 4 slots this week!

-b760643af52bf577               Brady                    img-thingBlake’s Look

I think it was a bad move to fill up 3 slots because 7 designers are still to come next week; it’s just a big risk. Anya did score a great pick though with Brady and I think they will make a good team. Shan also joined her team and while I was sad for Nick, since I know he wanted him so badly, I am intrigued to see how Anya’s design abilities will help Shan develop his?? And then finally, Blake picked Anya, and again, I’m not sure if this was the best match, but I’m interested to see how Anya will mentor her designers!

tvfash4112          CAMILA’S LOOK

Finally, let’s look at Mondo’s picks and I think he started off well with his 2 picks. I still was surprised he was going for a 3rd to fill with Natalia, but Mondo is not looking to shabby. I think his best pick was Michelle and I think they will be a good pair. I’m still not sold on Camila, but I want to see what else she able to create/design and maybe Mondo can get that out of her.

under-the-gunn-michelle             MICHELLE

So 2 must go for the next episode and I wonder how that will all come about, CAN’T WAIT!!












Saying Hello to “Under the Gunn” & Goodbye to “PRAS”

I’ve never been satisfied with only 1 season of Project Runway a year. Well then came PRAS, which I still have my qualms about, but it at least gave me somewhat of what I wanted. Of course now, maybe we won’t need a PRAS EVERY YEAR! WHY? Because now we have “Under the Gunn.”

tim-gunn-anya-ayoung-chee-nick-verreos-mondo-guerra-under-the-gunnSo as PRAS closed the curtains for season 3, Lifetime’s new show UTG unveiled it’s 1st showing! From writing/blogging at this point, I have not watched the 1st episode yet, but I wanted to do a fun intro post to kick things off — discuss the outline of the show, maybe see who my early faves are, etc. But first, since there was a reunion special for PRAS, I have to say a few parting words right!

So the reunion started off with a recap of the finale presentations. Ultimately I still agree with Seth winning, despite all the more detailed backstories given. But Korto is not without other good news since she announced she was pregnant so CONGRATS to her!! We also saw a bit more on the Elena story I always thought they were pushing this season — her dark horse title, never winning a competition her season, etc. I think the producers really wanted to push her as the winner, but couldn’t after the final collections were made. Her collection just wasn’t that great.

PJAS3We also had to relive the Chris/Viktor argument. I still think Viktor overreacted. He gave a few bits of advice to Chris, yet somehow that made his garment suck?!? Ahhhh, no, I don’t think so! But not all drama, we got to see some extras from some of the designers’ wins — Debbie Harry will be wearing Elena’s punk jacket on tour; Jeffrey did costume work for Lifetime movie Flowers in the Attic; Viktor made Alyssa his cocktail print winning look, which she said she would love to wear.

There were some un-fun parts as we saw about Daniel’s horrific-looking car accident; I’m glad he’s okay! Oh and wait, another surprise announcement, what is in the PR water because Zanna also announced pregnancy news. So DOUBLE CONGRATS to her since she’s expecting twins!! Irina was very quiet during the show so it was nice to see some attention finally shift there. We of course had to relive the “bridal” catastrophe. Although I still contend that dress was not bridal and it could totally have been worn on the red carpet! And as she said, I don’t see why she was not given the chance to move forward when other designers this season got 3rd and 4th chances.

But to end on a positive note, it was back to Seth and he said he just finished his QVC line. Also, he will be partnering with Mary Kay to work on a collection so that is great news! I look forward to seeing some of these designer’s names in the future because I think a few will have some continued successes!

But now onto the highly anticipated new reality design competition, UTG! Tim Gunn has been such an integral part of PR and I am very excited to see him in a new role. He is now passing his mentor-ship role to 3 former PR alums — Mondo Guerra, Anya Ayoung-Chee, and Nick Verreos. This is all with the goal of proving they have the vision and business savvy to mentor and manage a fashion empire with 15 new up-and-coming designers under their watch.

TimGunn                    UnderTheGunn_NickVerreos                 UnderTheGunn_MondoGuerra

UnderTheGunn_AnyaAyongCheePersonally, of these 3, I love Nick the most so I am definitely rooting for him. Although Mondo did a great job with his design time on PR, so I am excited to see how he does as well. Now with Anya, this is a whole different story for me. I will say, not a fan, but I am interested to see how she copes with this type of show. She could barely sew on PR, but somehow pulled thru & won, so let’s see if she can self-teach her way thru the business of fashion too!

Each mentor will have a team of designers they must manage, coach and, when necessary, knock down with tough love in order to lead them to runway success. This new crop of designers will face the critiques of designer Rachel Roy, celebrity stylist Jen Rade, creator of some of the most iconic red carpet looks in Hollywood, and TV fashion correspondent and Marie Claire Senior Fashion Editor Zanna Roberts Rassi.

UnderTheGunn_RachelRoy                    UnderTheGunn_JenRade                 UnderTheGunn_ZannaRobertsRassiThe show’s sponsors are: Lexus, Marie Claire Magazine, Benefit Cosmetics, Blowpro, francesca’s, Brother Sewing and Embroidery and ROWENTA. I have to say, I love francesca’s. I have shopped their for years, always considering the boutique vintage shop as almost a hidden treasure. But I’m so ecstatic they are making their way to the forefront on as big a platform as this show! Their jewelry and accessories are some of the most fave pieces I own with my personal collection so I think they will do a great job with complimenting the looks this season!

In the first two episodes, the process is, Tim will present a race-around-the-clock challenge to the fashion hopefuls. The three mentors will measure the skill level of the contestants and duke it out to determine which four designers will land on their teams. Then, Tim will present new challenges that will test the mentors’ ability to bring out the best in their designers as they guide them through the competition. But remember, only 1 designer and 1 mentor will win and I am EAGER to see how this all plays out! And this is what they win:

  • a cash prize of $100,000
  • a sewing and embroidery studio
  • an all-expense paid trip to Paris
  • Blowpro styling products
  • the opportunity to design the uniform for Benefit Cosmetics’ field team members and unveil the ensemble during a national press conference in New York City
  • a fashion spread in Marie Claire magazine
  • a one-year position as guest editor for Marie Claire
  • a 2014 Lexus vehicle
  • and the opportunity to design a collection sold exclusively at Francesca’s.

Pretty decent prize pack!! So you can look at all the designers on your own and do so right here, but these are the few I was impressed by the most when looking at their past work, bios, etc.

OSCAR GARCIA-LOPEZ:                                                      UnderTheGunn_OscarLopez

I mean, all I can say from reading his online bio & looking at his portfolio of work is WOW!! His story seems like such a real-life struggle and thru hard work and determination, he is finally living his dream. For his work, I mean the eveningwear is stunning. I could seeing it rivaling some of the many gowns I’m seeing on the red carpet season now! Very eager to see his work develop and hope he does well on the show!




AMY SIM                                                   UnderTheGunn_Amy

So first off, wow, this lady is over 50! I am shocked because she certainly doesn’t design for the over 40 crowd, nor does she look her age! I see from her past work she is very versatile with her range — menswear, dresses, pants, jackets, blazers, etc. I love how fun, flirty, & feminine her looks are and look forward to seeing her on UTG!



NATALIA FEDNER:                                                                              UnderTheGunn_Natalia_Fedner

In just reading Natalia’s online bio she seems like a ball of energy and of charm. So much of her portfolio were sketches and I wish I could have seen those actual pieces, but regardless, she still had a few actual looks that were eye-catching. I am all about gorgeous back details and I saw one from her that was STUNNING!




BRADY LANGE                                                 UnderTheGunn_BradyLange

I can say I didn’t love every look in the portfolio, but there were a few that caught my eye and definitely make me think there is something about this guy! From reading his online bio, it sounds as if he might be a handful, but hey, that’s reality TV!