BaubleBar + Godiva = A Perfect Shopping Experience!

Godiva Baubletini & Baublebar Shopping!

Godiva Baubletini & Baublebar Shopping!

Visit in person or online to learn more about BaubleBar now!! You can of course visit online and shop to find amazing pieces of jewelry. However, if you are in NYC, get to Soho, 131 Greene Street, ASAP. BaubleBar has set up a pop-up shop there thru August 13th. I guarantee you it will be one of the best shopping experiences you’ve ever had!

At the Soho pop-up, there is a great collection of jewelry to view, friendly sales associates, appetizers to snack on while shopping and even a chance to rest and chat with friends or fellow shoppers. The best part though is the connection BaubleBar has made with Godiva to set up a bar. So while you are shopping you can also sip on a free Godiva Baubletini made with Godiva liqeur.

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A pleasurable shopping experience and welcoming atmosphere aside, its also important to give focus and recognition to the great BaubleBar products as well. BaubleBar offers exquisite jewelry of several types-necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. You can also shop by featured designers as well, such as Shameless, Paige Novick, Sarah Chloe, and Bing Bang. And remember you can shop online as well and filter out your search just as with any other online shopping site. There are different boutiques of jewelry, you can sort by price, you can look for certain colors or you can filter by types of metal-silver, gold, etc. There really is a lot to choose from and the great aspect is that you are buying quality and fashionable pieces, but at a reasonable price.

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BaubleBar pieces can also be personalized with monograms, initials or the like. You can visit “The Fit Guide” page to learn more about lengths of the jewelry or information on ring sizes. Gift cards can also be purchased! There are great deals to find to further save upon future purchases so check that out here. BaubleBar headquarters is also in NYC and you can make  appointments to visit the Madison Avenue location as well. You can host events to showcase this amazing jewelry pieces as well. BaubleBar has so much going on and so much to offer with other pop-ups and events. The Soho pop-up also maintains a running calendar so make sure to visit that page as well!

I am excited to see more from this great company and I plan on visiting Soho again soon! But remember, if you are not in NYC, no worries, check them out online as well!! I hope you all enjoy!!

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