Jennifer Dixon via La Senorita Jolie-Creating a New Market for the Business of Fashion

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The fashion industry is the same as any other type of business, it changes, evolves and new markets come and go all the time. For those who are business savvy, this is known and is incorporated with current or new ventures. Jennifer Dixon is doing just that with her career in the fashion industry by starting La Senorita Jolie.

LSJ is an opportunity for fashion forward women to work in fashion, full-time or part-time. These women are given the opportunity to host parties or be stylists, and sell affordable, versatile, and still very fashion forward pieces. There is a selection of tops, accessories, totes and make-up that can lend to creating the basics for any woman’s wardrobe. In fact, there are even a few unisex pieces so men could participate in this as well!

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Jennifer saw a great opportunity here. Yes, women do like to dress up and have those special pieces in their wardrobe. But women also need the basics to incorporate; clothing that is, as Jennifer says, “easy to wear, easy to pack, easy to layer and easiest to fall in love with.” LSJ will bring in new pieces to the selection as seasons and trends come and go, but the essence of the pieces will always remain the same. The colors are basic and will go for any occasion. All in all, LSJ is about “simplicity, pretty things, and most importantly cherishing your beautiful life.”

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LSJ is similar to companies such as Stella & Dot or J. Hillburn. It could even bare some semblance to companies such as Lia Sophia Jewelry, Pampered Chef or Mary Kay/Avon. The difference with LSJ is the selling of true casual-wear and doing so by affording fashion forward women the chance to get involved. One can just merely shop online for pieces. However, there are great and varied ranges of methods for how a woman could choose to pair with LSJ. It could just be hosting a trunk show, but women could also choose to be a pop-up stylist. The programs are very flexible and allow you as the entrepreneur to choose how active you want to be from receiving opportunities for free clothing, rewards and money. The “Styling vs Hosting” page provides a great breakdown of the differences for the types of involvement and also commissions that can be received. If you chose to be a stylist, there are different levels and types of sample kits that one could choose to purchase and work with.

Jennifer has acquired a lot of fashion and business experience over the past several years-more about Jennifer and LSJ. In 2006, she co-founded Hunter Dixon, a contemporary women’s line. It had been carried in over 200 boutiques nationwide, such as SAKS and Neiman Marcus. Jennifer lived in Europe for quite some time as well, which influences her style and creativity choices. Jennifer saw an opening in the fashion market for LSJ. Fused in this company is the passion she has for European trends, which offers sophistication and simplicity.

This is a company like no other. It was only recently launched in February of 2013. It is doing well so far and personally, I wish Jennifer and LSJ nothing but the best in the future. I know there is such a great opportunity here and I hope others see this as well. I look forward to seeing how LSJ develops and expands over time!

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