Paul Mayer Attitudes: The Perfect Fitting Ballet Flat

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(photo credits to Paul Mayer Attitudes)

“Our shoes are modern classics. They’re an addiction. They are truly forever timeless.” Paul Mayer’s quote is a great depiction for his shoe collection. His collection encompasses a wide array of ballet flats with options of being dressy or casual, flat or with a small heel, and several style options-quilted comfort, animalistic, basic solids, bold solid colors, special occasions or trendy (such as with dots or lace effect). Mayer has spent the needed time to perfectly cultivate his collection and his many years of experience in the shoe industry has no doubt assisted with this task.


Mayer’s first line began in 1981, but he worked for many years in this industry prior to that launch. The inspiration for his 1st line came from those many years of hard work with amazing talents such as Charles Jourdan, Manolo Blahnik, Pancaldi and Walter Steiger. He has worked closely with shoe factories all over the world-Italy, Spain, Brazil, France and the U.S. Over the years he has also designed collections of handbags, light luggage and sleepwear. To learn more about Paul Mayer, click here.

Mayer describes his customer as any woman, from 8-98. Its women who want to invest in shoes that are high in quality, fashionable, comfortable and made to last-forever timeless. The shoes are feminine and chic. Sizes range from 5 to 12. The flats are also lightweight so they are easy to pack or carry with you if you are a woman such as myself who might prefer to change shoes instead of traveling in heels! But again, since the styles range from dressy to casual, they could easily be a great substitute to a work outfit instead of heels. All women know how uncomfortable heels can be so why not have a great pair of dressy flats or 2 that are still stylish, yet comfortable. Style and comfort with Mayer’s shoes are certainly attributable to the high level of detail and work crafted into each shoe.

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Mayer’s shoes are handmade in his own factory in Spain using the finest leathers and fabrics. Certain styles further offer for comfort, fit and flexibility the option of an adjustable drawstring to help create the perfect fit. The bottoms of the shoes also uniquely feature a lavender scented bottom that is perfect for making a suitcase, closet or handbag smell fresh. The collection retails from a range of $195-$300. Paul Mayer does have a boutique in NY at 1388 3rd Avenue. The boutique is hard to miss as its been designed to resemble the shoebox, so lots of pink with black trim! They can take orders on the phone as well, (212) 570-5900 and can ship nationwide. If you are not in NY and would rather see everything in person check out a full list of different boutiques in over 20 states-California, NC, SC, Virginia, NY, Florida and more! There are also 2 locations that allow for online purchases, Kemp’s Shoe Salon & Boutique and T. Georgiano’s Shoe Salon.


Again, Mayer has a lot to offer with style and selection. New styles and colors are produced each season, but signature colors are available year after year. If Mayer wasn’t already such a renaissance man, I must also add he writes as well. It was actually the news of a book launch event that led to my decision to feature his work on my blog. His recent book, Shoe Chic and Bottoms Up!, is the 2nd in a cookbook series, and features a lot of tasty drink recipes. So remember, if you need a great ballet flat that is comfortable and stylish, check out Paul Mayer’s collection now!

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