Highlights of Fashion Nexus, Thus Far

Only a few weeks have passed since I launched Fashion Nexus. A lot of great content has been posted and I wanted to take a few moments today just to recap and revisit some of those pieces. Since Fashion Nexus’s inception, many new readers, from that of new Twitter followers or Facebook likes, have joined. I am thankful for a great start and looking forward to meeting more great people in the fashion industry and writing about those topics as well. I already have a lot great posts planned for next week so I hope everyone enjoys those!

One category for posts is that of “Featured Designers.” It has been such a great time to reach out to designers and be able to have the opportunity to interview them. So far, everyone has been so willing and I have enjoyed meeting and speaking with those I’ve met or contacted. I have quite a few lined up, but thus far I have interviewed 2 amazing women about their brands or companies they have founded. I first interviewed Kenley Collins, who has done so much since her time on Project Runway. Her drive and determination are so admirable. My next piece was on Jennifer Dixon and her new company La Senorita Jolie. This type of fashion business is just so innovative and really needed in the market right now. Please check out both of those pieces!



Being that I’m in law school and my blog is set to discuss both general fashion topics and fashion law issues, this blog post category is integral and important. I am working now on a piece involving the varying levels of protections available to those in the fashion realm so stay tuned for that tomorrow. Thus far, however, I am really proud of the pieces I have written on the Kardashian cosmetic line and accusations of trademark infringement. I was especially proud and very thankful to have acquired a great comment to accompany this piece.

Chroma-Makeup-Studio-black2-e1351694269693-150x150                                                             kromamakeup1

I have written 3 amazing finds for retail shopping. Some unfortunately only in NYC, but others have just as great online outlets or other state locations. BaubleBar was my most recent piece and its so ironic now that I’ve written the piece that I’m reading about celebrities wearing their pieces or all the amazing upcoming events. Another fun piece to write was about SlapBack in Brooklyn. The pieces available are just so fun and really bold and I am still seeing new additions to the boutique everyday! Finally there is the 1st piece, which was for Greene Street, a magnificently splendid consignment shop who is really pushing a great mantra to work alongside with their store, that of recycling fashion! Check out those pieces below!




Finally, just a mention for my Fashion Feature section, which started out with discussion about Sample Sales. This has crept into my Events page, which eventually will turn into a true running events page for all types of events going on in NYC. Currently, it is still all about the sample sales so definitely check that out while deals are still good! I did want to go back to the actual 1st fashion feature and the 1st blog post for Fashion Nexus. This was a piece I had written before I even came up with the idea of doing a blog. It was about the leading ladies of the film, Spring Breakers. The movie was good, but I was more caught up with all of the great fashion I was seeing from these ladies on the red carpet premieres for this film, that were going on all over the world! The ladies looked so fashion forward and deserved recognition for their bold choices!

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I have some other great pages you can check out as well-About the blog, about me, pics with designers and my fashion diary! I hope thus far you have all enjoyed checking out my posts when you can. It’s been fun and I look forward to doing more!


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