There Is Plenty of White to Wear Before Labor Day in the Nicholas K Spring 2014 Collection

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Okay, so white garments are not all that comprises the Nicholas K Spring 2014 collection, but it’s nonetheless true that there is a great deal of white to choose from! But, also to add to the mix are great earth tones and black pieces, all of which will create needed staples in anyone’s wardrobe. An important note for the collection is there are pieces for both men and women and there are lots of options.

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The Looks: 1st-Alabaster Kiona jacket, Katnis T, & Davis pant; 2nd-Alabaster Infinity dress & Antler Creed sweater; 3rd-Alabaster Chad jacket, Rocco shirt, Ezra T, and Ethan short

The design team behind Nicholas K are a brother and sister duo, Nicholas & Christopher Kunz, who are also CFDA members. The inspiration behind this collection is the exploration of the spiritual roots of the small bands of indigenous people, which formed the Ndee or Apache nation. Thus, for Spring 2014, a palette of earth tones and basic staple colors of sheer white and antler and bone colored cotton. Another color infused into this collection are shades of black, midnight and onyx, which is to be reminiscent of smudging smoke. Mica, is another mist color that made its way into the collection, as well as turquoise, which is used as an accent for some of the pieces.

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1st-Calliston dress; 2nd-Earth Katnis T, Sand Gemma crop sweater, Earth Blake short; 3rd-Earth Edward jacket & Noah short, Sand Ezra T

Drawing right from the inspiration of the Shamans, this collection also finds a lot of draping and mixture of textures, also very free flowing fabrics. Also as a part of this collection, are some very custom and special jewelry pieces by Andy Lifschutz. Overall, there are a lot of great pieces in this collection. There is the ability to mix and match and look very casual and easy going for the spring, a true collection that embodies fashion, style and comfort.

MIT_3987.450x675               MIT_4051.450x675               MIT_4085.450x675

1st-Onyx Zevon jacket, Dexter shirt, Noah pant; 2nd-Onyx Nala jacket, Katlin shirt, Blake short; 3rd-Onyx Maya jacket, Cyprus sweater & Blake skirt

Special Credits

  • Hair-Jon Reyman for Aveda
  • Makeup-Daniel Martin for NYX Cosmetics
  • Nails-Sunshine Outing for Zoya

MIT_4245.450x675                     MIT_4270.450x675          MIT_4376.450x675

1st-Mica Fletch jacket & Autry pant, Granite Cyprus sweater; 2nd-Mica Ethal jacket & Clyde short, onyx/antler/teal Lance shirt; 3rd-Granite Mirella jacket and Infinity dress

A Few other Faves…

MIT_3617.450x675                                                                MIT_3631.450x675

1st-Alabaster Maya jacket, Ritz shirt, & Davis short; 2nd-Alabaster Calliston dress; 

MIT_3751.450x675                MIT_3976.450x675                   MIT_3829.450x675

1st-Earth Declan jacket, Decker T, Ethan pant; 2nd-Smoke pattern Cyprus sweater & Brio short; 3rd-Earth Arella shirt, Mona sweater, Blake skirt

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