Project Runway Rewinds, Another Battle of the Plaids??

Wow, what an episode! So we started out with the designers being given a morning off to enjoy a southern style brunch, yum yum! But we all knew what was coming, What’s the catch?? Tim later shows up and presents the challenge so it was nothing too crazy!

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Back to PR though, so this week’s challenge was to create a look inspired by the modern southern woman, more specifically the Belk customer. The look could be a day outfit or something for the evening. The designers were to keep in mind details such as incorporating vibrancy, expressiveness and feminine details into their looks. They were also reminded that southern women love color and accessories. This was a 1 day challenge and the suggested budget for the designers to debit from their GoBank accounts was $200-$250. The winning look will be produced and sold at Belk stores and online. I agreed with the direction that the designers were given about southern women. I am from the south and before moving to NYC, I shopped at Belks all the time! I was so excited to see what the designers created but I was let down big time! Tim’s face below was my look during the whole latter part of this episode! But, it was great to see Stacy Keibler and Belk rep John Thomas this week!

pr12-ep9-episode9                    pr12-ep9-episode14                     pr12-ep9-episode15

Firstly, we see that so many designers chose a plaid fabric?? I am sorry, but southern women do not wear plaid enough for it to be associated that much with the south. Unless someone is playing golf or polo, plaid really is not that major in the fashion context of the south. Because of this, anyone who did a plaid outfit was nowhere near my top this week, i.e. Bradon, Alexander and Alexandria. I will try to keep my rants on them to a minimum. But other than the plaid craze, there just seemed to be a lot of stereotyping with the south this week, with questions about cotillions and how people wear their hair? I mean, it’s not really that different. The point was to be modern with the southern women and not just do the status quo. So before going to the judges’ top and bottom, here are my notes on those who were safe and should be thanking their lucky stars!

I think my main issue this week was that just last week I saw the 8 final collections during NYFW for the Project Runway show. There was someone missing, who is still on the show. So with that individual not going home this week I am very perplexed as to what is going on. I won’t say any names so as not to post any spoilers, but I am very interested in seeing what happens next week! Helen was safe this week, but she complained about that. I’m sorry, but she in no way was winning this week, not with that dress, which looked like a lace tablecloth draped over a yellow tablecloth. Alexandria was also safe and this was beyond confusing for me. Even Buddy TV had her ranked as their bottom 3 so I know I am not alone in this thought. Even if the judges were more of a fan of the plaid than I was, this plaid dress was so boring! It was also poorly constructed. I think she has some friends in high places for this look to have escaped the bottom this week. Actually, I thought her look was worthy of going home. So now onto the judges’ top looks, which again, somewhat perplexing. Again, still making the Tim face, but I see Ken had that look too!

-project-runway--sea                                                                      pr12-ep9-episode38

I thought Kate’s look should have won this week. It was a fun print, great silhouette, great fit and amazing detail with the keyhole cutout for the back of the dress. I thought it hit all of the points the designers were given, vibrant, color and feminine details. I would have had a lessened rant craze this week had she won! Heidi was the only one who was not a fan this week, but I’m sorry, I might start discrediting her some because she liked Alexandria’s drop crotch pants. But it’s okay, John Thomas put her in place when he said this dress would sell and he was right!

-project-runway--1                                                           pr12-ep9-episode27

While not a fan of the plaid craze, I at least could see why the judges liked Alexander’s dress. It was a bit of a modern or abstract plaid, not so straightforward. The dress also had a great silhouette. But, why or how in the world Bradon’s plaid dress made the top and won is beyond confusing for me. Yes, he changed up the silhouette of a shirt dress and did the asymmetrical cut for the hem. But, it was messy looking to me and again it was plaid! This will make sense later, as you keep reading, but I guarantee Dom’s look will sell better.

pr12-ep9-episode29                                                                     pr12-ep9-episode24

So while I was enraged and confused over the top, it was the judges who flipped the script for the bottom. So the bottom this week was Ken, Dom and Jeremy. However, very surprisingly, the designers were allowed to return to the workroom to either construct a new look or revamp their current look. They were given 1 hour to do this and could have assistance from 1 fellow designer. So Dom was the surprise of the show. Her 1st look was not that bad in my opinion. I actually liked the colors and enjoyed her piece. I thought she would have been safe for sure, but I guess since the judges really liked the plaid, she was placed in the bottom. I think Nina said her 1st look was pageant, but I’m sorry, what pageant has anyone ever been to and seen a dress like this?? However, had she not been in the bottom and given the chance to create a new look, she wouldn’t have created the amazing 2nd look she made. It was lucky she had a print that she didn’t originally use. This black and white printed dress was very fun and very modern. It was also selected to be sold at Belks and again, I predict, it will do better than Bradon’s plaid tablecloth looking dress.

pr12-ep9-episode28                                                                  pr12-ep9-episode35

Ken’s look was another one that the original didn’t bother me. Perhaps it was a bit safe, but I still think Alexandria should have been in the bottom this week, leaving Ken or Dom safe. I loved Ken’s color choice this week and I’m glad he stuck with it for his 2nd look. His 2nd look was a bit short, but a little more in that area and it could have worked 100%. It was worthy of him staying, but oh lord, did we see scenes for next week, what in the world!!

pr12-ep9-episode26                                                                  pr12-ep9-episode36

So that leaves poor Jeremy on the outs this week. I can’t say I was surprised, as much as I like Jeremy and think he is so nice. I think even one of the judges debated him staying because he has a better attitude, but that certainly isn’t a reason for him to stay longer on the show. I also saw his collection recently at NYFW and he still was designing for an older client and that really just doesn’t work on Project Runway. His 1st look was not that bad. You could go to Belks right now and see pieces just like his. Well not just like his, but of a similar aesthetic and style. The Belk’s customer is somewhat older so I think the judges should think about that a bit more. Not every person buying clothes wants sexiness in their looks or too far out there. Not every client in the world is in their 20s or purchasing clothes to go out in on dates or wherever. His 2nd look was by far better, but not enough to save him this week.

pr12-ep9-episode25                                                                    pr12-ep9-episode34



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  1. Now that I finished my blog on PR, you might enjoy it as well. My perspective is someone who likes fashion but I make doll clothes. For that reason, I try to keep my PR blogs short. Believe it or not, some of the “looks” inspire my doll clothes. Eventually, I’d like to make some famous wedding gowns, doll size. I’m still just getting started so we’ll see what happens down the road. Back to you and your blog. I’m so envious of you, going to all those fashion shows. I have the back story too, and I know who ultimately doesn’t show his collection. We’re supposed to think that only the last three or four designers have collections. They’re actually posted on the sly at From the beginning I’ve thought that Bradon would win. I still think so. Others with a shot are Dom, Alexandria and Alexander. That’s it, I think. I’ve come to like plaid in recent years. Doll clothes can be super cute but it isn’t easy to find plaid small enough for a doll. I’d like to try a plaid doll skirt with the design on the bias, after looking at Plaid City this last week.

    • Thank you for the kind words. I like plaid, I was just surprised that the designers thought it was so prevalent and so representative of the Southern woman. I was just not a fan of this week’s winning garment in that respect, but very anxious to see what happens next week!

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