Naadam – NYFW Debut

DSC01028White cashmere v-neck tunic, wrap skirt, & scarf, with White parachute tunic

Naadam, well know for the finest high quality cashmere, made its debut presentation during NYFW for the F/W 2015 season. The collection was showcased at the divinely immaculate Highline Hotel, Hoffman Hall.




White cashmere sleeveless funnel dress

Cashmere pieces were made for both ladies apparel and menswear. It was intriguing to see the delicate cashmere handiwork transition from soft, subtle feminine silhouettes, to that of more rugged, masculine pieces.


Fiery red outerwear jacket, long white & ivory scarf, & grey trousers

For F/W, loving the great mix and use of colors, lots of white and ivory with eye-catching touches of fiery red, olive green, and royal blue. Lots of versatility can be seen with this collection, a lot to offer between sweaters, outwear, wraps, and more!


Quilted parachute coat, Waffle cashmere cardigan, olive gray cashmere funnel pullover, & olive grey cashmere jogger

So a little background on the brand since it is their debut at fashion week — it is a knitwear brand that responsibly sources the highest quality cashmere in the world. It is harvested seasonally from the Bayangovi region of Mongolia. At the heart of Mongolian culture, nomadic life is the oldest human subsistence method. And Naadam exists to preserve and extend nomadic life!


White trousers, coordinating ivory/navy printed scarf & cardigan, and navy blazer

This was a phenomenal debut, a job well done for a first showing. The styling was spot-on. The ambiance was perfection with such a beautiful location for the presentation. Every detail was well thought out and you could tell there was such great attention to detail!


Army cashmere quilted jacket, v-neck pullover, rib vest, & slim funnel dress

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Nude cashmere blazer, shorts, with white tunic and joggers


Sand cashmere duster cardigan, white cashmere knit tunic, white cashmere jogger, & rug scarf

Ernest Alexander’s Wandering Traveler

NYFW is here! One always fun-filled day for me is NYMD, a packed day with lots of designers showcasing some bold, dynamic menswear presentations. NYMD is held at Industria Superstudios, and is presented by Cadillac. One brand I always look forward to seeing is Ernest Alexander. And for F/W 2015, the concept is “A Wandering Traveler.”


Plaid gingham trousers & scarf, waxed jacket, ash leather messenger bag

For F/W 2015, Ernest Alexander celebrates the exploration and discoveries of a curious voyager. And with a great reminding message — it’s the journey itself that truly is the reward! And trust, this collection is very much a reward in and of itself!


Printed work-shirt, dark navy blazer, brown wool topcoat, dark navy trouser, silk necktie, & block print scarf

The inspiration for this collection stemmed from a cabin retreat in upstate NY. The cabin house environment was a huge source of inspiring ideas — sculptured pieces, southwestern photographs, lots of Aztec motifs, rich colors found in both the cabin and the outdoors. The color story here is vital to the collection, giving us lots of deep olives, warm browns, and pops of vibrant reds and blues.


White oxford shirt, ombre peacoat, dark navy trousers, ombre envelope clutch

From the colors and concepts, the perception of a man’s life, conjuring up ideas of travel, what he may have owned or collected, how he dressed, all started to come together. There is a lot of versatility here, the ability to mix and match. The collection offers a lot of separates and special pieces many men would definitely want to incorporate as part of their wardrobe.


White oxford shirt, olive waxed field jacket, dark navy trousers, ombre scarf, black waxed gear bag, & black waxed zip-top tote

Again, the F/W season tells a story about a romantic, wandering traveler interested in the world around him. The introduction of an ombre pattern pays homage to the traditional palette of fall foliage, while the addition of earth tones ground the contrast between crisp whites and rich navies.


Printed white shirt & blue wool cargo pant

These are some great, intriguing pieces, with a clear inspiration here. And each look in the collection goes perfectly with this story. I’m always impressed by Ernest Alexander and am very much eager to see more and more from them every season!


Blue wool bomber & blue wool cargo pant

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Striped cotton shirt, navy wool trousers, burgundy waxed car coat, & taupe leather belt