Naadam – NYFW Debut

DSC01028White cashmere v-neck tunic, wrap skirt, & scarf, with White parachute tunic

Naadam, well know for the finest high quality cashmere, made its debut presentation during NYFW for the F/W 2015 season. The collection was showcased at the divinely immaculate Highline Hotel, Hoffman Hall.




White cashmere sleeveless funnel dress

Cashmere pieces were made for both ladies apparel and menswear. It was intriguing to see the delicate cashmere handiwork transition from soft, subtle feminine silhouettes, to that of more rugged, masculine pieces.


Fiery red outerwear jacket, long white & ivory scarf, & grey trousers

For F/W, loving the great mix and use of colors, lots of white and ivory with eye-catching touches of fiery red, olive green, and royal blue. Lots of versatility can be seen with this collection, a lot to offer between sweaters, outwear, wraps, and more!


Quilted parachute coat, Waffle cashmere cardigan, olive gray cashmere funnel pullover, & olive grey cashmere jogger

So a little background on the brand since it is their debut at fashion week — it is a knitwear brand that responsibly sources the highest quality cashmere in the world. It is harvested seasonally from the Bayangovi region of Mongolia. At the heart of Mongolian culture, nomadic life is the oldest human subsistence method. And Naadam exists to preserve and extend nomadic life!


White trousers, coordinating ivory/navy printed scarf & cardigan, and navy blazer

This was a phenomenal debut, a job well done for a first showing. The styling was spot-on. The ambiance was perfection with such a beautiful location for the presentation. Every detail was well thought out and you could tell there was such great attention to detail!


Army cashmere quilted jacket, v-neck pullover, rib vest, & slim funnel dress

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Nude cashmere blazer, shorts, with white tunic and joggers


Sand cashmere duster cardigan, white cashmere knit tunic, white cashmere jogger, & rug scarf

Intrepid by Ao’c: Fashion, But with a Cause

INTREPID by Ao’c had a big year in 2013 and I think & hope 2014 will be even bigger! I first learned about INTREPID when I attended Nolcha Fashion Week’s Fall 2013 presentations back in September — check out that post here! The founder and designer behind this burgeoning fashion brand is Aerin O’Connell. It’s so admirable that this brand is making time to focus on both growth and giving back!

Intrepid logo Black                                                                                         62-682x1024INTREPID collaborated with More Than Me Foundation with TUNIC FOR CHANGE. For a low price of $29.99, you purchase an eco-friendly tunic made of 100% hemp, each with unique embroideries. All of the proceeds go to benefit the More than Me Academy. The foundation works with community leaders to identify the girls who are at the highest risk of being sexually exploited to ensure that education and opportunity, not exploitation and poverty, defines their lives. They pay tuition, provide school lunch, and work with the school and community to get the job done!

mtm_tunic_backSo INTREPID recently presented a collection, a mix of R2W & eveningwear, at probably one of the coolest locations ever for a fashion show — SkyWalk, Grand Canyon, AZ. This was in late 2013 for the J. Autumn Skywalk Fashion Show by Jessica Minh Anh. This was a very symbolic collection for the brand; it was truly from-the-heart. Aerin said she was able to create from such a different realm with this collection. She looked at all of her past experiences and this was about a transition, a time for freedom, perfectly symbolized with the release of a dove!

INTREPID Dress at J Autumn Show1

J Autumn Fashion Show by Jessica Minh Anh - Intrepid by AOC (3)J Autumn Fashion Show by Jessica Minh Anh - Intrepid by AOC (14)J Autumn Fashion Show by Jessica Minh Anh - Intrepid by AOC (15)

J Autumn Fashion Show by Jessica Minh Anh - Intrepid by AOCThese looks all have such richness in the color tones and would look stunning on the red carpet! It was so hard to choose a few faves so the plus-side, you can see way more images! I had the same vibe when I saw the various looks presented during Nolcha Fashion Week. Again, I loved the colors here! I also loved the great mix of chic, elegant, and casual day-wear looks.


This look is probably my most fave of the collection. It’s simplistic, but very chic. It would transition so easily from day to night.

PBN_2389-sINTREPID experienced a great deal of press from this show because not only was Jennie Garth in attendance, but she also walked in the show!! Jennie looks great in this fitted look and I love sheer long-sleeves, great touch! Check out the full video of this runway presentation here.


But of course this isn’t the only great INTREPID press; there is more, from US Weekly features to celebrity sightings such as with Olivia Munn. The brand is definitely making moves and you can keep up-to-date by making sure to Like on Facebook or Follow on Twitter. For additional contact information you can also check out the brand’s customer service page. Fashion Nexus wishes INTREPID by A’oc the best of luck in 2014! I can’t wait to see you present again!!