Nolcha Fashion Week Recaps — Varied RTW Styles for Women

Continuing on with more Nolcha Fashion Week posts, lets check out a few of the designers presenting from the “Ones to Watch” collective show. This group is a talented bunch, emerging designers who are certainly going places.

First up, Gregory Apparel for S/S 2015, presented by Rachel Gregory.


This collection encompasses some very feminine & flirty RTW options for women in 2015. There is an ease about the looks due in part to the minimal silhouettes and soft pastels such as rose pink and sky blue. This sky blue deep V-neck dress below is probably one of my most fave pieces. It’s chic, easygoing, and for a woman who wants to be confident and carefree — that’s me!



The delicate, easier going vibe of this collection is not just about the lighter hues, but also the lighter weight fabrics, such as crepe. The fits of the fabric create a more relaxed fit, but all in all, still a very chic and well put together, polished look.


The bold pops of red, as seen above, was a great choice to add for these Spring pieces. It pairs very well with the stone and cream tones.


This is another fave of mine with this collection, very delicate, not over the top, a look that really encapsulates the underlying theme of this presentation. The looks are all so graceful, delicate, and understated, one of my most fave styles, simplistic minimalism at its best!


Love a great, fun dress with some pockets — it’s a detail that comes in handy!

Next up, J.Burgos NY with business glam for S/S 2015!


I love this look below, it’s a great look to showcase the elegance amplified this collection encompasses, thanks in part to the structure and shimmering satin fabric. The emerald jewel tone coloring is also a wise choice in demonstrating how luxe and glamorous many of these looks are.


Mixing in quite well with the emerald jewel tone are bright pops of tangerine orange. It definitely livens up the presentation, showcasing a more bold, daring side to the collection.



Some of the pieces definitely present a bit on the sexier side, a very sensual, alluring quality, such as with this black and white look above.


Separates aide to the business or professional vibe this collection has to offer. As seen above, there is a modern pencil skirt in a pretty blush pink and ruffled skirt. Or as seen below with a look, if paired with a basic black blazer, it could work great for being on the job. And then sans jacket, it transitions great to a date night or happy hour look!

The emerald leopard print is featured on a couple of looks, a print that dresses up quite well a basic look or classic silhouette.


And finally, there is B’venaj, presenting for S/S 15 a modern, urban RTW ensemble of looks for women.


A great aspect of this collection is the ability of taking the brand’s woman on all walks of her life. There are upscale, more glamorous looks, and then ones you could wear to work, a modern professional vibe. The collection runs the gamut for sure!


B’venaj utilizes color so well, also prints. Whether its the bright tangerine orange, the light blue, or red, all are used quite stunningly and are very eye-catching. What’s even more brilliant is the combo of solids with bold, dynamic prints.


A few of the looks feature a modern trend in silhouette — crop top & skirt. The crop tops work with both fitted skirts and of a more fit and flare style.


The looks are very chic, so sophisticated. But even with such polished looks, there is still a sexy, confident vibe to the pieces. This is all done very tastefully, quite appropriate to add more versatility to the collection.


B’venaj presents some truly amazing pieces for women, but luckily, there is a little something to offer for the men as well!



Nolcha Fashion Week’s official sponsors include: Dasani, Franciacorta, DON Q Rums, Adrian London Skincare, OtterBox, SUBWAY, Defiant Whisky, Bella Forma Wines, and Neulook. 






Nolcha Fashion Week Recaps — Eveningwear & Project Subway Fun!

One of my most fave parts of NYFW is attending the Nolcha Fashion Week shows. I always see such bright, emerging talented designers. So many of the looks are always super captivating. I have a great time mingling with other fashion industry insiders. And also, a lot of great sponsors and partners take part in the series of events. This is why I wrote so many intro posts on Nolcha. And I am of course now very excited to start showcasing some images and look details for the many designers who presented their S/S 2015 collections at Nolcha during fall fashion week 2014!

So for my first piece, I have to start with the breathtaking and alluring eveningwear and more formal looks I saw. Also, Project Subway was back, and those looks are super creative and fun, thus, a CAN’T MISS! Up first, Mariana Valentina and her Spring 2015 entitled collection Le Jardin Persan.


Mariana Valentina’s “Le Jardin Persan” is a collection inspired by two films. The first portrays a mystical garden where there are fantasy-like women who live there, and then blossom into beautiful vines and exotic florals.


The other film focuses on a Persian warrior empress, from the times when the gods and goddesses ruled the world.


 Persian warrior empress and vines may seem to be a mismatch, but it’s so NOT! It’s a classic play on hard & soft, which Mariana does beautifully. The looks incorporating vines and/or exotic florals really help to demonstrate Mariana’s signature of being elegant, yet sensual. She uses a lot of sheer effects in these looks, all done very tastefully and beautifully, but still present a woman who is full of confidence and not afraid to be sexy and daring.


What creates the wonderful intersection between Valentina’s differing worlds for this collection are the use of sheer effects. The soft and strong pair magically to create some truly luxe and gorgeous looks. The black asymmetrical look below is my most fave look and I believe very much encapsulates the underlying meaning of this collection. I would be proud to don this look and I’m sure the it would garner me much attention!


Mariana really has done a great job with this collection. I’m IMPRESSED!! She has stuck to her true aesthetic of sexy simplistic minimalism. The beauty in many of these pieces were the details, whether it was how the sheer effect was making your eye wonder or your eye being caught with the placement of embellishments. Get to know more about Mariana with a few other features on her already up on Fashion Nexus!


PBN_7430  Next up, MIMI TRAN!

Let’s check out her collection for S/S 2015, red carpet & eveningwear looks to the extreme! Definitely not a bad thing!


Mimi Tran knows luxury, Hollywood glamour, and high fashion. This is what she is known for and she does it all so well. If you are looking for a formal gown for an event or red carpet, or even a look for a pageant or prom, there is no doubt you could find something to instantly fall in love with from Mimi! There are a lot of unique and distinguishing aspects to Tran’s work. This is what will set you apart and stand out at whatever formal event you are at!


Red carpet or evening looks work great in black and white. It’s hard to go wrong with those colors and with any collection surrounding formal pieces, you must be able to create some stunning looks in either color. Mimi has done just that, whether it was with a white floral tethered gown as seen above, or a circular beaded number as seen below, which also incorporates another great trend for any major red carpet event — Sheer effects!


Black and white aside, there was a great pop of color use as seen below with royal blue, personally my fave color!


Another great aspect to this collection is all things SHEER! Sheer effects are a trendy staple I’m sure we are going to see for a long time to come and not just on the red carpet. But you have to still be clever with how you are incorporating sheer overlay into your looks. You have to make the trend your own. And that is what Mimi has done here. She was really strategic in how she played with sheer and the use of it with her looks. It created for some great intricacies, especially when paired with luxe gorgeous beaded embellishments.


Formal looks are not always floor-length, so it was great to see Tran’s signature work utilized with a shorter, sexier look. The shorter looks are still full of Mimi Tran glamour and feminine appeal, still showcasing a boldly sensual and sexy vibe!


Mimi Tran did a great job with remaining contemporary and creating some truly beautiful creations for red carpets and formal events around the world. Check out my intro feature on her brand as well, up also on Fashion Nexus!


Finally, let’s take a look at the 2nd annual Project Subway creations for Nolcha! This go round, Project Subway challenged the up and coming designers, F.I.T. students, to construct one-of-a-kind pieces inspired by vegetables found in a SUBWAY restaurant — spinach, onions, tomatoes and all!

The winning look, onion inspired dress & coordinating hat by Veritee Hill!


The judges chose the winning design based on creativity, originality, beauty and best representation of the vegetables. As a reward, Veritee will receive a $1,000 cash prize and have his/her original design displayed at a New York City SUBWAY® restaurant.



Eveningwear bright red delicious tomatoes anyone!


Spicy, bold, and sexy structured green pepper mini!


Yes! Incorporate the subway logo, great idea!!



Is this garment using an actual product??


Voluminous asymmetrical banana peppers for all!


Lots of green, but carrots anyone!


Greens — could be lettuce, maybe a slice of draped cucumber!


How about a little lace with your lettuce!?!

A celebrity panel critiqued the designs, including: Johnny Wujek (celebrity stylist), Bella Thorne (actress), Nastia Liukin (Olympic champion), and Russell Westbrook (pro basketball’s MVP of fashion and SUBWAY Famous Fan).



Check out some other celeb images from Nolcha Fashion Week!


Russell Westbrook & Rocsi Diaz, ET Correspondent


Nastia Liukin








Countdown to Nolcha Fashion Week Continues………………Sept. 2014



That’s right, the countdown continues, and now, there are even more designers set for Nolcha Fashion Weeks’s line-up. My first Nolcha Fashion Week piece from last week introduced the fashion extravaganza and some of the designers who are ready to showcase their amazing talents and work. And let’s not forget about the amazing sweepstakes that’s ongoing for NFW, from partnerships with Biovea, Adrian London, & Neulook. You can check out my full piece on the Biovea giveaway here, but here are the basics — ENTER & here is what you win —

  • a $3000 Visa gift card
  • 2 VIP passes to Nolcha Fashion Week
  • & tons of other goodies!

But now, let’s check out some more designers set for NOLCHA FASHION WEEK —

                                           CHARLES & RON                                                       charles-and-ron

The Charles & Ron brand invite you, to be a part of the brand’s Mediterranean lifestyle — feminine silhouettes & modern graphic prints.



This is not Mariana Valentina’s first time at Nolcha Fashion Week, but the brand is back, 3rd year in a row, & ready to empower women with its bold & confident pieces!


                                               RINAT BRODACH                                                          rinat-brodach

The Rinat Brodach brand seeks to inspire women to lead from the heart, and to feel confident, secure, and sensual.


sofia-arana          SOFIA ARANA

Sofia Arana pieces are all about whimsical and classic silhouettes — different cuts, details, and flares to develop picturesque designs.


Nolcha Fashion Week is growing each year, and this year will no doubt be a huge success! The event has received some major press over the past couple of years, such as Good Morning America, US Weekly, The NY Times, Lucky Magazine, The Huffington Post, Glamour, and more! And of course no event can experience any level of success without a strong team to put the pieces altogether. And this includes work and help from Event Sponsors, and Nolcha Sponsors are of course top-notch: Skinny Girl Sparklers, Adrian London, Air Europa, Fashion Beauty Monitor, Neulook, Bellaforma Wine, Mahnanny, Franciacorta wine, Smart Water, AOF Makeup, DonQ rum, Kusmi Tea, and Zico Coconut water.