PR — When Art & Fashion Collide!

And this week, this is exactly what would happen when the worlds of fashion and art merged together! The designers were off to Bergdorf Goodman to get all of the challenge details. Once there they met with Christian and painter Ashley Longshore. Also joining them was fashion director of Bergdorfs Linda Fargo. They met in the Bergdorf café, which is actually filled with Ashley Longshore works of art. For the challenge, the designers would have to work in a collaboration between designer and artist. The end result would be a high fashion look, the designers’ voice in the look, but with the use of an original Ashley Longshore print.

Ashley was thrilled to do these collaborations as it would be her first time seeing her work on apparel. As Chelsey was the winning designer last week, she would select her print first. Each next chosen designer would then choose another designer to select after them. I guess certain designers might have wanted certain prints, but really, all of the prints were amazing. I don’t see anyone being at a loss here based on print selection! This would be a 2-day challenge. The designers would have a $175 Mood budget, so they would be able to use other fabrics, but the Longshore print needed to be the focal point of each look.

During sketch time, Ashley checked in on each designer. It was then off to Mood, where we saw Victoria hiding from Christian and Geoffrey was all about the nipple focus since his print contained nips. As shop time was done, the designers were back to the workroom for the start of Day 1. Chelsey asked Delvin for some help, and Sergio tried to offer his assistance as well. Delvin was clearly not feeling Sergio’s advice. Ashley rejoined the designers to continue the collaboration. She expressed concern for Geoffrey in that his focus was too much and too literal about the nipple. Her artwork had an err of mystery on that aspect. She also expressed concern for Victoria that she was not using enough of the print. In case anyone missed it during the episode, I believe Victoria only said it about 50 times, but she is not a fan of prints!

Ashely would also be providing accessories/trims for the designers to utilize within their looks — feathers, beads, jewels, etc. After her sessions with each designer it was a race to grab some items! As the rest of the day winded down, you could see Delvin felt like he was back to his normal self, that he would finish his work early. Before the designers went home, they were treated with some apps and drinks to enjoy! Celebrating a little bit of down time, the designers decided to put on a runway walk competition!

As day 2 began, Dayoung felt sick, again. Throughout most of the day, you could see she was struggling, no energy and couldn’t eat. Seeing her not feeling well a few times now, one has to wonder if this competition environment is too much for her? But for now, Dayoung decided to push thru. During Siriano sessions, he mentioned being excited about seeing all of the color; I was excited too. Christian was worried about Nancy’s oversize coat, however she wasn’t. Christian expressed concern for Victoria too, still not using her print as much. Victoria hasn’t followed the challenge guidelines in my opinion 2 times before, so it’s not a surprise she was doing that again here because her past rule-breaking has been rewarded with her being given a top spot.

Later in the day were model fittings. For Delvin, his look began as a bit pj-like has Christian expressed, later some shortening edits were made. Christian felt Geoffrey’s look was too oversized, looking a bit like an oven mitt. For the rest of the day, of course it was clear Dayoung was behind. The morning of the runway was filled with normal craziness. Victoria did help Dayoung finish her look, which was nice, but as we later saw, perhaps she should have been more concerned with her own look. Marquise had some construction issues with his look and was hoping to hide them with his jacket. I have to give a product shout-out on the Maybelline matte lipstick being used for a few of the models, this product is amazing, works so well!

I was very excited to see this runway! Ashley, being this week’s guest judge, was excited as well! The safe designers were Chelsey, Sergio, and Geoffrey. Chelsey’s medley of words and artwork print was not my favorite, just felt a bit sloppy. Sergio did much better than he has the past couple of weeks with this look of a butterfly focused print, very chic. I actually didn’t care for Geoffrey’s very junior-like look. As for the top 3, Brittany, Dayoung, and Delvin, I was mostly in agreement. It was great seeing Delvin so happy, but his portraits and lips printed power suit was all print and too much for me. I know the print was to be the focal point, but the entire look in this print was just a lot!

My winner would have been Dayoung. I know she had some help finishing her lips centric look, but it was still her voice and I have loved so much of what I have seen from her. I loved she matched her print with this stunning purple fabric. The look felt very fun! And it was very kind of Dayoung to actually credit Victoria for the help she was given. I don’t know if all designers would have given this credit.

But it was basically known from the jump Brittany was winning this one. Her look was great, so still deserving of the win. We heard all episode how much she was a fan of Ashley’s work, and that passion/enthusiasm, you could see in her floral/butterfly look. The 3d butterfly embellishments were great. I thought it was a very hip and chic look.

This left the bottom designers as Marquise, Victoria, and Nancy. I was very annoyed Nancy was in the bottom, let alone the bottom 2. This was not a bottom 2 worthy look! Yes, her jacket was oversized, but I feel plenty of woman would like that oversize feel. And, even if they didn’t, this jacket could have been taken in some. The rest of her look was beyond amazing, especially the pants! I feel as if the judges had a hard time sending Marquise home over her, but I just view these 2 bottom looks as vastly different and it should have been no question or hesitation who to send home!

Even though Victoria wasn’t in the bottom 2, at least she finally wasn’t undeservedly rewarded by being in the top. I don’t think Victoria is a bad designer, I just think she has been overpraised all season. And because of that overpraising, she now feels she doesn’t have to follow the challenge guidelines, and can do almost anything she wants and not be in the bottom. Her look this week lacked her normal great technical quality, but the design itself was not great, very derivative of she has done in the past with asymmetrical silhouette work. But it also didn’t meet the challenge requirements. I don’t think her entire look should have been the print, but she could have utilized the print more cleverly on both the pants and the top. But she seems unwilling to compromise at all and clearly doesn’t like criticism.

This left Marquise going home. I like the guy, but the judges did seem really sad about this decision. And I get that, they are human. But Marquise has not performed consistently well. Yes he had 1 win, but most of the time was safe or in the bottom. I think it is great how far he came being a self taught designer, but his skillset is nowhere near some of the top designers in this pack. I think he has a voice and over time, his skills, the added value of real time, it will all work itself out.

Fashion Week Journeys — Always So Much to See!

Being out on the daily for fashion week, there is really just sooooooo much to see. The result is for sure a jam-packed filled day of fashion, which is of course not a bad thing! It’s great to see a vast array of design talent. Here are a few examples of some designers I ran across on my fashion week journey that run the gamut of exotic appeal to extreme design to truly inspired pieces!

454990694.jpg_325_0_1668.28358209_3000          LIBERTINE

Libertine’s S/S 2015 collection for MBFW bore an image of the witty and famously acerbic socialite Pat Buckley. “I was so obsessed with Pat in the ’80s that I made scrapbooks of her!” gushed L.A.-based designer Johnson Hartig. “I had thousands of inspirations,” said Hartig, exaggerating only slightly. “Like, I saw these ravers at a music festival with a bunch of bead necklaces. I immediately decided I had to have that, too.” So he did, as well as hippie-girl patchwork, randomly placed decals, comic-book prints, decorated Wayfarers, and little clutches doused in silver glitter. Meanwhile, the Libertine MO—mixing newly produced items with reworked, BeDazzled vintage pieces—remains the same.


The show started with delicate chiffons and vibrant furs that soon gave way to explosive allover embellishments, crazy candy colors, and what looked like bold designed collage artwork. This was a full on, to the extreme presentation, full of zeal, drama, and passion — looks for both men and women!



There was a lot going on in this collection, but so much that was truly stunning and eye-catching. The spattered tights were a must-have. All of the looks would no doubt make you the center of attention and make you vibrant and full of life!



The bold, daring beauty look was provided by CND Cosmetics. Special guests included — Teen Vogue style & features director Andrew Bevin, Nick Cannon, TV personality Kaitlin Monte, journalist & TV personality Tom Murro, stylist James Aguiar, photographer Andrew Werner, Linda Fargo of Bergdorf Goodman, and co-founder of CND Jan Arnold.



454967076.jpg_325_0_1668.28358209_3000  FRANCESCA LIBERATORE

As one of four winners of the DHL Exported contest, Italian designer Francesca Liberatore was granted the opportunity to introduce her collection at New York Fashion Week. Her spring lineup, which was mostly women’s apparel, but also some menswear, had a very specific point of inspiration: a bird in polluted surroundings that becomes transformed by the litter it encounters.


Taking a break from spring florals, Liberatore chose to enchant viewers with a focus on understated, refreshing bird prints that were inspired by Asian design. Her collection featured sheer-backed blouses with effortless volume, as well as flowing silk bird prints that combined with long, clean graphic button-downs.


Beauty look was courtesy of Patricia Yankee nail color, Tresemme hair by Matthew Curtis, & make-up by Vincent Longo. Special guests included Canadian actress Serinda Swan, teen actress Lilla Crawford, Canadian model Andi Muise, actress Eku Edewor, actress Cassie Scerbo, blogger Nicole Effendy, blogger for Excessories Expert Elizabeth Savetsky, designer Nicole Miller, & Bill Heaney.



454960604.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000            TAORAY WANG

International designer, Taoray Wang launched her first namesake collection for Spring 2015 in New York City at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, the global crossroads where fashion meets business and lifestyle. Taoray merges Asian culture with European influences, resulting in unique, elegant designs with global appeal.


This collection emphasizes the style and power of successful women in all walks of life. It pairs that with a soft artistic message inspired by the movie Black Swan and ballet of the same name. The designer explains, “I respect and appreciate how difficult it is for busy women to excel in today’s fast-paced environment. My clean, simple and elegant designs express the innate sense of sophistication one notices with powerful women such as my muse Natalie Portman.”


Clean nails for a natural beauty look was provided by China Glaze. Special guests in attendance were Marri Bucci, Nellie Park, and actress Dong Jie.



In efforts to show Angolan fashion to the world, style visionary and fashion show producer Dinelia Da Silva of Dinelia Productions and Events (Luanda, Angola) has partnered with StyleWise International (NYC), to carefully curate a selection of designers to implode the New York City fashion week scene. The Angola International Fashion Show, also known as AIFS, is a fashion experience established to push the boundaries of creativity, while nurturing the connections and profitable relationships between designers, models, buyers and stylists.

On September 8th, AIFS will platform eight (8) designer collections exclusively for the spring/summer 2015 New York Fashion Week season. All runways shows will take place at the illustrious Helen Mills Event Space in Chelsea. Here are a few of the designers who showcased!

images                LISETE POTE

Pote, an Angola native, presented her renowned collection as dressed by international dignitaries, celebrities and socialites.



ALLEX KANGALA known for impeccably tailored menswear.


FEELO’JE designed by Janay Reymond (Anguilla, Caribbean), is the youngest designer among the ranks. At a mere 17 years old the designer presented a swimwear collection inspired by world travel, family and deeply-rooted culture.


Lucrecia Moreira, one of Angola’s top designers, creates “modern style” with roots in tradition.


Sydney Evan — Back at Bergdorfs — Custom Charm Bar!!

The stunning and unique jewelry brand — Sydney Evan — is back at Bergdorf Goodman this week for its annual Custom Charm Bar event. I’ve had the distinct pleasure of attending this event last year, meeting the kind and talented founder of the brand, Rosanne Karmes, and later fully featuring Sydney Evan on Fashion Nexus! I encourage all of my readers, if you are in NYC, to check out this event; there is still time to head over tomorrow to check out all of the brand’s wonderful charms!


Bergdorfs is located at 754 5th Ave. The event will begin at 12 pm and will end at 6 pm. The purpose behind the event is so that —  jewelry enthusiasts and Sydney Evan fans will have the opportunity to work alongside designer Rosanne Karmes to create their very own personalized Sydney Evan beaded bracelet and/or necklace. When I attended last year, Rosanne worked so patiently and attentively to each of her guests. It was truly a fun occasion! Here are some pics I took last year —

100_4755           100_4753         100_4756          100_4754

The custom bead bar will offer a variety of 14k gold and pave diamond charms to choose from, including the brand’s signature spiritual styles like hamsas and evil eyes, lucky symbols, new zodiac charms, and Sydney Evan’s celebrity coveted “Love” word charms; paired with a rainbow of beaded bracelets or beaded lariats made from semiprecious beads or varying length chain necklaces.  Karmes will be on site to help customers create their very own custom creation that represents their personal style, which will be available for pick up within 24 hours of ordering. 




27926-y                                        28095-y_1

And remember, even if you can’t make the event, Sydney Evan can still be purchased online or in various retailers across the U.S., or even international retailers. Sydney Evan is a true trend-setting luxurious jewelry brand. And you can rest assure that when purchasing any Sydney Evan pieces you are purchasing only the highest of quality. You can even check out the great deal of press the brand has rightfully received since its inception, from major editorial spreads in Nylon, Harrods, Cosmo, Bazaar, People, and more, to  a major celeb following and fan base — J. Lo., Mila Kunis, Emma Stone, Lea Michele, Bar Rafaeli, Hilary Duff, Kate Hudson, Lauren Conrad, & more!

kelly-ripa-660                                           image0019

Sydney Evan really seeks to satisfy each and every customer. If you have any questions there are a myriad of ways to communicate, including on social media-Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. So enjoy the event if you attend or just browsing the Sydney Evan website!





Samantha Chang: Contemporary & Fashionable Lingerie for the Modern Woman

So there is lots to discuss with this fashionable lingerie brand by Samantha Chang, but first some important SAMPLE SALE news. Below, please find a flyer for the brand’s fall/winter sample sale, which starts today, Nov. 20th. If you enjoy this post/the images or looking at the various pieces online, you are very likely to find many high quality products offered at great deals during this sample sale. Click the flyer to enlarge! The location is 171 Madison Ave, Ste. 307.

imageSo who is the face behind the brand, Samantha Chang? Well, she is originally from Hong Kong and has always had a love for fashion, creative sparks, and art. She eventually moved to the US, where she attended the Rhode Island School of Design. After graduation, Samantha started her own business with a contemporary ready-to wear collection that was immediately purchased by Barneys New York. Four years later, Samantha launched her lingerie collection at Bergdorf Goodman and Fred Segal. Lingerie has developed into Samantha’s passion.

home_ballet_slip                                                img_2955Moving onto the brand, there is a lot to offer. The collection is feminine and includes uncomplicated silhouettes with beautiful details and finishing. Samantha incorporates comfortable fabrics, harmonious colors and playful prints. Samantha’s customers enjoy wearing her creations for lounging, sleeping and entertaining! Versatility is pivotal with this brand as the Samantha Chang woman can use as underpinnings, daywear, streetwear, and eveningwear. There is something for every occasion so listed below, with accompanying images, are the various types of items within the collection/brand.

classicbabydoll              CLASSICS                                        classic-babydoll-shadowrose


angelkimono-black_1                        SILK W/ LEAVERS LACE                    charlotte-black_1



blackorchidkimono                                       lilac_bloosom_silk_robeweb


home-croppedloungejacket_pant-slate_1                             HOME APPAREL                                stiecardigan_pant-black_2_2_1


meetme...chemiseblkweb           MEET ME @ MIDNIGHT                  meetmeatmidnt_cami_boyweb


wbra_boyshort-plum_3                    MEET ME @ MIDNIGHT 2   


Mydaily                 MY DAILY


ModernVintage          MODERN VINTAGE                mv-chemise-purpledream_1


wbra_brief-cherryredsm                                         ALL LACE                                  meetme2-chemise_thongnusm_1

Many of the above collections, My Daily, Meet Me @ Midnight, etc, are consistently replenished. But Samantha also creates new lines to show during the spring and fall. Each piece is created with hand-picked laces and are a reflection of high quality. Environment and consumer responsibility is important to the brand so that is why the Modern Vintage essentials collection is made from 100% pima cotton, hangtag free, no woven labels, and packaged in 100% recycled material.

As far as Samantha’s most recent work, for the Spring/Summer of 2014, she introduced a signature luxury silk collection entitled “Urban Glamour.” For now, the current collections are available at premier lingerie and contemporary boutiques around the world such as La Petite Coquette, NYC, Journelle, NYC, Alla Prima, San Francisco, CA, My Boudoir, San Francisco, CA, La Mode Lingerie, Houston, TX, Lulu’s, Manhattan Beach, CA and more. Click here to locate a store near you! For any brand inquiries, click here for contact information. The brand is also on Facebook and Twitter.

img_slide_00                                        softjerseyballerinagown_robeweb

Samantha Chang has a strong celebrity following – Kate Hudson, Jennifer Aniston, Stephanie Seymour, Christy Turlington and more. Samantha Chang’s sexy silk babydoll chemise was seen on Eva Longoria in Desperate Housewives and her printed mesh pajama set was seen on Jennifer Aniston in Friends. There is a great amount of press for the brand as well, as it’s been featured in InStyle, Maxim, People and more!

SC-Instyle-Sept'13 emailcopy









Sydney Evan-A Jewelry Brand Designed From Inspirations, Instincts & Meanings in Life

logoIn the world of fashion, and yes, even with jewelry, it is often trends and other designers’ works that guide what is being created. This is not the case for this immaculately designed jewelry brand, Sydney Evan. This is a jewelry brand that is not afraid to let inspirations, instincts and real meanings from life guide their design process. From this process, it actually sets trends, whereas letting an already set trend dictate their designs. This is all possible due to the amazingly talented, knowledgeable and experienced designer, Rosanne Karmes.

designerI had the distinct pleasure of meeting Rosanne at a Custom Diamond Charm Bar event she recently held at Bergdorf Goodman. I immediately knew I wanted to do a more in depth feature on her and Sydney Evan. From further speaking with her, I can see why she has the ability to create these remarkable pieces and achieve the success she has had. Sydney Evan is fast approaching its 12-year mark of being in the jewelry business. The name comes from two of the most important people in Rosanne’s life, her daughter Sydney and her son Evan. Rosanne and I spoke about having the opportunity to be re-acquainted with your past and the realization of just how much it can attribute to where you are at in life now. From this conversation, it is no surprise to see how someone who was making and selling jewelry in her early teens can be where she is at today. She has always worked in some realm of fashion, whether it was sales in fine jewelry companies or as a representative in independent sales. Attaining a vast amount of knowledge and gaining invaluable experience with jewelry and fashion are the reasons why Rosanne was able to conceive Sydney Evan and grow the brand to be as successful as it is today.

Rosanne has created several different collections over the years. I would say there is likely something for everyone depending on which collections would most speak to you as a customer. I would also say they are perfectly fitting as to how Rosanne describes her pieces as being classics. This is not to say they don’t make a statement or wouldn’t fit into a given season or trend, but rather that these are high quality pieces you can purchase that have the capability to be worn for many years to come. You can look through the 15 collections and shop by clicking here. I have gone thru and selected my favorite pieces within each collection, which was a very enjoyable experience!


Celestial-full of stars, moons, wings, starbursts & more!


Devout-various forms of the signature “Evil Eye” and  more!


The Discs-all in so many sizes, forms and colors!


Duality-Find here, the lotus, Venus, Mars, Yin-Yang or more!


The Edge-So unique with horns, matchsticks, skulls & more!


Initials-Of course I went with “S”, so find yours now!


Mammoth-True ability to create variety!


Nautical & Sea Life-Starfish, turtles, anchors Galore!


Numerology-Find your # and pick the colors and jewels used!


Peace Luck Love-Is it from horseshoes, wishbones or peace signs?


Shy-most recent, bringing affordability to this classic brand!


Sticks & Stones-So many options of jewelry types and bead colors!


Sweet Things-Jewelry shaped as cupcakes, yes please!!


Wild Things-So hard to choose a fave here with owls or butterflies!!


The Words-Live, Dream, Faith, Believe

Sydney Evan really does offer a wide variety when it comes to what you are purchasing and how. There are tons of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, beaded bracelets and rings to choose from and of course all within the 15 different collections presented. When purchasing earrings, you can even just buy for 1 ear instead of both! Necklace options offer choices for chain lengths as well. All pieces are also offered in 14K yellow, rose or white gold, or black rhodium with pave diamonds or precious stones. Sydney Evan can be purchased online or in various retailers across the U.S., or even international retailers.

I always enjoy looking at the various press for a given designer and Sydney Evan does have a fair share of celebs who also love this brand as much as I have come to! I see some personal favorites on the list-Lauren Conrad, Hilary Duff, Kate Hudson, Audrina Patridge, Lea Michele and more! Celebs aside, I also know that this is not why she creates her jewelry, as I personally saw how attentive she was when I attended a recent Custom Charm and Bead Bar event at Bergdorf Goodman. You can also enjoy that personal attention and even meet Rosanne by keeping up with the upcoming events she holds by looking at her Events page.

Sydney Evan really seeks to satisfy each and every customer. If you have any questions there are a myriad of ways to communicate, including on social media-Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. I hope you enjoy reading about Sydney Evan and looking at the astounding pieces as much as I did!