Poor Heidi! — Places to Go, But Ahhhhh, Nothing to Wear!

So what’s the solution?? Duh! Just make it a PR challenge! This week, with the 2014 Emmy season quickly approaching, Heidi was in need of something to wear for the Creative Arts Emmy’s red carpet. She instructed the designers to keep with their POV, but to also keep her sense of style in mind. She wanted the unexpected, a fearless fashion forward look that would not put her on anyone’s worst dressed list! Lucky for Heidi she had 12 eager beaver designers ready and rearing! Well maybe not all 12 as we later saw!


Prior Heidi Klum Red Carpet Look — 2014 CFDA Awards — On My Best Dressed List!

A few of the designers were quick to worry as red carpet attire was not something they had made before. Before going to Mood with their $250 budget, Tim stopped in with some important reminders — Heidi has worn it all, solids, prints, varied necklines. And as was clearly demonstrated from Heidi’s red carpet dociet, she is not married to any particular look; her sense of style runs the gambit! Sketch-time still revealed many designers’ mix of emotions, but it was time for Mood so the designers could get started on this 1-day challenge!


Tim was still there at Mood to hand out more reminders, such as be careful with fabric choices and to get what you need now! How ironic right?!? It seemed as if the designers heeded to this warning, spending nearly all of their $250 budget! The designers were soon back to the workroom with Korina off to investigate what the other designers were doing. Many designers were soon flocking over to Kini’s work area as #SpeedyKini was still present and accounted for in the workroom!!


Tim-time was of course joined with the client this week, Heidi! The thunder noise effect we heard in the background, the looks of terror, all appropriate! And here are just a few of the words of wisdom from Heidi — “Don’t bore”; “I need the cleavage”‘ “I want the sex appeal”; “Don’t be Dynasty”‘ “No nap for Kini today”; “Let’s show some skin”; “Wake the babies up”; & “No tears”! Needless to say — a lot of “Make it Work” moments!


The designer struggles were very apparent, so Tim & Heidi came back to the workroom with some new challenge instructions. She offered the designers a chance to go back to Mood with an additional $100. Only seven designers went back, but it was Sandhya who knew that left 5 designers with a spare $100. So on top of close to $250 already spent, she now added another $432. Smart move, but as we later saw, it wasn’t a great pay off as she didn’t even make top 3 this week! Kind of interesting that designers who worked with nearly half of her budget somehow still landed in the top 3! As for the other designers who returned to Mood many were in the same boat, scared, having to start over, with time running out!


Emily brought up an interesting point in that this return trip to Mood, an additional budget, did seemingly give some designers a 2nd chance, an advantage perhaps? But the offer was made to all of the designers. As seen with the model fittings and later on with the runway, was the 2nd trip to Mood really an advantage?? The designers who ended up in the bottom this week — all Mood returnees. And many of the returnees had to start over, which didn’t leave them a whole lot of time.


The guest judge this week was Olympic gold medalist and 4 time World Cup skiing champ Lindsey Vonn. I’m not sure of the red carpet connection on this one, but she knew what she was talking about and gave some thoughtful critiques. Now with the morning of the runway, Tim noted progress. But after the runway presentation ended Heidi was still disappointed. I agree with Heidi. There were certainly some stunning looks. But I thought the bottom clearly represented the looks where mistakes were very much obvious. However, a lot of the safe looks still didn’t translate so well with this red carpet challenge — many were kind of a yawn, a little too basic. It was kind of on point that certain designers were “safe” this week as a lot of their looks were just that — SAFE!


The bottom looks were a lot easier to sum up this week. In fact, there isn’t much need to discuss each one separately. My critiques were very much in line with what the judges had to say. These bottom looks were very basic and still not even well executed. The looks all seemed very sloppy/messy and it was clear time was a factor. The mistakes were just all so glaringly obvious from uneven hem-lines to puckering at the seams — so much looked unfinished. And all of the designers seemed to know this. For all 3 of the designers, designing red carpet attire was unfamiliar territory, and so clearly fear took over. It was of course difficult to see 2 designers go!


With all of the designers on an equal playing field in terms of being in the bottom, I’m sure the judges took into consideration their prior work. Mitchell had been in the bottom only once, but I think what had hurt him here was he had yet to have a true shining moment in the judges’ eyes. They might have been unsure with his vision, his aesthetic.


Kristine was the 2nd designer given the axe this week, which was quite contradictory with my line of thinking for Mitchell. She too had been in the bottom, just last week in fact, but unlike Mitchell, she had been in the top — twice in fact counting the group challenge. It was likely planned to have a dual elimination this season, but I’m not sure this was the right week. And the judges did note a couple of positives with the look.


Korina was the 3rd designer in the bottom and escaped elimination this week. This was her 1st bottom appearance so that was probably her saving grace this week. I did have a few positives with Korina’s overall look though — lovely side-swept do courtesy of Philip B. hair; clean, natural, fresh Mary Kay beauty make-up look; & although not shoes, still courtesy of Aldo accessories, I thought the elegant, statement-making earrings were a nice touch!


The top looks this week were certainly a breath of fresh air and I 100% agreed with the judges — FINALLY!! I think Heidi could have rocked each of these looks, but based on the great press Sean’s dress has been receiving, I’m thinking Heidi’s gut instincts were right in naming him the winner this week. Other designers this week tried to make an expensive fabric do their work, and the same could have been said for a basic fringe dress. But Sean put his own modern twist on his ombre royal blue fringe dress. The color was 100% spot-on, PHENOMENAL! Many designers made use of an open back this week and Sean’s was very much top-notch and at the top of the bunch! The judges were right in that this dress would photograph beautifully and in so many ways. This was a great comeback for Sean and I’m happy for him, very well deserved!


Kini also deserves some major props this week, keeping on the “top looks” train! I’m sure he is very much ready for a win, but without that, I’m positive a job well done for 2 weeks now will be remembered. I always gravitate to bold colors or prints when I first create a best dressed list, to see if I have any faves. So Sean’s great use of color this week likely helped in his win. But my best dressed lists never fail to include an elegant black floor-length gown(s). And I’m sure Kini’s look would have made mine! This look was so chic, so sophisticated, and very fitting for the red carpet. Another gorgeous open back as well! What I also loved was that Kini listened to Heidi, while still staying true to his design aesthetic. And I very much agree with Nina in how this dress perfectly hugged the model, such a great fit! The little critique I have is that I didn’t think the look needed the lengthy necklace, but great call with the bold smoky eye provided by Mary Kay!!


Amanda topped the highest scoring looks this week. This is definitely a look that some are going to love and others just aren’t. As we even saw with the judges, Zac was not a fan of all the beading. But what I loved about seeing this look in the top — it was a risk. It was unexpected, but as we’ve seen from other risk-taking top looks this season, IT WAS NOT DIY or arts & craft!! This was a new side of Amanda, but it was still Amanda — just her aesthetic at an amplified level. I could very much see it on Heidi and on the red carpet. Another aspect I love about Amanda is she is a designer who each week truly thinks of the overall look. I’m always a fan of the added details. And so again this week, more Shout-outs for her fishtail braid, a breath of fresh air for red carpet hair stylings, courtesy of Philip B. hair; perfect make-up look, not just a standard smoky eye, but very nice touch with a tangerine/red lip from Mary Kay; and again, no shoe Shout-out & I don’t love the earrings with this look, but very on point with Aldo accessories, the gold statement-making bracelet.


More Accessories Shout-outs:

  • Alexander — chic side-swept waves by Philip B. hair, perfectly coordinated silver cuff from Aldo accessories; & stunning make-up beauty look from Mary Kay, subtle smoky eye & pop of pink lips!
  • Samantha — more lovely curled tresses, waviness to the max, courtesy of Philip B. hair!!


7 thoughts on “Poor Heidi! — Places to Go, But Ahhhhh, Nothing to Wear!

  1. We were almost completely in agreement this week, total agreement on bottom 3 and top 3…. although I wasn’t as thrilled with Amanda’s look as you were.

    I smell a rat on the return to Mood and spelled out my conspiracy theory in my review. Question for you…. do you ever remember a time when Tim announced prior to going to Mood that designers could give their money to other designers? Obivously not on first visits (although there has been money given when a contestant lost their coin.) However,there have previously been second visits and I don’t remember this ever being stated before?

    • I think the reason I cared for Amanda’s look so much was b/c I’m just not sure who else I wanted to see in that 3rd spot. I thought there was something different about it.

      The return trip to Mood, I’m trying to think, I think I remember a designer losing money and then sharing, not sure about any other time. I do think this was the 1st time there was a return trip though where it wasn’t mandatory all of the designers went. Other times for a 2nd trip, they all went, they had to make a new look. So if this is truly the 1st time then it might make sense for Tim’s statement. So if there were 12 designers left this week, only 7 went, that leaves $500 to spare and Sandhya spent $430 so someone I think still didn’t hand over their funds since she of course had her own $100. I’m just surprised so many agreed to hand over $ and didn’t think to just give to someone else. Or that the other designers didn’t see the asking and think to ask themselves??

      • What about Fäde for the third spot instead of Amanda?.His garment was far superior to hers.

        Also, It dossier, not dociet, and “runs the gamut“, not gambit.

        • I disagree. I thought Amandas’ had a more red carpet, wow factor appeal. Fäde’s look was good. I didn’t think it was as amped up in design as I would like to see for this type of red carpet. But the print was great and I’m waiting for him to have his moment! I’m sure it’s coming.

          Probably too late for minor corrections now! I don’t think anyone was likely confused though, luckily!!

  2. Evidently you and I have totally different ideas about this last week’s challenge. but “that’s OK.” I thought Amanda’s gown was awful, home-sewn looking. The fact that Sandhya spent so much money and didn’t make it in the top three is OK – remember she had to start ALL OVER and had less time so being SAFE by spending the money on the expensive fabric (which pumped up the elegance of her dress) was her savior. All who went back to Mood had the same chance and 3 who went back to Mood were in the bottom. I still have no idea why Amanda is getting so much PR love.

    • Yup! Different ideas/opinions I guess! That’s the beauty of a show like this, so many differing views! But yea, I totally disagree about Amanda’s look this week & being home sewn looking, especially as compared to the arts & crafts type projects we’ve seen so far this season. Not saying Amanda should have won this week, but so many of the other garments were just a bit blah, whereas hers did have a bit of intrigue. And I definitely don’t see Amanda getting anymore PR love than others.

      And yes, I know Sandhya had less time, but she still spent a butt-load over the rest so to me, that says something! And I don’t think it was the expensive fabric that kept her safe, there were just a lot of other poorly made looks this week. If she had used a less luxe fabric, I don’t think she would have ended up in the bottom. I guess, she didn’t need to spend so much. But hey, smart move to at least ask! I’m not sure why no one else saw her and thought of it!

      And yes, I think I did a little segment on my blog about the return trip to Mood. Emily mentioned it might be unfair and I said not really since they all got the offer. And clearly it wasn’t a huge advantage w/ less time and all 3 in the bottom were returnees. And it also didn’t shoot anyone into the top, based on that return trip, so yea, as I said, not really an advantage!

      Very intrigued to see how next week plays out, groups definitely spell DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA!

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