PR/Ep 4 — Let’s Remix this Business!

So this week’s episode started out as per norm — the challenge guessing game and what might be in store for the future! The one difference was by the end of the challenge reveal, I kind of wanted a burger!! I think Kini did as well!


The designers arrived at Red Robin to meet with Tim to receive their instructions for the week. Joining Tim was VP of Red Robin Brand Transformation Jason Rusk. Also joining this well-dressed duo were some not so well-dressed male models, sporting various classic and vintage tuxe styles. And yes, this includes the cheesy light blue number better known for being bad prom fashion!


This week the designers were to re-purpose and remix an array of men’s vintage suits to create a look for the modern woman. At first I think the designers were hoping this wasn’t a menswear challenge. But I think a few would have rather had that than this one! The male models’ suits were to serve as an inspiration for their look this week, but also the FABRIC!! The designers were to use the jacket and pants to transform a classic tuxe to a high fashion womenswear look. The suit fabric had to be prominent in the final look.


Now if some off-putting fabric was not enough of a twist this week, PR introduced a new spin on designers choosing what suit they would work with this week. Tim’s dreaded drawstring bag would probably be welcomed back now with open arms! Last week’s winner, Sandhya, not only got to choose first, but she then was allowed to choose each designers’ fabric. I don’t care who the winner was last week, but to me, this was a horrible idea and it certainly is not going to gain Sandhya any popularity. I do not believe any designer would have not used this opportunity for a bit of strategy. I also don’t believe based on this group of choices that anyone could predict what fabric a designer would want to use. Some of the tuxes were clearly better than others. I think PR should have just stuck with the traditional selection processes — either drawing names to see who would choose or even letting Sandhya choose the next designer to go, and so on and so forth. The drama would still remain the same as those unfortunate last few names selected would not get the luck of the draw! I question “Why this change” & “Why now”!


The designers did get to eat some tasty Red Robin cuisine while sketching, and then it was off to Mood to purchase $100 of supplemental fabric. Everyone was then back to the workroom to start this 1-day challenge. A few designers had some early on frustrations, and not just figuring out how to work with some of the horrific fabric choices! Amanda’s battle with her fabric was a bit different, a battle for health — lots of early on sneezing! We saw on UTG last season that allergic reactions to fabrics are possible!


Kristine and Korina’s issue came about because each decided to make a leather motorcycle jacket. I would be concerned about 2 similar looks walking the runway if I were on this show. Each week, not only are designers compared to every other look ever seen on PR, but also looks seen from designers outside of the PR realm. To go side by side with another designer just amplifies that situation. But the ladies decided to move on, keep working, and thought in the end, their jackets would be different enough.


During Tim time, he cautioned a few designers that their look needed to read high fashion. Alexander was concerned over his bottom placement last week, but knew he could spin it positively. And finally we learned a new nickname for Kini — “Speedy Kini.” I can’t believe he created what he did so quickly!


This week’s guest judge was recent Teen Choice Award recipient for “Female Web Sensation” and YouTube mogul Bethany Mota. As the runway began this week we also saw a workroom feud continue to spill over as the runway show progressed. Hernan seemed to take the most issue with Sandhya’s selection and so he made the point to call her out, again, “Bitch” specifically, and her response — the middle finger! I guess getting over it or being the bigger person was an unknown concept to both parties here!



So good news or bad news first?? Let’s start with the top first since good news is always better than bad news right! I am so proud of Alexander this week, just as Heidi said “from the bottom to the top”! Alexander’s suit was certainly not the worst of the bunch, classic white with black trim, but his look was still so phenomenal!! I loved it and just as Bethany offered, I would too so rock this look at an event! The look was chic. I loved the neckline, its structure. I thought even though the look showed some midriff that it would still work with more than just “size 2” women since the skirt wasn’t fitted.


Also, generally I am not a personal fan of asymmetry, but Alexander convinced me with this look so I thought that spoke volumes in my book! Also major props to every aspect of this look — perfect selection of the platform ankle-strapped black heels from Aldo; great decision for a bold cat-eye by Mary Kay; & an elegant braided up-do courtesy of Philip B. hair!!

I was 2 for 3 this week with my guesses for the top looks, Kini was of course in my top! I was disappointed for him that he didn’t get the win this week. As we’ve seen, immunity can be important in saving a designer for the next week to come. But now, a winning designer might get to play God by choosing other designers’ fate — ok, not that serious, but still selecting a designer’s fabric is pretty important! This look was so dynamic! I loved the structured shoulders & skirt. Also, the side cut-outs were 100% on point!


Kini had to make use of a not so off-putting pinstriped suit and his work was very impressive. As Nina pointed out, all the lines matched up and were so clean. I also appreciated the judges pointing out the many details of this look, such as the back pockets from the original suit, still in place on the back of this look — NICE TOUCH! I guess those up close judging critiques do pay off! Kini also made some great choices with his Aldo accessories — grey peep-toe booties & silver bracelets!

And topping off the highest scoring looks was Amanda. One reason this was an okay surprise for me was because at least 1 designer who was given a horrible suit, pink & burgundy floral, was able to turn it around. I didn’t love this look as much as the judges, but I think her creative transformation from the original suit was the added benefit that not only put her in the top 3, but also gave her the win. Going along the lines of how the judges are scoring and make decisions this season, it wasn’t so shocking! If others can win by being arsty/crafty/DIY, then Amanda winning this week shouldn’t be that surprising.


Amanda’s look was very much Amanda — 70s, boho-chic, and vintage. I’m not sure I could see Heidi in this, but I could see a Vanessa Hudgens or Nikki Reed rockin’ this look at Coachella or on the streets of LA. I give Amanda props for some great choices this week — luscious flowing waves from Philip B. hair and clean fresh make-up look by Mary Kay.

I was definitely interested to see how the bottom 3 would turn out this week. I thought several designers could have ended up there! But I can’t say that the 3 chosen were undeserving. I am glad that Kristine was the first saved though. It just made sense being that she did so well last week and it was her first time in the bottom as compared to Sean & Hernan, who were both making a 2nd appearance. One major positive, I loved Kristine’s choice to go with this sleek straight hair look with blunt bang courtesy of Philip B. hair!


But as far as the look, it was just hard to work with this off-putting burgundy tuxe. I think that jacket in almost any other color and especially another fabric would look super cool and edgy. The main issues with this look though were the pants. They just didn’t fit well at all and the use of organza was not the best of ideas!

I am still rooting for Sean, but was again surprised to find him in the bottom this week. I for sure thought he would bounce back! Hmmmm…..maybe next week! Just as with Kristine, Sean was working with not only a tough color, mustard yellow, but also a tough fabric, corduroy. Just as with his look last week, I saw some great elements and concepts, such as where he wanted to go with deconstruction. But again, the execution was not on point.


The overall end result for this look was just too basic, not very high fashion. I imagine it was Sean’s vision that ended up saving him this week over Hernan. But in terms of positives, Sean made great decisions when it came to lovely wavy tresses from Philip B. hair and a clean neutral beauty look by Mary Kay. I loved the black Aldo booties, just not for this look, but the golden jewelry accessories were very much on point!

So this means it was Hernan who was eliminated this week. I would have never guessed that someone who’s already shown at MBFW and has had celebs don his pieces would have gone home this early. I’ve seen his previous work and I’m a fan, but his design and talent was not translating on PR. I guess this show is not for every designer! So all 3 bottom looks had to make use of some pretty bad suit material. Hernan had a white polyester suit with beige/brown trim. All in all, his look was kind of basic this week. And I knew one of the judges was going to mention his use of the “V” over his model’s lady business!


And just as Tim and the judges mentioned, the vinyl fabric was not the best choice for a supplemental fabric. I still think Hernan can bounce back in the real world and I wish him the best of luck!

And there was one designer I wanted to give a shout-out to, and that is Korina! I loved her chic red (from her stark red suit!) look consisting of a peplum sleeveless leather top and slitted skirt. I thought the look had a great vibe, very edgy and cool.


But I also loved her choices for Aldo accessories, black sandal heels (great lightness to go with a more bold look) and silver bracelet. Her Mary Kay beauty look consisting of a slight smoky eye was also a great finishing touch!







12 thoughts on “PR/Ep 4 — Let’s Remix this Business!

  1. Not the first time winners have been given some challenge choice power. And if you think the button bag actually produces a random result, well I’ve got some news for you…

      • Commented back to Tbone so you can see that. But a question to you both, what do you think about for next week, Heidi tweeting herself in a certain designer’s dress!

        • I don’t do Twitter, so I’m not sure about Heidi’s tweets, but I’m thinking this may in particular be a challenge for Sandhya as she will have to rein in her more conceptual approach to produce something that can be worn here and now. I’m also thinking Mitchell may have an advantage if his innate tackiness strikes a chord with Heidi’s aesthetic.

          • Just checked in with T-Lo, and they show the dress and also give the name of the designer. Unless this is another dress by the same contestant and not his or her entry in the upcoming challenge, this seems to have been a very foolish move on Heidi’s part as far as maintaining the “integrity” of PR..

          • I agree. I mean it’s likely another dress, but even if so, you would think she could hold off on wearing a current contestant until after the season is over. My guess is since this challenge is for red carpet, that it’s all related — very surprised this tweet wasn’t more thought out!

          • Not according to Heidi’s tweets, they were pretty much a spoiler!! Don’t look, just to avoid seeing it! Can’t un-see this one!

    • I didn’t say this was the 1st time a winner had been given a challenge choice power. I even gave 2 examples of what I’ve seen w/ regard to the button bag and that is the winner could pick the next person to choose. What I said was this was the 1st time a challenge winner was allowed to pick what each designer would work with in regards to their inspiration for the week and in this case, their fabric. So if there is another season where this has happened, please make sure to include that in your comments!! I will gladly check it out!

      And ahhhhh! Yes, I know PR has its secret & staging, but what reality show doesn’t! My point is, I didn’t like this particular twist and I do ? why bring it now. I know on a show like this, you have to accept twists. But the suits were bad enough and if you brought out the apparently rigged questionable button bag — wouldn’t that be enough??

  2. Thorough as always! We are pretty sure this is the first time a designer got to dole out the assignments to everyone else. In the past, we believe there was a time one a winning designer got to dole out models to designers- is that true? Or was it just dramatic because a winning designer switched models when picking?

    • Ummm, i remember back in the day, the models could be switched around. This of course caused a bit of drama because some models were better than others & as a designer would get use to their model, they hated if she were taken away! I can’t recall if a winning designer got to choose the models for each though. My guess is no though!

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