PONO Jewelry: From Making Buttons to Designing Bold & Beautiful Jewelry

I had the distinct pleasure and greatest time this week sitting down with the business and design team behind PONO Jewelry. I met with everyone from the designer, Joan Goodman, to her sister and business partner Barbara and others who contribute to making this jewelry brand a success. It was also great being in the office and getting to see many of their amazing pieces available for purchase now!

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PONO, of course, offers a wide variety and selection-cuffs, bangles, chokers and necklaces. The pieces are truly bold and easily classified as statement jewelry. I couldn’t imagine that anyone wearing any of these pieces would not receive a large number of compliments that day! The various pieces are also diverse in the types of materials utilized, from horn, wood, metal, shell or Italian resin. The aspect that probably caught my attention the most was the use of color or the effect that certain pieces had. Perhaps it was the way the color caught the light, but my eyes were certainly distracted from one piece to the next. I found so many pieces that I instantly fell in love with! Another great part to the PONO brand is that they have some basic pieces that are always available for purchase, such as their chain-linked necklaces, but the team also mixes in some great pieces for a given season.

Take for example, the Fall 2013 collection, which several of the pictures in this post represent. The collection represents all things dark, rich and luxurious. As Joan discussed with me, there really is a deep richness to every color chosen. It was great seeing these amazing jewel tones and once Joan mentioned the night sky or the Arctic Circle, I could very much see how this collection came together. It truly is an inspired collection that works perfectly for the Fall of 2013, without being so literal! I love seeing these collections/pieces firsthand, but also being able to meet and talk with the designers/creators!

P1141A                                        P1187

Joan Goodman has done a magnificent job with the pieces she has designed. I have no doubt that their 10-year anniversary capsule collection for January 2014 or Spring 2014 will be anything less than perfection. It might be hard to imagine that someone who once was only working within the button industry could be designing jewelry as wonderful as this, but believe it because its true! Joan was in the position of some major changes in her industry and she did a very bold and courageous act by branching out and I have to say Bravo!

P1220                                        P1229

PONO was launched in 2003 (with its 1st collection being Spring 2004), but Bobbi Trim, the button company, is also still in operation. PONO is easily described as a line that exemplifies classic pieces that encapsulate a twist with touches of Italy, Hawaii and of course, NYC. PONO is in fact a Hawaiian word for “goodness”. The brand really prides itself on being anchored, expressive and illuminating with their overall business process and practice. The final product is the creation of timeless pieces that are creative, colorful, conscious and collectibles.

PONO has experienced a great amount of press in publications such as Essence, Italian Vogue, and even in TV shows such as “The Good Wife.” The pieces are again, available for immediate purchase, so click here if interested! You can also keep updated on their work via social media as well, so Follow PONO on Twitter.

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