The Sky is the Limit: Over-the-Top Gestures & Designers, Alongside Parachutes Point of View

What would Project Runway be without a few over the top gestures or designers?! The 12th season kicked off with a private airplane bringing in both the mystery 16th designer and the challenge for the week. This season will host 16 designers and the 16th had remained a mystery until premiere night. America was voting between 3 past Project Runway contestants for a chance at Runway Redemption and the winner was from Season 11, Kate Pankoke. I was certain she would not get the chance, even though I was secretly hoping she would. Yes, she had a strong personality, but of the 3, her season was likely the most disadvantageous with the teams concept. Further, Project Runway now seems to be doing so many All-Stars its likely any of them could have appeared on that show! So what did the private airplane bring for this weeks challenge?

(all photo credits to Lifetime/Project Runway)


As the designers were looking up, skydivers started falling from the plane/sky. Upon landing with their open parachutes, Heidi Klum announced this week’s challenge-early unconventional. The designers had to scurry over to select which parachute they wanted to work with this week. This was their material for the week and each designer had to utilize it into a garment which best demonstrated their point of view as a designer. I’m certain this won’t be our only unconventional challenge this season, as parachutes are hardly candy or hardware supplies! The designers were also given some supplemental fabric to use, but were warned it couldn’t substitute for the parachute material! So the question remained, could these designers tackle this task so early on?

(all the looks this week-Alexander, Alexandria, Angela, Bradon, Dom, Helen, Jeremy & Justin-top; Bottom-Kahlindo, Karen, Kate, Miranda, Sandro, Sue, Timothy)


Yes of course! This season is not lacking in some very over-the-top and perhaps overly confident designers. We certainly have some that right out of the gates appear to have strong personalities-Alexandria, Ken, Sandro and Timothy. There was also a few other early season announcements worth mentioning. The prize package is so lengthy so I won’t write it all out since we will hear it week to week, but Wow up to a value of half a million! The contestants also learned that their budget this season will be managed via GoBank and will be done for the entire season, not week to week. I’m curious if there are still limits and how this will all work, but I’m sure more will be learned about it next week. I was also intrigued by both having a 1st deaf contestant, Justin, and 2 contestants who seem to already know each other, Timothy & Miranda, all which should make for an interesting season! We also have the contestants living at Refinery Hotel versus Gotham Towers and that this season’s accessory wall and host of the winner’s capsule collection is Hudson Belk’s (interesting choice, definitely more available to the mass public!). So who stood out this week and who fell flat?


The judges, who were joined this week by the genuinely down to earth Kate Bosworth, had in their bottom 3, Sandro (with his costumey bathing suit), Timothy (with his messy, burnt up dress) and Angela (with a basic and bare color-blocked poncho). I wasn’t surprised Angela went home because in the history of Project Runway, when it comes to doing too much versus too little, too little always goes home. This is exactly what Angela did. Although, personally I would have rather Timothy gone home because I just don’t think he knows what he is doing. He took too long to discuss his view, explain his sustainability mindset and trying to make his model dance down the runway-Come on now! However, the bottom 3 actually became a bottom 4, once one the top 3 soon fell from grace. Miranda was originally in the top 3, but upon the judges learning about her disregard to this week’s instructions, they probably made her wet her pants a bit by giving a stern lecture and putting her in the bottom. Her pencil skirt and color-blocked crop top were perfectly fine, but I never thought worthy of being in the top 3 anyways. I wish the judges had picked a different top 3, but overall the right person won this week!

(bottom 3 Look-left to right-Angela, Miranda, Sandro, Timothy)

project-runway-season-12-angela-220x324                                             project-runway-season-12-miranda-500x737

project-runway-season-12-sandro-220x324                                              project-runway-season-12-timothy-220x324

(this week’s winner-Bradon & other top 2 member Sue)

project-runway-season-12-brandon-500x737                                             sue

The judges top 3 were Bradon (corded fitted bodice with long train) and then really just Sue (sculptured maxi dress with neon ruching and pleats), with Miranda being moved to bottom 3. Sue’s dress did catch my eye as well, but I was not a fan of the sculptured neckline; it seemed a bit bulgy too me. I would have have rather seen Justin and his very simple and elegant cocktail frock and Ken with his sculptured neckline tangerine minidress. But again, Bradon won and I think he was the right choice. Most of the designers did very well and many impressed me, so I am really looking forward to this season. Originally, I had in my top 3 early picks-Ken, Bradon and Sandro. Now Sandro disappointed me this week and in the highlights preview he looks like he goes off the deep-end, so I’m probably looking for a new 3rd and I can’t wait to see this season unfold!!

(my additions for a top 3, if I picked-Justin & Ken)

jstin                                                           pr12-rr-ken-s

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