NYFW: Men — Inspirations Come to Life

Once again, the inaugural NYFW: Men was last week. With all of the shows going on, I was quite impressed with the passionate inspirations of 2 designers — Loris Diran & Malan Breton.


Loris Diran Men's RTW Spring 2016

So first up, Loris Diran, with Am I Blue?


Loris Diran Men's RTW Spring 2016

The S/S 16 collection for Loris Diran reinterprets summer navy as a softer alternative to black, all while maintaining its strength & sensual mystique. The palette consists of deep navy, teal, turquoise, espresso, and chamois. The unlikely use of rustic texture works itself into the urban aesthetic, which underscores the entire season.

There is such a refinement with these pieces, truly showcasing that the designer knows high quality and knows how to dress a man for both upscale and more casual looks. I appreciate with this collection the attention to detail and versatility. There is a great ability here then to mix and match many of these pieces, and overall wear in various fashions.


Loris Diran Men's RTW Spring 2016

Diran continues with this collection to march on with his “New Look”: uber soft, washed sulting sans padding and stiff interfacing, yet maintaining a slim, defined silhouette. With a nod to the 80s and a distinct juxtaposition of sportswear to sartorial traditionalism, the collection pairs pieces atypically to create a new masculine sensibility.

Loris Diran Men's RTW Spring 2016

Loris Diran Men's RTW Spring 2016

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Loris Diran Men's RTW Spring 2016

And now, Malan Breton, showcasing his inspirational tale of his journey home to Taiwan thru the art of design.



Malan Breton HOMME presented a collection for S/S 16 of sportswear, swimwear, suiting, and underwear. The collection is modern, sleek, and made in comfort fibers like silk cotton and bamboo, all lending to the modern lifestyle of the man on the go, with exploration of the techniques of wetsuit design. Breton incorporates fusing elements and finds inspiration in the batik techniques and tradition of the Hakka Blue shirts of his homeland — Taiwan.

I was such a fan of Malans’ on during his time on Project Runway. I’ve been so eager to attend one of his shows and I was quite pleased and impressed for my first time in attendance. You could clearly see Malan’s inspiration here, relating back to his journey to his home homeland, Taiwan. The prints were vivid, the color palette was consistently logical, and the silhouettes/shapes were quite innovative. Great work Malan! I can’t wait to see more!



The brand will introduce its first collection of eyewear, cufflinks, and skateboards this season as well. All is made of the highest quality elements — brushed metals, Swarovski crystals, and enamels. These materials accentuate Malan’s philosophy of high style, but continue in the path of total comfort giving every man’s Summer 2016 wardrobe comfort & control.


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