Project Runway’s Winter Wonderland!

In sharp contrast to the coveted fashion week spots, for S/S 2018, the designers this week were tasked to create winter-themed looks. And with this runway, it was supposed to decide which 4 would be going to NYFW? As we later see, I guess not….

Tim & Heidi met the designers on the runway, snow drifting down, to lay out all of the challenge details.The look created needed to be a high fashion, winter look, one where any fashionista would be thrilled to wear it while out in the cold. Tim & Heidi cautioned the designers to not think of a simple snow suit!

This would be a 2-day challenge, with a $400 budget, meaning the judges wanted to see ambition.To best get in the winter mindset, the designers would sketch in the coldest spot in Manhattan, Minus 5 ice bar. The interior is made of carved ice, a very cool setting!

Mood trips have been pretty par for course over the season, but not this go round! Margarita was the only one who thought fur for a winter look! After planning around this, picking out some select pieces, and even purchasing everything, it was then explained she couldn’t use these pieces. PR is a cruelty free show, so that means NO FUR!! I am not sure if this is spelled out in the massive rule list the designers must follow, but at the very least, it could have been stated as a reminder for this challenge! Tim, with the other designers’ blessing, did permit Margarita 5 more minutes to shop. I understood her initial frustration, given a plan around what she selected. But the constant whining over this, almost the entire first day, eventually started to wear thin.

Tim-time was on Day 2, and while he re-directed a new focus for some, he urged continued efforts for the rest. But the end of Day 2, Margarita was still in struggle-mode! This week’s guest judge was actress Katie Holmes. And what a sight the runway was, all Winter Wonderland’d out!

All designers were on the spot this week, and for the most part it was a judges’ love-fest. Although for some, there was some positives laid out, but mixed with some critique. I think at best, the judges could have picked a solid 3 for fashion week. And if they were set on having 4 show, then as in season’s past, they could have had 2 compete for that final spot, showcasing 3 looks from their collection. However, the judges didn’t allow anyone to receive a pass. This means all 5 designers left will create collections. And when they return to NY, they will most likely select 3 looks that best encapsulates their entire collection. And from that, the judges will decide on a final 4, but who knows, maybe even a final 3??

Personally, I am not a fan of Brandon, but the judges have sang his praises all season, including this week. Every designer also stated if they could go to fashion week, they would want Brandon to join. As much as I am happy he didn’t get a free pass, I think given all of this unwavering support, he could have been set to go. I have not seen growth from Brandon throughout the course of this season. His looks all remind me of each other. What might create an issue for Brandon in the next challenge, is that his 3 looks selected, might all look too similar. And maybe this was thought of internally by the judges.

I guess if no designer was getting a bypass for NYFW, then it makes no sense to only allow for one or two. But another designer who should have gotten this was Ayana. She has been on fire as of late. And while this week, the judges didn’t love every aspect of her look, she still did a great job. She was one of the only designers who I think really strove for full ambition, meaning worthwhile for 2 days of work and a $400 budget. Additionally, most of the other designers also said alongside themselves going to NYFW, she too should join.

Besides Brandon, the only other designer all 4 judges loved was Kentaro. This look really did make simplicity standout. The neutral color palette was a bit grappling for me. I don’t see it working in harsh winters, and this color palette, I just think it would get dirty so easily! But the judges were sold. However, in comparison to someone such as Brandon, who has repeatedly been on top, Kentaro has been in the bottom as of late. I would understand the judges doubting a guaranteed NYFW pass for him.

Margarita was another designer that the judges for the most part loved. I don’t think it was at the same level of Brandon or Kentaro, but approval nonetheless of her fur dress. The judges really liked the coat, but I thought it was okay. In retrospect now, I don’t see that this look felt overall, super luxe. I felt the coat lacked an expensive quality. No other designer picked Margarita when asked about who should join them at fashion week. I am guessing this did not instill much confidence in the judges permitting her the direct shot to show. She too has been on the bottom a lot lately, even being eliminated, but saved with the Tim Gunn save. So with a loved look this week, it did give her the chance to still create for NYFW.

And last, but not least, we have Kenya. She was last to be told she too would get a chance to create and show for NYFW. The sentiment I got from the judges this week was that her looks, even looked at individually, were just okay, but nothing knocked their socks off. Her coat, I find this would be hard to wear a great deal, and I didn’t really gravitate towards the look. Kenya has had no true highs over the course of the season. In fact, as stated at the onset of the week, she is the only one left who hasn’t won a challenge. I completely understand this. The judges have never seemed to gush over her the way they have for others. But I guess given she hasn’t fared too poorly either, this meant she too should get the chance for a mini-preview next week.

So almost a waste of an episode, given no actual decisions were made, but the question still remains, who will show at NYFW!?!

Proj. Runway — Sally Beauty Challenge

I’m not sure if dubbing this episode as the “Sally Beauty Challenge” is 100% accurate, but Sally Beauty did play a major role this week. The designers met Tim Gunn and lead Sally Beauty stylist Gregory Patterson on the runway for all of the details!


Gregory announced that Sally Beauty would be hosting a pop-up shop in NYC, more specifically in Soho. The designers’ looks would be showcased in the window displays and the the public would cast their vote for the winning looks. The public’s vote would count for 20% of the overall results. Three teams would be put together with 3 designers each. The separate teams would each be assigned a color palette to then create a 3-piece cohesive collection. Here were the team breakdowns —

Team Red Violet — Erin, Dexter, & Cornelius

Team New Neutral — Jenni, Nathalia, & Mah-Jing

Team Hues of Blue — Rik, Laurence, & Roberi


Each team received a $600 budget for Mood and 1 day to create their collection. Naturally since this was a team challenge week, there was some workroom drama. Mah-jing initially felt left out of his group, but after Tim’s critique, they really came together. Cornelius felt left out of his group and never really jived with them as it soon became evident post runway.


The designers were off to the pop-up shop to see how the public voted. It really came down to neutral versus blue, with Team New Neutral pulling out the win. Each team member received $500 to shop for Sally Beauty products. I kind of wish the judges had not known who the public voted for, although it didn’t seem to sway their scores. The judges went with Hues of Blue as the winner, leaving Red Violet as the bottom group.


Joining this week’s judging panel was Kelly Osbourne. This was a hard runway I think to really label a “losing” group. I think Heidi said it correctly to Team Red Violet in that their looks were not all bad, but compared to the others, they did pale in comparison. I could see why new neutral won the NY public vote and it was a toss up for me between them and hues of blue. But I think if I had to choose, my winning team this week would have been New Neutral. But my favorite individual look would have been Roberi.


With New Neutral, there was such a edgy, cool, street-chic vibe with this collection — also very boho chic. These tones could have been a bore, but this group made a neutral pop. I liked the great show quality here, but also wear-ability was a huge factor.

SHOUTOUTS — Sally Beauty for all, naturally with all of the highlights put in




But as I mentioned, the judges selected Hues of Blue as the winning team. I love blue, so I did love most of what the designers did here. I really loved the plaid. Roberi was the winning designer of the group and I of course loved this decision. The sweater was intricate, very fashion-forward, but was also super practical. It worked on so many levels. And the skirt was also top notch.


SHOUTOUTS — More lovely highlights from Sally Beauty, but I also loved the beauty look here from Mary Kay

Laurence’s look was also pretty great, especially the blazer. The pants were also nice as well, some stunning details as you looked closer. I was not as in love with Rik’s look as the judges were. I thought the dress was a little plain, a little basic. I recall Tim saying some of the pieces were a little simplistic and that was my thought with Rik’s dress. The plaid coat was okay, but it read a little thin to me. I didn’t look at it and think it would provide warmth compared to that say of Nathalia’s jacket.



So of course, Team Red Violet was the bottom group, meaning Dexter, Erin, or Cornelius would go. Firstly, I would put out there that all 3 groups were made up of 2 friends. Any of these groups being in the bottom, I feel as if one designer due to friendship would have been the one picked to be eliminated, such as Erin and Dexter did with Cornelius. I don’t think I would have called them “Mean Girls” because we all knew they were friends and would leave Cornelius out in the cold. None of this being right of course, but was fairly predictable from the get-go.


It did seem as if at first, Cornelius was not being listened to. I thought we were seeing a change here, but the one area that was not truly listened too was regarding the “too much read” comment. This was the biggest problem in my eyes for this group. The other groups had some breaks in the color. And with red being so bold, so bright, you would think a plan would have been executed on this. And then to further exacerbate the issue, the styling was also too red. For more on the direction of the collection, this did put Dexter in jeopardy. His look was also not that great. I felt a little underwhelmed. And when looking at all that Cornelius did, some at the direction of Erin it appeared, I think that is what made his look suffer.


The judges were right to point out that Erin should have thought a bit more about her team here. She executed an excellent coat, but why would she not do more. I’m not sure of the episode slant in how it was portrayed that Erin & Dexter were goofing off quite a bit, but my thought is that if they weren’t talking and playing around, their wouldn’t have been enough footage to show on the matter. Cornelius did really get the raw end of the deal here, doing all of the work and then ultimately being sent home. Tim Gunn was right in that regard to save him as this was result was not the fairest of all. I was still a little upset Tim didn’t use the save a few weeks back, but Tim’s use here was the right thing.



All That Is Art Hearts Fashion

Opening day for prestigious bi-coastal fashion platform Art Hearts Fashion commenced last night with a 5 designer showcase hosted at Vanderbilt Hall, Grand Central Station, presented by AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

As a voice for artistic and cutting edge designers, Art Hearts Fashion is paving the way toward the future of Fashion Week. The philanthropic drive stretches from coast to coast, putting the spotlight on how fashion can promote constructive ideals and influence the progressive evolution of the fashion industry. Each season, AHF works with the AIDS Healthcare Foundation and Make-A-Wish. The platform is unequivocally intertwined with the causes and organizations it supports.

Official Makeup Sponsor The Organic Face and Official Hair Care Sponsor Marrakesh worked with designers bringing their visions to life on the runway.

Mister Triple X

IMGL1381-M   IMGL1422-M

Art Hearts Fashion Founder and Designer Erik Rosete opened the show with his Mister Triple X “Vortex” collection. This season Mister Triple X debuted a flirtatious metallic pallet featuring rich body-con dresses, shorts and the designer’s signature bunny ears.

IMGL1459-M   IMGL1570-M

IMGL1731-M   IMGL1969-M



Zachary/Nathaniel was next to the runway, presenting an inspired collection of dark hues, plunging necklines and leather features. Expert draping made for flattering silhouettes in the designs, expertly paired with sheer and leather.



Tarek Sinno

IMGL3004-M   IMGL3040-M

Tarek’s presentation incorporated rich color scheme of blues, reds and golds, accentuating the feminine form with fanciful ornate detailing and unexpected structured features. Striking lines and intricate jeweling elicited excitement from guests and media.

IMGL3064-M   IMGL3097-M

IMGL3131-M   IMGL3301-M

Gregorio Sanchez

IMGL3488-M   IMGL3599-M

This designer enlivened the runway with bright pops of color and fine hand embroidery. This cohesive collection full of bold patterned skirts and romantic tops expressed a natural vibrant energy and movement.

IMGL3892-M  IMGL3965-M

IMGL4049-M   IMGL3528-M

Cary Santiago

IMGL4621-M  IMGL4577-M

Ms. Santiago closed the evening with a jaw dropping collection full of high drama. The cinematic designs are impeccably crafted demonstrating Santiago’s ingenious artistry.


IMGL4462-M   IMGL4381-M

Special thanks to Art Hearts Fashion sponsors and supporters including: VOSS Events, Savvy Traveler, and Monster Energy.

Photographer: John Nacion


NYFW: Men — Inspirations Come to Life

Once again, the inaugural NYFW: Men was last week. With all of the shows going on, I was quite impressed with the passionate inspirations of 2 designers — Loris Diran & Malan Breton.


Loris Diran Men's RTW Spring 2016

So first up, Loris Diran, with Am I Blue?


Loris Diran Men's RTW Spring 2016

The S/S 16 collection for Loris Diran reinterprets summer navy as a softer alternative to black, all while maintaining its strength & sensual mystique. The palette consists of deep navy, teal, turquoise, espresso, and chamois. The unlikely use of rustic texture works itself into the urban aesthetic, which underscores the entire season.

There is such a refinement with these pieces, truly showcasing that the designer knows high quality and knows how to dress a man for both upscale and more casual looks. I appreciate with this collection the attention to detail and versatility. There is a great ability here then to mix and match many of these pieces, and overall wear in various fashions.


Loris Diran Men's RTW Spring 2016

Diran continues with this collection to march on with his “New Look”: uber soft, washed sulting sans padding and stiff interfacing, yet maintaining a slim, defined silhouette. With a nod to the 80s and a distinct juxtaposition of sportswear to sartorial traditionalism, the collection pairs pieces atypically to create a new masculine sensibility.

Loris Diran Men's RTW Spring 2016

Loris Diran Men's RTW Spring 2016

Show credits —

Loris Diran Men's RTW Spring 2016

And now, Malan Breton, showcasing his inspirational tale of his journey home to Taiwan thru the art of design.



Malan Breton HOMME presented a collection for S/S 16 of sportswear, swimwear, suiting, and underwear. The collection is modern, sleek, and made in comfort fibers like silk cotton and bamboo, all lending to the modern lifestyle of the man on the go, with exploration of the techniques of wetsuit design. Breton incorporates fusing elements and finds inspiration in the batik techniques and tradition of the Hakka Blue shirts of his homeland — Taiwan.

I was such a fan of Malans’ on during his time on Project Runway. I’ve been so eager to attend one of his shows and I was quite pleased and impressed for my first time in attendance. You could clearly see Malan’s inspiration here, relating back to his journey to his home homeland, Taiwan. The prints were vivid, the color palette was consistently logical, and the silhouettes/shapes were quite innovative. Great work Malan! I can’t wait to see more!



The brand will introduce its first collection of eyewear, cufflinks, and skateboards this season as well. All is made of the highest quality elements — brushed metals, Swarovski crystals, and enamels. These materials accentuate Malan’s philosophy of high style, but continue in the path of total comfort giving every man’s Summer 2016 wardrobe comfort & control.


Show credits —



Fashion Week Journeys — Some Fun in the Sun!

Fashion week for S/S 2015 is almost already making me forget about the bitter cold winter that is ahead. There is a lot of bright color and fun looks in store for next year so I’m already counting down the days — LET’S GO!

454865522.jpg_0_1_3000_2001   CZAR BY CESAR GALINDO

Czar by Cesar Galindo is preparing us quite well for S/S 2015. The plan — to make us forget about a cold, dreary winter by showcasing a full of zeal, colorfully bright, sparkly celebratory collection for spring & summer. The pieces are vibrant and vivacious, and they have a distinct Latin & African underlying inspiration. As seen above, hairstyles were tightly pulled back in a braided ponytail, very simple, very chic!


This collection can simply be summed as FUN! You could don at a vast array of locales, a beach or pool party to a high profile Manhattan or Miami club. The pieces look luxe, very high quality. There are varied lengths ranking from knee-length to maxis. There is also variety in the silhouettes, crop tops, fitted looks, and comfy chic. Not in the mood for a dress, keep an eye out because there are plenty of separates to choose from as well!



Shimmering brilliantly, these dresses have a dynamic, nearly hypnotizing energy to them, with hundreds of fish-scale sequins dancing in the light, in conjunction with the movement of the wearer. Many looks are in bright optic solids, but there are also some stunning pattern prints, in mosaic, bohemian vibes.  The heels were also quite eye-catching, various colorings of snakeskin, open-toed heels & booties.


African art clearly defined the style behind the jewelry. A mix of statement gems and stones with thick necklaces come close to the neckline. Often incorporating a polished stone or even contemporary acetate, some looks forgo the jewelry all together, allowing for a completely carefree attitude. Certain looks that were simplistically minimal in nature, were definitely spiced up a bit with these statement-making jewelry pieces.


Clearly these looks are so bold, very dynamic. They are photographed well and look great from all angles. The looks are very inspiring and certainly encouraging to get us all thru a quick winter!


454980252.jpg_328_0_1671.28358209_3000    GEORGINE

Georgine’s S/S 2015 presentation began with thunder and darkness, but it was not soon thereafter that summery hues and airy fabrics took over the runway. Light music thumped in the background as Georgine’s audience was taken away on a beach vacation straight out of the 70s. The specific inspiration was the glamorous demimonde who descended onto Saint-Tropez during the summers of the 1970’s.

Wearable retro bathing suits were certainly featured, parading down the runway and off to the beach with towels, or to a cabana, draped in a glamorous silk and lace coverups. Speaking of towels, looks were accessorized with mink tote bags and beach towels as well as leather clutches in the shape of surfboards in collaboration with Max Steiner Design. Women certainly love high fashion, that includes beachwear, more specifically beachwear sophistication. There’s a great deal to choose from here with sexy deep-V necklines, bold prints, and soft mint green looks.


Georgine Ratelband deviates from her usual dark color scheme for this collection, choosing instead to feature beach-y shimmery metallics and bright mints, oranges, and pinks. Luxurious gold was a major component of the collection, with standout looks including a gold silk trench perfect for a breezy summer day. The mint green was also a great tone utilized for this collection. The way it was mixed in with golds, nudes, rich creams, and in prints was refreshing; I loved the softer easier vibe with a pastel such as this or in taupe.


After showing off a sea of summery shades, the collection did revert back to Ratelband’s usual dark, structured image. Several stark ensembles completely in black, including a black silk organza lace dress with leather detailing, were impressive. A brand is nothing without staying true to it’s signature. It’s great to see current trends and modern updates, but I think it’s smart to mix in with what you know. And with black signature basics like the looks below, Georgine clearly knows structure and how to make their version of an LBD or black ensemble stand out.


The models’ hair was as relaxed as the majority of the collection, left down and wavy or covered by intricate turbans, floppy hats or flower hairpieces, all created by Ric Pipino for Melville Pipino Salon.


The makeup stayed fresh, with no heavy eye-makeup distracting from the effortless ensembles, created by Gordon Espinet with the MAC Pro Team.


Special guests included Kimiko Glenn star of OITNB, Countess LuAnn de Lesseps of The Real Housewives of NYC, country singer/songwriter Stephanie Quayle, actress Edy Ganem of Lifetime’s Devious Maids, singer Katy Tiz, and actress Bianca Santos.


These looks are definitely for a similar type of clientele. And what I enjoyed most was that it takes that woman on a journey. It follows her on the go. The muses of this collection included paragons of style such as Bianca Jagger, Slim Keith, Gloria Guinness and Loulou de la Falaise. Also influenced by the photography of Slim Aarons and Helmut Newton, GEORGINE has crafted gorgeous bathing suit inspired evening wear, elegant beaded chiffon caftans, and trench coats worthy of a stroll down both the boardwalk and Fifth avenue alike. Georgine is providing for their clients looks to take them to a cocktail party, a beach or pool get-together, a Sunday brunch, an evening affair, and/or more!


These looks have a vintage feel, but certainly stand on their own and are quite unique. I see them as a breath of fresh air and I would be ready to take in a little sun proudly with any of these lovely looks!

Event PR — Mao PR




ART HEARTS FASHION presentations feature collections from the worlds freshest and artistically inspired designers in support of a great cause. Established in 2011 by designer and philanthropist Erik Rosete, ART HEARTS FASHION has grown to become a premiere platform for designers to showcase their collections in a contemporary runway setting.

Check out Jaslene Gonzalez, Cycle 8 ANTM winner workin’ the runway!

Art Dreams ANTM_0

This season ART HEARTS FASHION is presented by AIDS Healthcare Foundation and will feature collections by:

  • Mister Triple X: The SS/15 “Pair-A-Dice” ColleXtion will feature bold tropical prints and monochromatic undertones in a Stepford Wives retro-future inspired presentation, continuing the journey of the Mister Triple X story told through fashion.


  • Control Sector: In an increasingly digital world, CYBER BULLY (SS/15) is the result of an interpretation of our physical experience being filtered through the electronic layers of reality.

Control Sector MBFW SS15 Cyber Bully Runway

  • Gregorio Sanchez: Will present a sophisticated and classy SS15 collection which features ethnic inspiration from Mexico, India and Bali.


  • Shrekahnth: Will present an SS/15 pret-a-porter collection featuring uniquely inpsired patterns and prints with an ethnic flare. Juliette’s inspiration is drawn from Aztec and Masai civilizations.


  • Hallie Sara: Hallie Sara’s iconic SS/15 collection is comprised of a sumptuous selection of luxurious materials — for which she is best known– intelligently crafted into sophisticated, sensual silhouettes that blur the lines between the timeless elite and cutting-edge hip.


  • Altaf Maaneshia: Will present a Garden inspired high-end fresh and contemporary SS15 collection roused by structured and fashion forward cuts.


  • MTCostello: The sophisticated line by Michael and Stephanie Costello will present will present SS/15 “Illuminati Collection” an exquisite and esoteric line inspired by ancient mysticism.


  • Furne Amato: Will present his SS/15 Evening In Space Collection which is inspired by a Space Odyssey.


From Edgy Street-wear to Couture Creations, guests will enjoy a journey of style told through fashion. Leghila’ handbags from Italy will be featured throughout the presentations showing that diversity and class can be carried throughout various genres all of which will be featured on LeJolie.


Special guests included Angela Simmons & Elizabeth Savetsky.