Modern, Trendy Menswear for S/S 2016

This past week marked the inaugural fashion week for menswear — NYFW: Mens. And 2 brands certainly caught my eye with a very high-fashion, modern and trendy take for menswear in S/S 2016 — Grungy Gentleman & Timo Weiland.

Grungy Gentleman SS16 Look 4       Grungy Gentleman SS16 Look 9

First up, Grungy Gentleman with “Defense Wins Championship”, Designer Jace Lipstein.

Grungy Gentleman SS16 Look 10  Grungy Gentleman SS16 Look 11

The show took place at The Super Market, featuring an art installation by visual artist Gazoo to the Moon, as well as a special musical performance from renowned piano player, ELEW. The runway show featured other highlights as well with the brand’s latest collaborations. There were Mitchell and Ness hats, UGG for Men partnership with shoewear, and eyewear from Maui Jim with sunglasses.

Grungy Gentleman SS16 Look 15  Grungy Gentleman SS16 Look 16

Grungy Gentleman is known for its thoughtful, subtle details, paired with masculine simplicity. But this season, the brand highlighted its sartorial side with this vast collection, sprinkling in some luxurious, athletic tailoring. The label introduced a new logo and subtle recreations of their signature six-stripe pattern. I enjoyed seeing a great mix of classic styles and colors with tan, black, and white pieces. But it was great seeing such bold and bright pops of color in that of teal and cobalt blue..

Grungy Gentleman SS16 Look 18  Grungy Gentleman SS16 Look 19

A little background on this NY-Based men’s lifestyle brand — it combines design, digital media, and commerce with the services of a creative agency. The company is driven to create an innovative culture where fashion, sports, and entertainment converge, promoting the expression of individuality to both high fashion and urban cultures thru the brand’s product lines, website, and e-store. So who is the Grungy Gentleman? He is a collector, a gentleman, a rebel spirit, and a man who stands apart. He is building a style collection with thoughtful details and masculine simplicity He is bold, brilliant, has fierce taste, pours life into his passion, and is one who takes risks.

Grungy Gentleman SS16 Look 20    Grungy Gentleman SS16 Look 21

Right before the show, the brand offered to its guests a little something different by showcasing their new website. The new Grungy Gentleman site features a clean, new aesthetic that seamlessly mixes content & commerce. The site was conceptualized and built by web developer Benjamins Dev.

Grungy Gentleman SS16 Look 24   Grungy Gentleman SS16 Look 29

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Grungy Gentleman SS16 Look 1  Grungy Gentleman SS16 Look 6

Moving on from the dynamic Grungy Gentleman showcase, let’s now check out Timo Weiland.

IMG_9705  IMG_9706

The lyric, “I love you more than being seventeen” by Julian Casablancas ,the lead vocalist of The Strokes, was translated in this Timo Weiland SS’16 presentation.

IMG_9743   IMG_9748

Timo Weiland’s take on menswear for S/S 2016 was certainly encapsulating of a modern, hip, super trendy vibe. The bold, vivaciously dynamic prints, mixed with a playfulness of cuts & styles, definitely made this presentation a stand-out.

IMG_9720   IMG_9726

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IMG_9736  IMG_9738

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