Nolcha’s 4:30 Line-up: Pieces that are Chic, Classic & Casual

More about Nolcha Fashion Week at this link! This post is for the presentations that were shown at 4:30. Keep reading to check out collections from Bela Criacao, Claire Farwell London, Stacie May & Magdalena Adriane. To view pictures of each designers’ full collection, click here.

Tess Johnson

Tess showcased an ease and lightness for the Spring, lots of white, silver, grey and stone. With print imagery of wolf faces and mountains, it was a very all still very true to he aesthetic of hard and soft, glamour and chic looks.

PBN_3733-s                                    PBN_3815-s

PBN_3835-s                                PBN_3871-s

Bela Criacao

Bela’s collection is full of some great staples for any woman’s wardrobe-LBDs, white dresses, maxi dresses, dresses w/ lace detail and so on and so forth. I literally typed this up before reading her own words for her aesthetic-“A collection of staples designed to seamlessly fit into a woman’s wardrobe and take her from day to night.”

PBN_3984-s                               PBN_4046-s

PBN_4188-s                                  PBN_4212

Claire Farwell London

Such a great collection, lace details, pops of color with bright red and basics in black. Claire seeks to design and create practical pieces, that which is comfortable for women, while still being elegant and timeless. She has done just that and it’s so impressive that she fit right in with the models and walked her own look (last picture). Kelly Rutherford was also in attendance for her presentation.

PBN_4255-s                            PBN_4279-s

PBN_4431-s                             PBN_4441-s

Stacie May

Stacie May is about looks that are unique, that can be wearable art for women. She has created some great pieces for Spring 2014 and I see movement from the pieces, great lines, just a great flow to the outfits.

PBN_4607-s                            PBN_4642-s

PBN_4722-s                          PBN_4570-s

Magdalena Adriane

This brand is all about elegance and couture and is very much seen in this collection. There are some classic silhouettes seen and great go-to’s in your basic colors of black, nude and white. Throughout the whole collection though is some menswear suits and bold colors of blue and red.

PBN_5134-s                           PBN_5154-s

PBN_5224-s                            PBN_5333-s

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