Katty Xiomara for Nolcha — OtterBox Innovation & Flirty Frocks!


Award-winning Portuguese designer Katty Xiomara presented her Spring/Summer 2015 collection at Nolcha Fashion Week recently, in New York, specifically Eyebeam NYC.


Xiomara also had a big unveiling with the OtterBox® dress. This dress encapsulates a lot of what Xiomara’s collection is all about — chic separates, flirty dresses, trendy hits, hint of a vintage vibe, and modernized looks. The dress closed the show, unveiling Xiomara’s collaboration with the mobile accessories company, and their Alpha Glass™ technology, an all-new fortified glass screen protector for cellular phones.

“One of the most rewarding aspects of my work is overcoming obstacles,” Xiomara said.  “Creating an ensemble from glass screen protectors provides a unique challenge for me as it is something that has never been done.  Alpha Glass compliments my style perfectly, blending elegant and refined taste with an understated strength.”



 Xiomara is typically known for her geometric patterns, but for this collection she took the art form of a “chocolatier” as her inspiration. She melted geometric shapes, creating more organic forms. The resulting printed patterns are very captivating, so mesmerizing!
With this, the color blocks were exposed of their rigidity, leaving the structure bare and originating a set of intertwined lines and points, outlined by wavy cut-outs.
The result was subtle and lighter, offering her consumer “organic geometry in wire frames.”

The collection was a futuristic and retrospective mix, with a very lucid and practical take on the urban woman.  Just like a chocolatier can’t predict the shape of an individual chocolate, the silhouettes bloom uniquely throughout the line. I loved that each look was so unique, but was still a collection of pieces that belong together — each integral to the presentation’s story.


White color and smooth materials were a constant, with black outlines and striking cut-outs seen consistently in the line. Pops of color are always great, and needed to provide a breath of fresh air for a collection. But black and/or white looks are great staples to have in any collection and in one’s own wardrobe.



Speaking of pops of color, there is a great use of it in this collection. There are softer hues in pastels such as rose pink.


Still a softer tone, but with a bit more umpf, is a color such as blue or purple.


And then in full on daringly bold hues, there is spicy tomato red!


Celebrity supporters who came out to the show wearing Katty Xiomara included, Kat Graham (Vampire Diaries), Sammi Hanretty (Actress),


and Kristen Ruhlin (Actress).


Also in attendance, former American Idol singer & actor Constantine Maroulis


& photographer Jo Lance.


There were so many amazing looks in this collection that I have to show off a few more! It was so hard to narrow down to just a few faves. But hey, there is no harm, no foul, in showcasing more great looks by Katty Xiomara. And again, all in all, looks that are super fun, very girly, feminine, flirty frocks that any woman would instantly fall in love with!



The fabrics utilized in this collection were the perfect choices. There is lots of lovely lace, which I love! There is some sheer overlay, which is always a nice modern touch. Shimmery fabrics add some special sparkle to several of the pieces. The silhouettes and styles are also great, ranging from basic dresses to more escalated looks, and even to trendy separates.



And finally, what I adore about this collection are the details — ladylike collars/high necklines, fitted waistlines adorned with chic belts. There are also pleats and asymmetry for stylized detail effects.



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