More on Nolcha Fashion Week — Oh This is Ladies’ Night!

Nolcha Fashion Week will for sure offer some amazing menswear fashion to view, as I wrote about last week, but just know, the ladies in the crowd will not be forgotten! There are definitely a few womens’ apparel designers we should take a closer look at and get to know! Women are very dynamic and can be even more dynamic when it comes to “What to Wear”! So whether you are in the mood to be bold with pops of color, go the sexy chic sophisticated route, or be super fun, flirty, & playful, these 3 dynamite womenswear brands are ones I recommend to check out — Sofía Arana, Rinat Brodach, & Katty Xiomara!






Sofía Arana



Brand founder and designer Sofía hails from Puerto Rico, which explains so much about her design aesthetic and resulting looks — full of bold color and pizzazz. I can fully understand her excitement to debut in NYC for this fall fashion week thru Nolcha!


Sofía Arana uses color very well with each of her looks, but what’s also eye-catching is her take on classic cuts & silhouettes — playing with the classic lines, taking a modern twist, and giving each look some true flare! In fact, Arana puts her own vision into the perfect words — developing “unique picturesque designs that respond to actual trends, while keeping the integrity and simplicity of the different silhouettes.” It’s so important for a designer to be true to themselves, but to also make clothes that are on trend so that women will buy them. I can’t imagine women not lining up to purchase Sofía Arana,


There is definitely a true signature style presence with this brand, again, put best in Arana’s own words — “Whimsical yet classy style for the young woman who appreciates casual elegance and a romantic vibe.” I see all of this throughout the various looks, and what woman wouldn’t want whimsy classy style, complete with elegance! Arana describes her inspirations as being from nature, art, and vintage. Again, all being completely present and seen within each look.


I am very excited to see what Arana presents at fashion week in a couple of weeks! I’m sure we are in for more amazing uses of color, intricate takes & twists on classic cuts/silhouettes, & more!




Rinat is another talented designer who is making a 1st appearance at fashion week for Nolcha! She has had a lifelong passion for fashion and being a designer so launching her brand in 2012 & now debuting at fashion week are I’m sure both dreams come true for this young talent! Rinat Brodach pieces are all about allowing a woman to feel both confident and sexy, it’s chic sophistication, but making sure sensuality is not bottled up on the inside!


Rinat is for sure a fan of draping and wants each piece to tell a story thru this technique. Draping also allows any woman wearing one of the brand’s pieces to stand out, look very stunning and be very eye-catching. The pieces are definitely high fashion and very much true to the original inspirations of art, people, and as Rinat states, “everything that moves.”


Make sure to check out more pieces from Rinat Brodach, but also some stunning and intricate accessories!


Katty-Xiomara    KATTY XIOMARA

And to round out this up close featurette for Nolcha, we have a repeat contender making another Nolcha presentation, Katty Xiomara. I was very happy to have covered Katty’s prior Nolcha presentation and am super excited to see what she has to present this go round! I know it will be more of the brand’s signature style — playfulness, fun, flirty, girly, and pieces that just make you smile!


The brand is certainly growing, and of course I am always intrigued to see more from Katty Xiomara. There is a lot that this brand represents, but oddly enough, I still see 1 clear vision and style — an “elegant, voluptuous, poetic, idyllic and romantic woman.” Artsy contours and small details bring out the playful side of the pieces. Sweetly ironic and sarcastic qualities bring out the flirty & fun aspect seen throughout the looks. It’s sensual and feminine, defined primarily by mixing patterns, textures, and colors.


While the Katty Xiomara woman certainly displays a fun side, this woman is still all about confidence, truly being able to show off an artsy hip vibe.





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