Emerson’s Spring Garden Party is More Than Just Tea & Crumpets

Emerson’s driving theme for their Spring 2014 collection is a “Punk Rock Garden Party.” And just to clarify that is Emerson by Jackie Fraser-Swan, as the inspired designer behind this amazing collection. This is Jackie’s 5th occurrence during MBFW and from what I see, I’m sure we will see more from her for many years to come. The exact scene imagined for this collection was that “a group of punk rock kids crashed a private garden on the UES where the Ramones were playing a secret show.” This can only be described as a clash of 2 worlds, punk and classic elegance. The Emerson girl, as described by Jackie, is bold and daring, a leader, not a follower. This collection’s pieces will hold true to this mantra no matter if you attend a spring garden party or enjoy decide to just grab some after-dinner cocktails or brunch with the gals.

Emerson_Look2_SS14                                    Emerson_look26_ss14                Emerson_Look25_SS14

The collection is full of fun prints and bright, bold colors. There are 3 custom designed prints, Garden Gate, Allium Flower Field and Painted Hounds Tooth. There is also a vast array of styles and silhouettes in this collection-moto jackets, shift dress, straight leg pants with contrast side panels, bomber jackets, floor-length gowns, and more. We see some stunning purple laser-cut leather in several pieces (seen above) called “Ivy Leaves.”

Emerson_Look8_SS14                                          Emerson_look29_ss14               Emerson_Look11_SS14

I want to discuss the color and prints again because they really are spot on for spring. Yes, there are floral prints, very literal, but they are combined with the abstract picture of a “gate.”. The colors include the always basic, but needed staples of black and white, and then the more bold spring selections of purple, fuchsia, sky blue, green and yellow.

Emerson_Look9_SS14                                         Emerson_look28_ss14          Emerson_Look18_SS14

Overall, I like this collection. It’s very bold, a lot of women could wear these pieces, it’s very feminine, fun and flirty. Here are some of my other fave pieces from this collection!

Emerson_look27_ss14                                          Emerson_Look24_SS14        Emerson_Look16_SS14

Emerson_Look15_SS14                                          Emerson_Look1_SS14          Emerson_Look20_SS14

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