What’s Your Hair-O-Scope?!?


It is such a treat, when as a blogger, I’m approached to take part in fun topics. Madison Reed, a hair color company that has re-engineered permanent color to give women everywhere a healthier, high performance option at home, has invited Fashion Nexus to take part in discussing Hair-O-Scopes!!

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Whether it’s our careers or our love lives, the twelve astrological signs give insight into our individual paths and personalities. Did you know that you can consult the constellations about your hair, too? Based on the traits of the different zodiac signs, Madison Reed has created a unique Hair-o-Scope. And of course the question on everyone’s mind will be, do I agree or disagree with what my sign says about my hair?!?


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So as a Virgo, I am characterized as hard-working & practical. So far, yes, 100% in agreement. I definitely consider myself a very hard worker. I always have so much going on and am rarely content with only 1 actual job. I am a legal recruiter, fashion blogger, online magazine editor, and of course, in between, I am always taking on other projects. And yes, practicality is what my life is all about.

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My good hair day is apparently sleek & classic. I would definitely at least say my good hair days are when it is frizz-free, but I wouldn’t disagree with sleek & classic. If my hair is looking sleek, it means I have taken the time to get up, straighten my hair, and really letting my long locks be shown. And in terms of classic hair approaches, yes, I do agree as I often style my hair straight, wavy, or up via ponytail or updo.

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My brilliant hair tip is to stay true to myself by sticking with a natural looking hue. I have always been a brunette. This has always been my base. I have made use of highlights before, but ultimately, I do agree that a dark brown color is my best color. I have toyed with the idea of maybe another hint of color, but definitely not sure if I am ready!

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More additional notes from my Madison Reed Hair-O-Scope — Even the virtuoso Virgo can use some guidance to gain peace of mind. I can amplify my perfectionist nature by keeping things simple, so my wisdom shines through.

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Embrace the concept of perfecting the little details by selecting a hue that’s close to your natural hair color with glints of complementary tones. Let your post-shower waves hang loose, even if just for one day to see how you like it. Discover the joy of unplanned beauty! And these are bits of advice I will certainly take with me on my next salon visit — glints of complementary tones & unplanned beauty!

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You can too find out about your Hair-O-Scope, but here are a few details on each sign on what your good hair day looks like —

  • Sagittarius — fashion forward & pretty
  • Gemini — fashionable & photo ready
  • Libra — fun & frizz free
  • Scorpio — free flowing & soft
  • Taurus — graceful & chic
  • Aries — sleek & controlled
  • Pisces — face framing & flattering
  • Leo — tousled & untamed
  • Aquarius — voluminous & flowing free
  • Cancer — soft & smooth
  • Capricorn — smooth & under control

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So after checking your hair-o-scope, do you agree?!?

Here is another little bit of fun from Madison Reed, a quiz, which aides you in finding your perfect hair color!! With just 8 quick questions, you can see which Madison Reed colors are best for your hair. I definitely checked this out for myself, and I have received a range from warm browns such as Venezia or Messina brown to a Palermo or Positano black.

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And here is one very fun aspect to this piece, a GIVEAWAY!! Yes, that is right, Fashion Nexus is getting back on track and doling about some free goodies. And what better goodies are there then hair products galore —

  • Rusk — Freezing spray, texture spray, & paste
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All you have to do to enter is comment on this post and let me know if you agree with your hair-o-scope! Make sure to include in your comment your full name & email so I can contact you if you are the winner!! The giveaway will end Sunday, November 25th.

Hope you’ve enjoyed learning about Hair-O-Scopes and my take on mine!!

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