PR Designers Go Red Carpet

So it’s that exciting time on PR, the final challenge before Fashion Week. And for this challenge, the designers traveled to the glamour capital of the world, LA, to create red carpet looks. LA and red carpets of course go hand in hand; it’s the city where the lights shine bright and the stars shine even brighter. The designers would visit L.A. to get inspired and also work there. So needless to say, the fight was on for the final 4.


Upon arrival, the designers met Tim by the Best Western hotel pool. He was alongside Tammy Lucas of Best Western. The winning designer for this challenge would receive 100 free room nights at any Best Western worldwide. The designers were off to sketch at a gorgeous home in the Hollywood Hills, a great vantage point for inspiration. Keltie Knight, The Insider correspondent, later met with the designers to encourage them to bring the drama, color, and to make sure they took risks. It was then off to Mood, the start of a 2-day challenge, with a budget of $400.


After Mood, the designers headed to their new workroom for this challenge at FIDM. Ashley was making multiple plans. Edmond was talking to his fabric, very unsure of his initial cut, while Kelly was unsure on the silhouette. As Day 2 began, Kelly was pressed for time and really needed Tim-time. With that, Tim encouraged Candice to remain flawless. He told Ashley to steer clear from over-designing. With Edmond, it was all about not being afraid — fear never conquers. And from the convo with Kelly, the direction led to that of a jumpsuit.


After Tim-time, Edmond knew it was time to cut. He stared his form down, but soon it was that time and he cut right on the form. While Edmond was in cutting woes, Kelly was on fit concern patrol. Ashley mentioned concern for Candice because she made a black dress. Although I’m 100% positive that almost every red carpet has a few black looks on the red carpet — GEEZ!


That was a wrap on the L.A. work and it was back to NYC for the runway show. Kelly’s fit concerns dwindled down and Ashley was in dire need of a strap. Edmond was on a rampage though, still shortening and cutting his look.


This week’s guest judge was Christian Siriano.


It was a bit on the safer side, but my fave look this week was Candice. The back of this dress is stunning. I could very much see it on the red carpet. Depending on the wearer, it might get more recognition, but this was certainly deserving for Candice to then go to Fashion Week.


Shout-out — Gorgeous, luxe beauty, both with Mary Kay makeup & Sally Beauty hair, also, such elegant accessory choices, JustFab, the earrings!

-project-runway--sea (3)

The judges however named Kelly as the winner. And I could see why. This was a very intriguing look. I didn’t love the fit of the top portion and not such a fan of the triangular cutout, but the vision here was superb. The textile print creation was far above & beyond what anyone else did.

I wasn’t totally in love with Ashley’s gown. She had a great concept and vision, but to me, it wasn’t well-executed and that took away from the runway wow factor. The strap and top portion was definitely off.


Shout-outs — So chic, both with the luxe makeup Mary Kay look & blown out, wavy do by Sally Beauty


Edmond for sure was the one to go on this challenge — hands down! It was so obvious. This print could have done all of the work here. And in almost any other silhouette, Edmond would have been A-okay. But for him to pick this silhouette, super short and wings, I was confused. The judges were far too kind here. He was out, but of course we all knew Tim Gunn would use his save come the next episode.

Shout-out — Another great Sally Beauty updo!

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