Womenswear at NYMD?

Why yes, of course! The predominant focus of NYMD is most certainly MENSWEAR! But there was a couple of designers who showcased looks for women. antonio azzuolo presented a mixed collection, one for both men and women. But first up, let’s check out a solely menswear designer, Carlos Campos, and his take on “art coming to life” for S/S 2015!

Carlos Campos SS15 Model Board

For Carlos Campos S/S15, the inspiration comes from renowned Spanish public space artist, Javier Abarca, aka Eltono (“The Tone”). Eltono’s art is known for being made of humble materials, like masking tape or acrylic paint, and for conveying a sense of freedom that transcends geometric patterns and lines. Campos is now applying a similar approach – overlaying starkly geometric treatments to the designs, combined with his traditional design work of profound attention to detail, tailoring, & sense of movement.


This inspiration came to Campos from a trip to Mexico, being astounded and falling in love with the idea of overlaying bold, colorful shapes and sharp angles as a graphic strategy. Campos still retains his staple design aesthetic – subtle and sophisticated design cues. Signature tailoring is also very much present with suits, but construction for this collection is light, thus allowing for motion. Pretty much all staple pieces were given a modern inspirational twist – the bomber jacket (neoprene w/ constructed panels), and sweatshirts to round out the collection, demonstrating a deft intersection between fine art and style.

Carlos Campos Model Shot 2

Look details, left to right — Black Neoprene bomber jacket with double-layer mesh color-block, white Pima cotton button-up shirt, and double-layer mesh dress shorts; 2nd — Black Neoprene bomber jacket with double square motif, white Pima cotton button-up shirt with double square motif, and black Neoprene dress shorts with heavy mesh pocket trim.

The color palette is still streamlined in basics of black and white, but added are pops of color in vibrant blood orange and industrial blue.

Carlos Campos Model Shot

Looks, left to right — Deep navy Pima cotton button-up shirt with white color-block and frame trim, and industrial blue paper touch cotton shorts.; 2nd — Industrial blue Pima cotton button-up shirt with blood orange frame trim, and industrial blue cotton trousers.

This collection is meant to challenge the perception that art is static, rather that art should be filled with life and motion. I loved the hint of playfulness and fun with this collection, but at the same time it did have such sophistication and clean lines. It’s a great style for men to showcase being fashionable, but not over the top.

Carlos Campos Look 6

White Pima cotton button-up shirt with blood orange frame trim, and blood orange cotton trousers.

Additional Event Details –

Carlos Campos Look 13

Black neoprene long coat, off-white Neoprene sweatshirt with black vertical stripe design, and black Neoprene lounge pants with heavy mesh pocket trim and quilted-accent cuffs.

 Carlos Campos Look 15

Black Neoprene sweatshirt with white quilted color-block, and white quilted lounge pants.

  • Models – DNA, Aim, Fusion, NYM, Request, Soul, VNY, & Wilhelmina

Additional Event Sponsors – Hint water, Peroni, Svedka, Black Velvet Whisky, NEED edition, Johnston and Murphy, & Trask shoes

Carlos Campos Look 7

Industrial blue cotton blazer, deep navy Pima cotton button-up shirt with white color-block and frame trim, and deep navy cotton trousers.

Moving on now to antonio azzuolo, for Spring/Summer 2015, we have a collection for both men and women. The looks, austere, playful, sartorial, and very much streetwear. The mood, romantic, contemplative, and poetic.


The inspiration for this collection was an individual, one elegant in spirit and dress, grounded by nature, yet with a traveling, exploring, and free spirit. This person pursues their imagination, poetically interpreting heirlooms of vintage couture while integrating the elements of the streets where he or she has traveled.


For the menswear aspect, the designs juxtaposed casual and formal elements, ideal for the modern man who wants to look his best at all times. There are sharp, tailored jackets, which were half cinched and paired with cropped trousers. The eastern flair continued with kimono-style tops, which coincided with a selection of black and white garments for effortless fashion choices. Meanwhile, bright colored plaids rounded out the collection with a western attitude.


The brand has signature styles and shapes in black and white, but it was nice to see a.a. represented in some new colors for S/S, such as industrial blue, but also different prints such as the multi-wave neon striped print seen above.


It’s also great to see how this collection’s inspiration is translated for both men and women, lots of light layering, but definitely a free flow sense of movement, perfect for one on the go!


Additional event details —

  • Casting & Styling — John Tan, JTC Casting
  • Make-up & Hair — Aveda
  • Footwear/Accessories — For men, Johnston & Murphy and Nike; For women, Nike & Santoni


Additional event sponsors — hint Water; Svedka; Black Velvet Whiskey; Peroni Italy; NEED edition; Cadillac, & Trask footwear


More from NYMD for SS 2015 — Suits to Sporty!

With 10 designers presenting for NYMD there are of course will be several posts on Fashion Nexus detailing this major NYFW event. Check out my most recent piece here! So again, NYMD is held at Industria Superstudios and is presented by Cadillac. For my next 2 designers, they run the gamut, suits to casualwear to more sporty looks – it’s David Hart & Gents!


Purple English Mohair suit with an aqua silk atomic printed camp shirt

For Spring/Summer 2015, David Hart was inspired by all things Palm Springs – the natural landscape, as well as the Modernist architecture by greats such as Alexander, Neutra, Frey, Wexier, and Lautner.


The color palette was drawn from Julius Shulman’s color photography –


English Mohair suit in baby blue with pink silk atomic printed camp shirt

Further color inspiration from the prints & patterns captured from Shulman’s images –


Atomic printed shorts suit in cotton linen

This collection for men is bright & fun, full of life and energy. It’s for a man who wants to be fashionable and is not afraid to be just that — a fashionable man!

Additional presentation details –


Electric blue English wool hopsack suit with Italian silk atomic printed camp shirt

  • Music – Work TVK, Xavier Ames
  • Lighting – Aion
  • Models – Request, NYMM, Q Models, One Model Management, Soul Models, DNA, & Wilhelmina


Italian silk jacquard tuxe jacket, black mohair tuxedo trousers, cotton pique tuxedo shirt, atomic printed cotton bowtie, & cotton pocket square


Italian silk camp shirt, completely encompassed by a rust atomic print with Irish linen trousers in sand

Additional Event sponsors — hint water; Trask; Need edition; & Johnston and Murphy.

Next up Gents — a S/S collection inspired by the athletic and masculine elements of boxing as well as the clean lines and colors found in Formula 1 racing. The blending of both aesthetics makes for a strong collection of sporty and casual separates, caps and accessories.


The collection is rooted in minimalist design, classic silhouettes, and timeless sophistication. The brand started out with luxury caps and has since expanded into a complete lifestyle brand. What growth!

Gents SS15 Look 4

Sky blue linen cap, indigo raw stretch denim shirt, white/grey cotton baseball shirt, sangre lambskin leather trim pant

So what’s in store with the Gents color palette — bold reds, as seen above, but also seasonless undertones, greys, navy —

Gents SS15 Look 9

Gray/black microfiber ‘haystack’ cap, midnight/charcoal snow jersey cotton s/s henley, heather grey french terry sport pant

also blacks & white —

Gents SS15 Look 2

Aurelien: salmon linen cap, white/black dual color dress shirt, ‘dean’ raw selvage denim street leg jean 

The brand also plays around with geometric patterns and prints, referencing the uniforms worn in Formula 1 races. Gents offers a great deal of dynamic menswear options for the brand’s male consumers, ones that will make him fashion-forward and insanely eye-catching!

Gents SS15 Look 17

Nikolai: black lambskin leather ‘g’ cap, midnight brushed tricot track jacket, black french terry sport short

Additional Show details —

Launched in 2012 by industry veteran, Josh Reed, Gents is a men’s lifestyle brand offering consumers the highest quality product with a fashionable and sophisticated design aesthetic. Gents can be found at retailers ranging from Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, SCOOP and Saks Fifth Avenue, as well as its e- commerce site.

Gents SS15 Look Cadillac Lounge

Leo: black brushed cotton/spandex cap, white/black snow jersey cotton s/s henley, ‘jagger’ slim japanese raw jean