Creating that Perfect Look!!

And for reference, here is one of mine that I consider the “Perfect Look”, where everything comes together!! Take a look at my thoughts on how I put it all together, creating this look and some amazing details about specific individuals who deserve some major recognition here!


So first, you have to look at the occasion, the event, where is it that you are going? For me, in this instance, I was attending NYLS’s annual Barrister’s Ball aka “law school prom”! The event was held in NYC — Battery Gardens. I knew I needed something more on the formal side, something very special for my last year in law school and my 1st time attending a ball. I prefer shopping for more of a special event at an actual store or boutique. Online shopping is fine for the everyday, but with a need of a more custom look, the computer is not my go-to. Luckily for this specific event, I knew I had a one-of-a-kind designer to literally help with the creation of my perfect look!

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Joyce Penas Pilarsky for JPP Daring Collections last year during Fashion Week, Fashion Week Brooklyn to be specific. Her spring collection runway presentation really caught my eye and it was even more of an honor to cover it for Fashion Nexus! Each of her looks to me represent being one-of-a-kind, unique, special, and so much more! Joyce was so very kind to offer to design and create for me a high-fashion, couture dress. I had a great time collaborating with Joyce on the look and I knew it would be just right for my event!


Joyce’s designs are all about the details, the embellishments, the intricate beading, the silhouettes. Her aesthetic is imaginative and sensual, creating sexy pieces of high fashion that showcase the art of being couture.


Check her page on Facebook for even more amazingly stunning examples!!


After you have your base for an overall look, and for me that is always the dress, the best place to start, it then becomes about the accessories. What I like to look at first is jewelry! You don’t want to over-accessorize, so I try to work towards that perfect balance. And so for this event, I knew I wanted at least 1 statement piece and mix it all in with some more understated pieces. Again, lucky for me, Joyce Pilarsky took part in providing the bold and statement making bracelet to really coordinate with this look!

dsc00451   Check out this custom, unique, Joyce Pilarsky bracelet — the intricacies, the details!


She also designed a statement necklace to go with the bracelet. It wasn’t needed for my overall look for my law school ball, but both pieces are very stunning, very worthy of some recognition!


pic6 Here is another great example of Joyce’s jewelry design work!

But for my overall look, I needed more than just the bracelet. However again, I knew I needed some more subtle pieces, yet still elegant!

dsc00452  Being that my hair was a chic up-do, I was very pleased to showcase my floral nOir jewelry studs. They were the perfect color, nude & brown mix, just the right amount of shine.


And to complete my jewelry selections, I chose a smaller diamond bow ring from American Eagle. It was just the right amount of needed sparkle to complete the jewelry I wanted for this look! Keeping with accessories, I also needed a clutch for the event. Sometimes a larger handbag might do, but for this event, a smaller clutch was the right call.

Francesca’s is a lovely boutique brand that not only has versatile apparel options, but a vast amount of accessories that can certainly provide a bit of luxe one might need for a more formal event. I was happy to have this mint green rectangular clutch on hand, courtesy of Francesca’s!

Accessories are not the last call for a look, sometimes it must extend to beauty. As you can see above, I created a bit of a fun nail regime for this look, rotating my nail color between Finger Paints color from Sally Beauty Supply, in gold, & butter LONDON in nude or yummy mummy!


Sometimes an event might call for more than an at-home do, a blow-out, special cut/color combo, etc. I have to say, as excited as I was about my couture look for the evening, I was equally as excited for my customized hair look — this bold, detailed up-do, all courtesy of Rosalinda Biddle! It took some time to create, but it was all well worth it! Rosalinda was so kind to collaborate with me on the concept. But what I loved about working with her was that I knew I could provide an idea and she could make it flourish!


Rosalinda is the hair stylist who can do it all — she can do elegant up-dos, she can create looks that are literally works of art!


She still works with more practical looks, but that will still scream high fashion, more than just your average everyday cut or blow-out!


She’s professional, and will do what she can to work with you and give you the look you want! If any of my Fashion Nexus readers would like the opportunity to work with such a talent, please contact me and I will make sure you are put in touch with Rosalinda!


So again, a few last details that complete my look and of course are always aspects of a look one should consider. Hair & nails are not all that say “beauty look”. For my make-up regime, I was so thankful for Revlon to create that perfect smoky eye, It Cosmetics to provide that needed shine, and Cover Girl, to create that perfect lip color shade!

And jewelry/handbags are not all that are needed for accessories. You of course need a shoe and for me, it was a dramatic heel, here courtesy of Lauren Conrad’s exclusive collection at Kohls. The blush pink was the perfect color to make this look pop! And finally, it was a bit nippy out so I wanted a little leg coverage and was very lucky to have some great go-to tights, my dark nude tights are xhilaration from Target.


So look complete, all aspect choices made. Sometimes you have those go-to wardrobe items that are right on hand. And if you don’t, maybe you have your go-to shops that you can easily visit. Giving time to make the choices you need always is an added benefit. Start with your base and work to coordinate from the bottom to the top. And with that, you can create your own PERFECT LOOK!