CuteCircuit — Technology Couture


With interactive textiles and intelligent microfibers, CuteCircuit is the marriage between couture and technology. The designer for the brand, Francesca Rosella, brought a childhood dream to life with launching this stylish label alongside her partner, CEO Ryan Genz. It was another dream come true with presenting the brand’s S/S 2015 collection, during MBFW, located at The Hudson Hotel.


Set to upbeat pop music, the models strutted down a neon-orange “circuit” runway while the metallic fabric of their high-low dresses, maxi skirts, and satin robes flowed behind them. There was a great fit and flare aspect. With that, women of many different sizes could don these pieces and feel fashion forward.


Shades of blue, orange, and gold are this season’s colors, coupled with basics in black & white.


Stage lights illuminated the runway with rays of cobalt and orange while models donned electric blue eyeshadow and orange acrylic nails to complement.



Technological garments and accessories are what truly stole the show. Clutches spelled out “LOVE” in scrolling LED letters while dresses embedded with movement sensors beamed in a rainbow palette and sporty jackets glowed with luminescent lapels and linings. The beaming technology, the intricate details of a given look, were very stunning, appealing, and eye-catching!



The pieces are meant to partner with a mobile app that CuteCircuit created, which allows the wearer to change the features of the garment with the push of a button. This aspect increases wearability, as the garment functions to change day by day with the wearer’s wish or again, simply the click of a button!


This spring/summer 2015 collection encompassed many options — evening attire, flirty daytime numbers and outerwear. There was even swimwear!



Fashion is often linked to other industries, technology, automobiles, etc. Fashion and technology, as seen here, are a perfect marriage. Being fashion forward, innovative, and modern are great aspects for any designer and brand to have. Rosella is offering such a great service to CuteCircuit with this futuristic thinking — GREAT WORK IS THE CLEAR RESULT!