ENK Shows, Accessorie Circuit — Ahhhh, the Jewelry!!

I had a great time attending ENK’s Accessorie Circuit and of course covering it for Fashion Nexusmy 1st piece detailing this trip as my 1st visit ever at ENK & all the fun accessories seen! But now I want to cover, in more detail, all of the stunning & immaculate jewelry collections I came across — it’ a must!!


nOir Jewelry Ahhhhh, words can’t express how much I love this jewelry brand. But I’m a blogger so I can of course try! I’ve featured the brand from showcasing it as a part of my own looks, even while at Fashion Week! It was also featured as part of my piece on fashion outings and for the 4th of July. I of course made sure to use my own pieces as well for my fun photoshoot for my Cover Photos.








PONO by Joan Goodman PONO is for sure a Fashion Nexus fave, with many features, such as their Sample Sale intros, a birthday celebration for the brand, intro’g their Holiday Sample Sale, a full brand intro feature, their collaboration with sports fashion brand Slater Zorn, and 4th of July featured essentials. I’ve also made sure to feature the brand when I rock their amazing pieces, including for my Cover Photo photoshoot & Fashion Week! This is a bold, dramatic, and dynamic brand. It was great seeing everyone and many amazing pieces while visiting at ENK!




Athra Luxe This brand is no stranger to Fashion Nexus — a brand intro piece, myself wearing pieces!, & Best Dressed for Lauren Mayhew at the AMAs. I love the fact that the pieces are affordable, high fashion, high quality, and that everything just looks so luxe — no surprise “luxe” is a part of the brand name!









Elizabeth & James Jewelry Huge fan of the Olsen fashion empire, including The Row and of course E&J! From clothing to handbags to accessories to jewelry, it’s all just so impressive and I WANT!!





Sydney Evan This is a jewelry brand with a signature stamp on the jewelry industry — hard to miss Sydney Evan pieces. The pieces are high quality and easily customizable to best suit each and every customer. There is something for everyone! You can see more features on this brand on Fashion Nexus by going thru these links — A Brand intro, their Custom Charm Bar event at Bergdorfs, and my fashion outings & adventures!








Joey J. Jewelry I just featured this brand on Fashion Nexus. It was such a pleasure getting to know Joey J. more, perusing thru and looking at the many unique and gorgeous pieces created by the brand. So of course their booth was at the top of my list while attending ENK!








Alexis Bittar Eye-catching, stunning, bold, dramatic jewelry — very hard to turn away!! There are just such truly amazing & lovely pieces all throughout the website and as a part of each individual collection.















Sibilia Jewelry Sibilia is a fairly new brand I’m becoming acquainted with, but I’m eager to continue getting to know all about them! The pieces are very well-crafted and really catch one’s eye! I’ve certainly enjoyed featuring their pieces as part of my own looks, including during Fashion Week and with my fun photoshoot for my Cover Photos.