What Would be Your Dream Dress?!?

A question I am sure most of us have thought of, and this week on Project Runway, 6 lucky women in NYC got the chance to try and make this dream a reality! It was a reality for a few, but certainly not for all. But let’s not jump ahead too much, first things first. The designers met their clients at Christian Siriano’s NYC atelier. Such a gorgeous spot and I can’t wait to one day go! The clients for this challenge were the women who keep NYC city moving, various civic worker roles such as FDNY, NYPD, a postal worker, and more.

The ultimate goal here, as Christian mentioned, was to make high fashion more inclusive. All women deserve high fashion that they can incorporate into their wardrobe. Each designer was paired with their client, to first meet, and learn what their dream dress would entail. Most of the consultations went well. Although Jamall was not sure if he could deliver every bell and whistle his client was desiring, and Tessa was making her designer POV very clear. But was she listening at all to her client??

The designers were then off to Mood. They would have a $300 budget. Sebastian was confused by which fabrics he wanted to choose. And earlier in the day, Bishme received a math lesson from his client, the teacher, so he was giving that same lesson to the Mood employees. Math lessons aside, the designers were soon back to the workroom to begin work on the 1st day of this 2 day challenge. Garo decided to make 2 dress options for his client, while Bishme was actually back to the math lessons! Sebastian was still unsure on this sparkly, pretty dress he was creating.

Day 2 began with some Siriano sessions. Tessa originally wanted to create pants, and on a dress challenge, that would have been a huge risk. Christian urged her to reconsider, and she did. He also made sure to have Sebastian keep in mind who he is as a designer. Next up was model fittings. Tessa & Garo’s clients both seemed happy, and Sebastian’s look was finally beginning to come together. Not so much for Hester as she was having trouble balancing her client’s wants with who she is as a designer.

The morning of the runway was filled with normal timing issues. Most of the clients were all smiles, but you could visibly see that Jamall’s model was unhappy and uncomfortable. Tessa was having some chiffon issues and decided to cut most of it away. Before the runway, there was of course the judge introductions including guest judge actress Danielle Brooks.

For once, I was in total agreement with the judges. Right top 3. Right bottom 3. Right winner. And right eliminated designer. I feel this is a rare occurrence! But yes, hands down, Sebastian was the winner. He gave his client exactly what she wanted, while also including his designer POV. His client was beyond excited, really living a dream come true, and you could tell by her beaming face and twirling runway walk. It was total old school glam, but with a few modern touches. I would rock this look in a heartbeat! I am happy most of the judges agreed, minus Elaine!

Garo was runner-up, but I didn’t see it as a close race. There were quite a few positives to mention, but it wasn’t a total love-fest. The color was bold and really just the right choice. This look felt glam and you could also tell his client loved this. I also loved the shimmer around the bodice. But the spiky points around the shoulder, didn’t really love those. And I know the cape aspect was detachable, but I think it would have been a little better if it was a little shorter. Overall a great look though, and very deserving to be in the top 3.

Another satisfied client was Bishmes’. This was another great color choice, with some interesting elements. I do feel the fit was off a bit and it read a little boxy. I think this needed a bit of elevation, but overall, for the challenge at hand, a job well done, and very clear compared to the bottom 3, this would be a top look.

Hester was definitely going to be in the bottom, but certainly wasn’t a contender to actually go home. I will say, most of the designers knocked it out of the park in some great, bold color choices. Hester picked a fun color to work with, and it aided in the overall quality of her look. I do feel all of the straps she used on this look, I get that is her trying to incorporate her voice, but I felt it stripped away from the elegance and glam this look was seeking to purport. I compared it in my mind to Garo’s look, total upscale, very high fashion, whereas this just felt like a cheapened version. The client loved it, but I didn’t see this as a memorable or special enough look.

I really liked Tessa’s original idea, with all of the colors of chiffon. Such a shame it didn’t work and led to this. Clearly not executed to the fullest, but compared to Jamall’s look, there was no justification to send this look home over his. The judges could have eliminated both, but the clear bottom look was Jamalls’. Even though the judges were not a fan, the client still really loved this look. Tessa didn’t remain quiet during critiques, and yes, there was some bite-back, but I do feel it was in a way to defend her look and not be fully disrespectful. Brandon was the one giving her the most hard time, so too bad too sad if he doesn’t care for her unfinished hems, but the other judges noted there were still positives. I also thought it was disappointing most of the other designers were quick to jump on her, but completely disregarding just how bad Jamall’s look was. And yes, at this point, these construction issues really shouldn’t be there, but Jamall had them too, and there was certainly some just even in last week’s episode. So maybe Tessa is not their cup of tea, but let’s not be hypocrites and overlook what the other designers are doing.

Just as I said with Venny last week, it was Jamall’s time to go. He has been so inconsistent. And most of his top placements, I don’t think were fully deserved. Thus when he has been in the bottom, I am not surprised. Jamall just doesn’t work the best in these competitive parameters, especially when dealing with execution of a vision and time management. Unfortunately, this look was just a hot mess. It literally looked as if it was falling off his client the entire time she was in it. The client never looked happy, so it was weird hearing her right at the end try and defend the look?? But girl, here, actions speak louder than words! There was no design here. I kept thinking, what did he spend $300 on? What was he doing for 2 days? And what is with these guest judges?? Candace said at least he seemed willing to listen, whereas Tessa didn’t. This guy has been in the bottom multiple times, clearly demonstrating he listens, but doesn’t do anything with those critiques. Being quiet, doesn’t mean you are really listening, and taking in what is being said to then turn things around and do something about your mistakes.

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