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Fashion Week and a crazy month or so has definitely put me behind in terms of recapping these Project Runway episodes. But as I love the show, I am making the time to catch up! So slowly but surely I will catch up!


So going back, this is the episode where I left off. The challenge was to create lingerie for Heidi’s line. The winning look would be reproduced for Heidi’s brand. The designers had lots of lingerie samples to sift thru, but were not expected to replicate, rather use her previous pieces as guidelines to make their own lingerie set. With that, the designers were off to work on this 1-day challenge.


Lindsey had an unfortunate early mishap as her day began. She cut herself, pretty deeply, and had to go to the hospital to get a tetanus shot. Everyone else was of course hard at work, but were they ready for Tim-time??


Tim was of course joined by Heidi as she was the client for this challenge. She certainly had lots to say! Edmond was quickly dubbed as captain tacky. And while Joseph was again labeled as “matronly”, Jake was on the other end of the spectrum with a look that was more junior. Tim reminded the designers that they had a lot of work to do, but first, a quick surprise as Heidi asked the designers to join her on the runway.


Heidi had good news and bad news. The bad — there was a twist! Everyone had to design another piece, a sexy cover-up. The good — they would have more time to work and were even sleeping at the studio — Project Runway sleepover! With that, everyone was off to get into their PJs and get back to work. This was a crazy challenge, very surprising that everyone was having so much difficulty with the time constraints. At 3am everyone was still hard at work, but it was ultimately time for bed.


The morning of proved no differently in terms of work chaos, right from the moment Tim went to awaken the designers. Joseph found some time to help out Jake. And many, namely Blake, pretty much just thru something random together for the cover-up. Time was running out, but it was time for the runway. This week’s guest judge was actress Bella Thorne. Who knew someone that was barely legal could have so much to say about lingerie!!


Candice would have been my winner this week. I am not so shocked that every judge didn’t agree with my pick, but how she didn’t even make top 3 was beyond mind boggling. Her look had the same sexy spirit as the judges’ winning pick in that of Merline. But, for me, Candice’s look was better constructed and would have worked for a more body types & sizes.


Merline still did good work this week and was certainly deserving of some appreciation though. This was a very sexy and very well-designed lingerie set. But I found her loo, especially the top, to be rather limiting on the type of woman who could pull it off.


Hair shoutout — Sally Beauty, gorgeous waves!


To join Candice and Merline, my top 3 would have included Kelly. I thought her looks so different and very unique. I really thought she put forth her designer POV the best.


Heck, even her cover-up was one of the actually designed ones. She put forth great effort and amazing work on this challenge.


Swapnil was in the official top 3. I didn’t dislike his look, but I definitely had some critiques, as did the judges, which was surprising then in how he landed in the top 3. There was certainly a showstopping quality to his top, it was quite eye-catching. But I felt a disconnect between the top & bottom.



Ashley was the final member of the judges’ top 3. Actually she was in competition for the win, so with that, I am glad Merline won. The top here had an odd shape to me. And I really didn’t see anything unique or interesting about the underwear here.

-project-runway--se9a   -projec3t-runway--sea

As far as the middle of the bunch, there was Joseph, Edmond, and Lindsey. Joseph’s top was okay, but the bottoms were either not constructed well or they just didn’t look good. Edmond’s look was quite sexy, also love the color choice of royal purple. He did a good job this week as well. Lindsey’s bottoms were a bit on the higher side, but I thought she had a great color combination.



The judges were right to call out Laurie on her high bottoms, but Joseph’s look had some wonky construction issues. I think he was more deserving of the bottom 3 than Laurie. Laurie’s top received a good deal of compliments and this should have at least made her safe. I too thought she had great color choices. But lucky for Laurie she was only in the bottom 3 and not the bottom 2!


There was no way Jake was going home over Blake’s messy disaster this week. Although Jake clearly stuck to most of what he has been this season, boring or severely lacking in originality.

Shout-out — Luscious red locks, great work from the Sally Beauty team


Blake has done some outstanding work this season. If the judges had sent Jake home instead, I wouldn’t have seen much of an injustice. I believe Blake is far more talented than Jake. But sadly, this was the worst look this week and very little could have been done to save Blake.

Shout-outs — Hair, love the waves, Sally Beauty, and great job on the makeup, courtesy of Mary Kay

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