PR Designers go Dumpster Diving

Ok, well not exactly, but they definitely hit up a rather organized looking junkyard for the challenge and were pulling some items out of the dumpsters! This was the 2nd unconventional materials challenge of the season, and this go round, the designers would be working with recycled electronics. Their goal was to merge the worlds of fashion and technology — take yesterday’s technology and turn it into modern fashion.


The designers were joined by Tim at Editor in Chief of Marie Claire, Anne Fulenwilder, who would also serve as one of the guest judges this week. Each designer had 1 shopping car to fill up with wires, old computers, circuit boards, mouse pads, and the like. So after some fun dumpster diving, the designers were back to the workroom to quickly begin on this 1-day challenge.


Work shots began with a montage of past clips where Joseph had been labeled as “matronly”, clearly would be a heavy focus of the episode. However, it was very clear right from the get go that Swapnil was too a heavy focus of the episode and his taking constant breaks to chat, smoke, or eat. PR might as well have called this the “Swapnil hour.” But of course before all of this, Jake asked to speak to Tim privately. He found out that his family pet was not doing well and that his dog needed to be put to sleep, very sad! Jake decided to leave the competition at this point.


The designers were back to work as Tim-time was soon approaching. Tim applauded some, but not all. Swapnil asked about using muslin for his skirt, which of course Tim quickly answered with a resounding “No!” But overall, Tim seemed pleased. Model fittings were next, which brought lots of fit issues and Ashley was in tears.


The morning of the runway was filled with typical chaos. Swapnil decided he would be using muslin, while Edmond was being even more innovative with the challenge and made his own accessory. This week’s other guest judge was Paula Patton.


My top 3 were right in line with the judges. And I guess since Merline couldn’t have been eliminated due to her win last week, I was okay with the bottom 3 as well. However, Heidi has been quick to tell safe designers in the past that they should feel lucky. I’m not sure how Merline escaped that critique. Her look this week was quite sloppy. In fact, the back was open and coming apart to where you could see the model’s underwear. I’m not sure she would have been sent home this week, but a warning I felt would have been justifiable.


I was happy for either Kelly or Ashley to win. But being that this was Kelly’s first win, it seemed more fitting. This look was detailed, intricate, and super luxe looking.


Shout-outs all around — Sally Beauty for sleek chic hair; gorgeous Mary Kay makeup look & love that JustFab clutch!

Shout-out for Ashley, love the metallic silver JustFab pumps!


Ashley was definitely a close 2nd. This look, made with negatives of film, was really inspired, super nostalgic, but really just downright fashionable, fun, and flirty!


Edmond rounded out the judges top 3 and I was fine on this decision. This look was super polished. The front was so sexy, loved the deep V. But the back was too quite intriguing with an intricate detailing of straps.

-project-runw4ay--sea   -proje5ct-runway--sea

Laurie & Candice made up the middle of the pack. Laurie’s look was a little all over the place for me. Had Swapnil not used muslin, I think she could have ended up in the bottom. It just seemed a little floppy & messy. Shoutout for her Mary Kay makeup look, gorgeous smoky eye!

I really liked Candice’s look. There was definitely something sexy about it, just very eye-catching, with lots of intricate detailing all over the dress.


Shout-out — Sally Beauty hair, super sweet & chic ponytail!

Lindsey landed in the bottom 3. I don’t think she deserved to go home over this look, so I am happy she didn’t. But I do think her skirt was kind of a throwaway. I liked the top, but clearly way too much time was spent on it and her skirt suffered.


I think it was clear from the Swapnil-centric episode that he would not only be in some trouble, but be at risk of elimination. Of course the main reason he was in jeopardy was because he used muslin. I don’t think the judges really disliked his look. Had the skirt been made of anything else, I believe he would have found himself safe. The top was very sculptural and architectural. This was not Swapnil’s best, but was more or less not great because he didn’t follow the challenge guidelines.

Shout-out for Joseph — Striking updo, Sally Beauty, killer heels, JustFab


This left poor Joseph on the outs, in the bottom yet again. It was really his time to go. His look was not matronly, but it really wasn’t much of anything. It wasn’t too creative or exciting, just very bland.

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