Get to Know Creeds Collective, a Holiday Pop-Up Shop


If you are familiar with NYC, retail spaces, various fashion brands, then I’m sure you know what a pop-up shop is! They are amazing gems you can find throughout different times of the year, such as summertime or the holidays. Well I have a brand new pop-up to inform all of my Fashion Nexus readers about, Creeds Collective. Creeds Collective just opened on Nov. 1st and is in Soho for 2 months, perfect timing with the holidays right around the corner! The basics —

  • The location, 54 Crosby St., between Broome & Spring Streets
  • Hours of operation, 7 days a week, 11 am – 7 pm

Creeds Collective is all about socially conscious fashion, beauty, lifestyle, art, and decor. This concept is represented from the brands carried to the set-up of the space. It is the love child of Creeds of Love and Concept Collective, which have now partnered to bring to the millions of NYC residents & tourists this socially responsible, interactive holiday pop-up shop!

Creeds Collective is an all encompassing experience that stimulates every sense, educates to break barriers in commerce and society, while spotlighting innovation and great design.”


There are 3 levels of retail & event space that make-up Creeds Collective, a great opportunity for all of the featured brands & activations to be able to access. Beyond clothing, accessories and beauty baubles, the seasonal retailer will further house a THANN beauty bar, a Primp and Polish nail art bar, #hashtag photobooth, “new-tech” station, art exhibitions, and a speak easy menswear lounge entitled “Grotto de Homme” “We want to bring “on the verge” designers to a highly trafficked retail district and space, executing events that both showcase their products, and connect them with their consumers on a whole new level,” explains Halphen, pop-up Founder.


Dedicated to locating and showcasing emerging excellence in fashion, beauty, lifestyle and wellness, the grand gift shop serves another “Special” purpose. “All Creeds Collective brands are selected not only for their superior talent,” explains co-founder and Conscious Consumerism expert, Phillips, “but for their social impact and motivation to shift the industry paradigm” she explains. Moreover, 10% of all net sales made over the entirety of the boutique’s presence, will be donated to charity. Collective will carry 45+brands ranging from fashion to footwear with prices ranging from $20 to $2000. And without further adieu, here are some of the various categories and brands, with some exciting details for you all to check out!


1237461_orig  nOir Jewelry

LOVE THIS BRAND!! Can’t wait to see what exciting new pieces Creeds Collective has in store from nOir. Many of my own personal fave jewelry pieces I own are from this brand! The brand has also garnered a notable celebrity following over the years including that of Madonna, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Kate Perry, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Jessica Parker and Gwen Stefani. Here are some of my own pieces! MY RINGS!! —



Glass Handbags    1414089978

Love that light technology has finally advanced to the point that a lightweight, non-breakable, no-heat illumination system could be integrated into fabric and now you have GLASS Handbags committed to style and quality, as well as form and function. Love my own clutch from GLASS and can’t wait to gain another to add to my collection!

8497763  H. Williams

The unique styling of H Williams Shoes has been inspired by the architecture of designer Heather Williams’ two home cities: New York and Milan.

Dharma Eyewear     1466567_orig

Dharma creates high quality sunglasses and eyewear, inspired by classic vintage silhouettes. Every item is $99.00 and gives 5% back to Optometry Giving Sight, which helps underprivileged individuals globally to gain access to eye care and exams.

7979287_orig  Eva Shaw Designs

Eva Shaw Designs is a Mother/Daughter design duo, part gemologist, part art historian. Drawing inspiration from gemstones, fine art, the tradition of adornment and eclectic cultural interests, their multifaceted and exclusive jewelry collections are handmade in New York City.

Silk by Byrony     2431608_orig

Silk is a Luxury brand that takes original photography by Fine Art Photographer Bryony Shearmur and creates beautiful silk scarves. Each collection consists of 6 new images from a new series. Shot on film, the negatives are scanned and printed digitally using state-of-the art technology. Each scarf is 54 inches square, available in two weights of silk, hand finished and signed by the artist. Every Silk Scarf is to be something that lasts from this generation to the next. A timeless piece that will be treasured.

Coye Nokes    6680532_orig

The Coye Nokes collection is hand made with only the finest leathers to uphold their high standards of quality, fit and comfort. The brand boasts a signature style that resonates with fashionable women around the globe. They are known for their classic silhouettes, stunning details and unique material combinations. Years of searching for the perfect balance of style and function have yielded their wide range of colors, materials, and heel heights perfect to move from the boardroom to a cocktail party.


3248789_orig   Nicolino

Conceived from the aspiration of accessible, laidback luxury, NICOLINO brings a refined aesthetic to the world of contemporary womenswear. Crafted from globally sourced luxurious silk blends, supple, distressed leathers, novelty wools, and signature designed abstract prints, NICOLINO’s clean lines, functional details, and leather/mixed metal finishings manifest as a style that stands out with subtlety and simplicity. NICOLINO designs reflect a mash-up of classic sophistication, vintage soul, and youthful, urban edge, together achieving an inimitable balance of trend and tradition that is grounded in both elegance and timelessness.

Snowman NYC   480691_orig

SNOWMAN represents New Yorkers’ character by prioritizing fashion, warmth and comfort, creating high quality down outerwear tailor-made for sophisticated city life.

8082317_orig   d.brand

d.brand started out as a denim brand that was introduced as an alternative to overpriced designer jeans. At the core of d.brand’s philosophy are exclusivity, denim and affordability.

Victoria Road     2102305_orig

A luxury boutique with an eye for style and sustainability, Victoria Road works with socially conscious designers in emerging markets to bring you one-of-a-kind finds.

7879349_orig   Kriss Soonik

Since the first collection launch in 2009, Kriss Soonik has stayed true to her signature way of mixing fashion-forward lingerie with luxe loungewear. It´s about exploring your individuality and pushing boundaries. It’s not cute and sweet, it’s sexy, powerful and a bit cheeky!


House of Horology   9183630_orig

Breaking traditional watchmaking down to its elements, distilled the essence of both luxury and fashion design philosophy, and engineered a brand new watch from the ground up. As a result, HOH watches are beautiful and functional – they have luxurious components, a cutting-edge design, and a down-to-earth price.

2159686_orig   Soxiety

SOXIETY is proud to be the world’s premier source of high-quality, Italian-made socks. Established by—and created for—discerning dressers around the world, we at SOXIETY are committed to taking socks seriously.

Cuff by Grandino   7277541_orig

The Cuff is a simple, tangible product that brings added fashion versatility to your existing button up shirts. It is an attachable shirt cuff that covers the existing cuff on button up shirts. The Cuff attaches with just the shirt’s existing cuff button.


THANN   8070251 

THANN is a range of natural hair and skincare products formulated from botanicals derived by combining the art of natural therapy with the modern dermatological science.

4161547_orig    Primp & Polish

Specializing in decadent nail art, and with three locations nestled in the heart of Williamsburg & one in Greenpoint, Primp &Polish is quite simply reinventing the salon experience. Their focus on client satisfaction, along with wall to wall arrays of polishand tastefully designed space (also available for event hosting) transcend the norm. From classic mani/pedis to traffic-shopping custom nail art, these ladies consistenly provide a most excellent experience, whether it’s in-store or on the go through their discrete and efficient mobile service program.


The Tepot    5869261_orig

A range of fine quality aromatic tea carefully picked from renown plantations with superior craftsmanship to serve urban tea lovers.

1873500_orig   Feya Candles

Inspired by the love of family and the love of food – Feya Candles will buy a full meal for a child in need with every candle purchased.  This lifestyle of giving back has the power to continue throughout the life of the company as well as change thousands of lives – including our own. At Feya – we have a philosophy that if we make our living out of helping others then we’ll always have work to do! In June of 2014 we go on our first giving trip to Montrouis, Haiti with our friends at Jacob’s Well.  Click HERE to learn more about who we’re going with and what we’ll be doing!

The awesomely talented team behind this boldly innovative pop-up are as follows —


Partners of Creeds Collective


For the visionaries, the creatives, the lovers, the
peaceful fighters, the evangelists, the diligent, the no break takers,
the no nay sayers, the soft hearted and strong willed.
Those not after gold, but pursuing the golden opportunity to change a life,
change a mind, shape a situation, forge a bridge. Because it is true in deed that
a small group of citizens can in fact change the world, shift the paradigm,
alter an industry, shake up a community by creating a cause that delves
deeper than just living life day to day, hustle to hustle, tit for tat.
We say this for that!
Give us ideas, give us innovation, give us purpose, give
us connections, give us one another. For how we think in our
hearts so are we. We love without boundaries, give without
expectation, care beyond reason, create without measure.
We may wander, but we are not lost.
We aren’t elitists, we are a community.
Never for the sake of fortune or fame, but joined together to
produce legacies of love, advantages breed for those less fortunate.
Lives lived with humble hearts, motive and intention.
Similar mentalities produce real life actualities.
Our streets… our streets are paved in love.
Failure is nonexistent because trying is achievement.
So here… in this place we stand,
we vow to help one another
validate virtue and advocate change.



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