The Final Task before the Finale!

Right here at the end of Project Runway on Lifetime, and probably the last All-Stars season for a bit. This is also the world championship, so there is a lot riding on these last 2 challenges. With 4 designers left, the road to winning will not be easy! And this penultimate challenge would not be an easy one either.

This week would be all about families. Each designer would create 3 looks for a modern-day family. The looks were to be cohesive as these looks would be incorporated into a family portrait. The Mood budget would be $400 and the designers would have 2 days. With the task details given, it was first time to sit with their families and gain inspiration for their looks.

While shopping, Biddell wasn’t sure about 1 of his looks. He finally finds his fabric, but Dmitry had already called it. There wasn’t much left on the roll, so this left Biddell with none. Of course, there was another roll that was found so crisis averted! Day 1 was all about laying out groundwork and really getting everything going. Biddell was unsure on cohesion, and Dmitry seemed a bit lost as well. Irina really wanted to add details into her looks, and Michelle was busy creating lots of pants!

Anne came by for her check-ins on Day 1. She reminded the designers to be cohesive. And that while it was important to please their clients, they also had to please the judges! And as Anne critiqued the looks, we also saw some typical designer shade. Michelle and Biddell had some choice words for Dmitry’s looks, which was laughable to me since they clearly had a good bit to worry with in their own looks!

Time for Day 2! Biddell came into the workroom with a new attitude, ready to inject some fun into his work. The family fittings were also a part of day 2. All of the families seemed very excited. Biddell was still at a loss on what to do with one of his looks. With this week being all about family, missing their own families naturally came to the designers’ minds, so they each made calls home.

I am sure 2 days flew by for the designers! The morning of, we saw our typical Michelle/Irina drama. Irina was not having any of the self pity for Michelle. Michelle was probably feeling a bit on edge because she had gone home at this point before, in her last all-stars season, being eliminated right before the finale. But nerves aside, it was time for the runway. Anne had some strong opinions during her critiques and that was rightfully so since she was this week’s guest judge.

I know we’ve seen in regular seasons of PR that right before the finale, no eliminations happen. So all 4 designers being safe was not super surprising. It kind of would have been more interesting if someone had gone home, but I guess with 4 left, we get to see some amazing final looks and it’s going to make naming a winner even tougher!

With 4 left, there was a top 2 and bottom 2. The top 2 were Biddell and Irina, with Biddell winning the final challenge. My choice would have been Irina. I really loved what she created for her family, very RTW, practical, wearable looks, but still with some fashionable touches. I think her cohesiveness was the best of the 4. The judges seemed to want a bit more, but bump them, they are being crazy! My only critique was the pants look, that maybe it would have been a bit better if it was a skirt because the pants led too a great deal of body coverage.

Biddell did a great job as well. I don’t think all 3 looks translated as being cohesive. The look for the daughter, I loved the print, but both the top and the bottom in the print, it was a lot. I think a solid color pant would have been better. And the bows, I mean they were cute and fun, but I don’t know if they were necessary. And if he wanted to do them, put them on the side of the pant, not the front. The look for the young man, this look was the best of the bunch. Loved the jacket and really just such a fun look! The dress he made though, I didn’t love this. Making the top portion akin to a varsity jacket, the dress lost sophistication and appeal. He didn’t know what to do on this look and this being what came to mind, I just didn’t get it.

This left the bottom 2 being Michelle and Dmitry. I don’t know who the judges would have sent home in this instance. It pains me to say, but of these 2 different family creations, I do feel Dmitry missed the mark. The dress he made was sublime. It showcased great touches of Dmitry. But the other 2 looks fell flat. Dmitry is clearly not a menswear designer and these menswear pieces felt dated, unflattering in fit, and very basic. And then with the pants look, it had no direction or resolution.

That all being said, I don’t think Michelle did much better of a job. She had one very youthful dress, striking print, and it was a standout piece. Similar to that of Dmitry’s looks, one amazing dress doesn’t do the trick though. The look for her kid, a jumpsuit, I don’t think this was something he would wear in the real world. Jumpsuits are high fashion, but not on the playground! I’d say a shorts look, cool graphic shirt, that would have been the better route. And then the look for the grandma, this was just way too much of that print. I liked the print, but it was too much. I think the better option here would have been the prints for the pant, and then a top, mainly solid, but maybe incorporating a little bit of the print perhaps along the neckline, or a strip across the bodice.

If all 4 bring their A-game for the finale, this is going to be such a tough call!

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