Fashion Week Journeys — Innovative Presentations & a 1st-Time Showing

It’s a great day for fashion week when you get to experience innovative and dynamic showings. And yes, even being a part of a talented designer’s 1st presentation for NYFW. Let’s start by looking at a seasoned presenter first, Son Jung Wan.

454777090.jpg_325_0_1668.28358209_3000            SON JUNG WAN

In her latest collection for Spring/Summer 2015, Son Jung Wan presented at Lincoln Center, during MBFW. Her runway presentation was a creation of perfect harmony, reminiscent of the Yin and Yang found in nature. The collection was filled with rich, vivid colors inspired by nature and it’s natural elements. Models were adorned in shades of blue, green, and berry, accented only with an occasional gilded line or patch of sheer fabric for embellishment. There were a few looks in off-white and creams, made of chiffon & soft linen. There was also some very much needed pops of pizazz, seen in sequins & total iridescence.

son jung wan ss153

The collection was entitled “Dualism”, demonstrating contrasting elements to create balance. Son Jung Wan paid such close attention to the details of these varying looks — a jewel-encrusted back zipper or lines of gold fabric cutting thru sheer mesh. Thus, looks were very dynamic from all angles!


Special guests in attendance — Dan Murphy, model Brian Shimansky, actress Kelly Rutherford, Kate & Alex Lundqvist, Kelly & Thadeus Ann Bensimon, Michelle Falk, and model Garrett Neff.



Amir Taghi4

Amir Taghi unleashed a world of chiffon and satin for his S/S 2015 collection during NYFW, runway presentation held at Helen Mills Event Space. The collection had a very cool look, chic, and easygoing, all by making use of light pastels, lilacs, baby blues and ivory. The clothing itself was simple yet sophisticated, minimalism at it’s best!

Amir Taghi1

“I was trying to portray someone who is really fierce and not afraid to show who they are,” Taghi said in an interview for Washington Square News. Taghi found inspiration in strong female figures such as Bianca Jagger. “[Jagger] was not afraid to wear tuxedos,” Taghi said. “She was very very confident in what she wore and didn’t care about what people thought.”

Amir Taghi3

This was Taghi’s first showing during NY fashion week and this was a job well done! There was a lot of versatility in this collection, so many varying silhouettes and styles to offer — separates, cocktail dresses, and more formal pieces. This was a show from head to toe, the looks to the accessories (cool shades) to sleek hair (slicked back high ponytails), & to clean, fresh make-up beauty looks.

Amir Taghi2

Alon+Livne+Presentation+Mercedes+Benz+Fashion+gSXzbX78mxel    ALON LIVNE

Alon Livné captivated the audience at The Hudson Hotel during MBFW with his well-defined edge for his Spring/Summer 2015 collection. As the show began, Ariana & the Rose took the stage with live pulsing music that matched the energy Livné constructed in his architecturally and aquatically inspired collection. And it was clear, his traditional aesthetic of being sculptural was still present and very clear in intent.


Optic colors in black and white leather were quite featured in this presentation. Also seen were sizzling sequins, spiraling shapes, and significant cutouts. There was a great deal of silhouettes present — in floor-length gowns, cocktail dresses, and jumpsuits.



Katya Leonovich chose to be quite innovative for her S/S 2015 collection with the use of 3D printing. Her designs came down the runway with an architectural structure yet subtle ease, courtesy only of this new-age fabric. The only way to describe this collection is classics in a futuristic world!


A vast majority of the pieces seemed to be as if optical illusions were coming down the runway. The line’s summer nature came thru very clear in grey metallics, chic & sexy. The allure & appeal was all futuristic, but never turning into tastelessness.


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