Nolcha Fashion Week’s 1:30 Shows Are the Whole Spectrum: Activewear, Casualwear, Chicwear & Swimwear

This post is about the 1:30 lineup for Nolcha Fashion Week. Remember, you can read all about Nolcha in the earlier post I wrote about the venue for emerging fashion designers. First up is Oiselle. For each designers full collection, you can click here and look at all of the runway pics! Keep reading to learn and view pics for The Vanity Project, INTREPID by Ao’c & KARO Swimwear.

Oiselle is known for flattering shorts, fun graphics and scrumptious fabrics. Famous supermodel, Christy Turlington was in attendance at this show. Here are some of the highlights of Oiselle’s spring 2014 collection. There are great spring colors of yellow and blue. There are also some powerful messages on some of the pieces.

PBN_1549-s                                  PBN_1661-s

PBN_1693-s                                PBN_1707-s

PBN_1756-s                             PBN_1799-s

Next up is The Vanity Project, created by designers Omri Bojko and Jason Sochol. This is their 2nd time at Nolcha showcasing their easygoing and comfortable style. And the dynamic duo did just that with their Spring 2014 showing, great messages, great classic and comfy silhouettes and always a plus, pieces for both women and men.

PBN_1959-s                               PBN_2044-s

PBN_2067-s                               PBN_2078-s

PBN_2023-s                                 PBN_2103-s

Next up is INTREPID by Ao’c, whose style aesthetic and mantra is to be classy and chic, but still with a twist and innovation. Jennie Garth from Beverly Hills 90210 was in appearance during this presentation. There were a lot of soft tones of nudes, white, stone/grey and shades of burgundy to take the INTREPID woman on her spring journey.

PBN_2218-s                             PBN_2250-s

PBN_2477-s     Not just attendance, but walking in the show! J. Garth

PBN_2389-s                         PBN_2443-s

PBN_2404-s                          PBN_2300-s

Finally, for this 1:30 time slot is KARO swimwear. Her aesthetic is bold and daring, not just ordinary swimsuits, but works of art. There are definitely some daring pieces here, enjoy!

PBN_2573-s                             PBN_2630-s

PBN_2743-s                            PBN_2751-s

PBN_2640-s                           PBN_2547-s

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