The “Collectionary”: The Dictionary for Collectors & Their Collectibles!

The past and it’s remaining products will always have important meaning. This is just one of the many reasons people collect. An item might hold some meaningful significance. The collector might have a strong sense of history. The point is people collect and aren’t likely to quit anytime soon! This goes from items such as stamps to coins to shoes to music. So how does “The Collectionary” fit in here?

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 7.41.40 AMThis site was developed to create a dictionary of everything in the world that people collect. Many sites of collectible items are all about buying and selling, but where is the learning?!? The Collectionary seeks to provide a way for people to learn about the collectibles they love. And it’s name is literally the fun play on words by combining the 2 words — collection & dictionary.

The Collectionary invites you to browse & enjoy the site, which is filled with so many amazing collectibles. There are so many different pages for many different items to browse/join, aka “Collectionaries.” You find a collectible and you join that page and have fun walking down memory lane, learning, or just seeing all that is available. There is everything from Star Wars to Guitars to Batman to Elvis.

ygtjsqmuo1aj1rgotlnp                    abxmaeewkt64hrhlai0d                 wgojzceemyyywxwj3sljThere have been other sites who’ve written some great posts about The Collectionary, such as Rock Guitar Power & Geektastic Podcast. Also, make sure to check out The Collectionary on their Facebook page as well! Now, I’m sure you might be asking, Fashion Nexus is a fashion blog, so where does fashion fit in here??

In fashion, rather than collectibles, we say “vintage.” And yes, The Collectionary has a page to join, dedicated solely to Vintage Fashion. Here you can browse items in a variety of collections, such as the following: (but remember, new collections can always be added!):

Fabulous Fashions of the 50s                                            ccur0nybcqjnxnudtksc

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Era of Post WW2-early 60s (1947-1964)                                      khm1zohxhulse4yw4ath

sxcqluv6i9z9p8ydin3a                                     x14tqdpiyiji3qfzflbc

Punk/New Wave/80s era (1977-1989)                     n4elcui8qud7546mjcy7



s1idtcte6ysqttxivovs                                     xvv5mjmmvlobj2p2wxxw

“Dresses”                                           ji12kxqdqwvpmgojt8vf

gzog1u7u82j3jp7yp4r4                                     rlmzla1ozvvjygxdeqkb

Vintage Floral Patterns                                        pntymkzq62emmc9agzzk

rzoesmmgkgp4zy30ngbc                                     xumn9orkjkcaxvy0ey2h

Men’s Vintage             fcxdxfzoxycnkom12p9c

hqcrtjjw0fari3tc2dzs                                     tsdv8hhrs1fpl81pncjj

Vintage Cocktail Attire                                       adhf29tlgyzmfggvzhak

azvtyqdsya88fypicxcw                                     cfrbpobmnaidcdthkuab

This is just a small sample; there are many more vintage fashion items here! So each Collectionary page/type of item will have expert collectors, aka “moderators.” They help in adding the cool and new items to the site. This goes for all collectionary pages, not just vintage fashion! Hey! If you see a page you enjoy, it might be looking for moderators so you can check and apply if interested.

If you want to learn more, check out The Collectionary’s Terms of Use page. Also, The Collectionary is a product of YellowDog Media, Inc. which was founded in 2009 and is backed by Harrison Metal Capital and Accel Partners. And so just to end on a fun & positive note, here are some more fun fashion images to enjoy!!

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icmdrjj4x7g2seobijnm                                     oezqchafd4l3uvprcjvl

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