Proj. Runway — The Finale!

Alas, another season of PR has come and gone. So let’s see how season 15 played out, from the final runway prep to the announcement of the winning designer.

After the judges’ preview, with 2 days until fashion week, the designers were back to work. Tim came in to announce a final trip to Mood with an additional budget of $500. Upon return and a little designer re-working, Tim then came by for a critique.

He urged Rik to open his work up, both literally & figuratively — don’t be afraid to show some skin. For Laurence, he advised on reworking a few pieces. He instructed Erin to avoid being too arts and craftsy. And for Roberi, it was all about lessening the confusion.

It was soon the day before fashion week, which hosted for the day some making of new garments and model fittings. Also as a part of the day, it was Tim’s emotional final round-up with the designers. The morning of the runway too had a lot of stirred emotions. Rik was done, all ready for the runway. But other designers were having some final issues, Roberi with a missing model and Laurence with a garment rip.

It was time though for the final runway during NYFW. Guest judge for the show was Zendaya. This was my 2nd time attending the final runway show and it was once again, another surreal experience. It was great seeing the collections live and also being a part of it with other fans. So here are my thoughts on the final runway and my ranking of the final 4.

I 100% agreed with the judges naming Erin as the winner of season 15 of PR. Project Funway was the WAY to go!

I saw such quality in her very well-made pieces. Right from the start, with the very first look, that top, I was blown away! Erin started the season making a bunch of coats and I was half expecting to see many in her final collection, but gladly that was not the case. But with missing coats aside, I still saw Erin’s aesthetic and touches come thru. I saw embellishments galore and I was in love with her uniquely creative prints. This was artsy, but certainly not arts and crafts.

The attention to detail and all of the tiny little erin-nisms, like the bananas, I just loved. I saw a modern, fashion forward collection and I was proud of what Erin sent down the runway. I’m glad the judges too loved the kookiness of her collection. Zendaya pointed it out perfectly by mentioning the balance of kook & chic!

The only negative I can come up with in Erin winning was that Roberi had to lose. I was glad he at least came in 2nd, very close to winning because I too loved his collection.

I saw fun, something different, and it was great to see. He used such beautiful colors. The full on purple look, to die for! I do feel as if some of his pieces didn’t quite fit in with the collection as a whole, like the denim pants look. I also felt like every time he was asked about his collection, he kind of said something different each time.

But overall, I saw his looks being imaginative. The second to last look, the more formal gown, it was stunning! And the very last look, going back to his threading technique, it was so impressive. I was mad that Heidi was hating on the gown I loved, and Nina of course liked the one look I didn’t care much for. But again, Zendaya was spot on in discussing the light versus heavy quality to this collection, how well it mixed or blended together.

The judges pretty much put Rik in 4th, but I thought he should have came in ahead of Laurence. Her collection was a yawn, but at least with Rik’s Bandits collection, there was some excitement.

I loved the leather pieces, especially the ones in black and white. But the denim pieces were just not my style. It was a risk for me, a love or hate type factor, and I unfortunately just wasn’t a fan. I kind of felt that way with Rik throughout the season. I would really love a piece of his, or not at all. There wasn’t much by the way of middle ground. And I guess I didn’t really get the connect between the leather and denim pieces.

I did appreciate his eyewear creations. I think the judges were too still on the same page though about the overall cohesiveness of the collection.

And finally, there was Laurence’s work. She was really working down to the last literal second on these looks. To be so minimal, not much by way of bells and whistles, I’m not sure what was taking her so long to do, but working away she did.

I know she spent a lot of time reworking the “potato sack” looking dress, but I was still not a fan. When I was there watching the finale, before I realized there were no decoy collections, I thought this one was. There were some lovely small details to appreciate with the collection, when you could see the looks up close. But from afar, it was a basic, RTW collection, and with no “Wow” pieces, it sort of seemed very bland.

On the day, seeing this come down the runway first, and seeing the more exciting collections to follow, it was just apparent that this one was lackluster. Zac too pointed out about the lack of runway impact. There needed to be a wow factor. I wondered why during the many Tim critiques or the judges preview that this was not pointed out!

Zendaya kind of made a plea, saying that seeing the collection, it kind of made her want to see more, wondering what else she had to show. But this is not a good thing to say at this point! You need to show what you have now, not leave us all to wonder! I missed the cool-girl factor we saw during the season. This was lacking in the collection. And it was the main reason she didn’t fair well.

What a season — can’t wait to see the next one!


Which UTG Designer Was a Designing Match for Zendaya!?!

This week was all about pop sensation Zendaya! She asked the designers to create a performance look for her. The winning look would be worn by her at one of her upcoming concerts. Zendaya & Tim reminded the designers that the look should not be constricting as Zendaya would have to dance. Also, the look needed to be one that would be just as eye-catching for anyone, no matter where they were seated, front or back row. So with that the designers were off for this 1-day challenge with their $150 budget for Mood!

zendaya-red-feathery-dressBefore getting to all of the big Isabelle/Nick drama, here were a few other tidbits I wanted to mention. Most of the mentor & Tim time with the designers went smoothly. We saw the extreme & daring look Oscar was going for and we got to hear the famous Tim Gunn catchphrase, “Just make it work!” Okay, let’s be real, most of the episode was pretty standard and the main focus was all about Isabelle!

If I’m not mistaken, she even began the episode in the confessional, talking about continuing to be stubborn. This was clearly what she did and it led to a disastrous episode! Tim & Nick also started out the episode with a discussion about Isabelle and even though others didn’t appear to be so Team Nick, I think Tim was. With the whole “shut-up” moment, so I’m not sure Isabelle used those exact words, but she could have asked Nick for a moment of silence a bit more politely. But really, it wasn’t her place. I know Nick is a chatterbox, but he is there to help and mentor his entire team, not just her. And no on else seemed to be bothered.

UTG01-ep5-episode15I know designers need some planning time, but just seeing Isabelle, casually sitting, sipping her tea, while the others were hard at work, just didn’t seem right. She clearly has time management issues and rather than doing some work, she was just sitting! We then saw her & Asha have a nice moment, which happened a few times in the episode. It’s clear from this she can discuss her work & process with someone, I’m just not sure why she wasn’t able to do this with Tim or Nick?

It was then to the standard for Isabelle, not finishing her work in a timely manner like every other designer, but this time things got a bit more CRAZY! So Tim came by and CLEARLY gave her the time warning. This is the same time reminder he always gives. So for Isabelle to later claim she didn’t understand is preposterous! She knows and again is just trying to break the rules and was always going to do this because she doesn’t have to face any consequences. Although being eliminated this week I guess was the ultimate consequence! Tim then came to Nick and told him she wasn’t listening. Nick then went to the sewing room to also remind Isabelle, again very clearly, that her model needed to be in the garment in less than 10 minutes and she was still hard at work sewing. She said Nick should have been more supporting and just to tell her when time was up. But that was actually what he was trying to do and again, she just wasn’t listening. Tim had to come back in and literally yank her model out of the room. Next up for Isabelle with the blame game was her broken finger, but that had nothing to do with why her look wasn’t finished on time; it was just another excuse.

UTG01-ep5-episode24Sticking with Isabelle drama let’s go ahead and discuss her look, which was in the bottom and was the eliminated look this week. This white & shimmering jumpsuit was just not great no matter which way you look at it. Isabelle can blame Nick, her finger, her mistakes, time, etc, but the truth is, this was not a great look regardless. I don’t think it would work in any way, shape, or form as a on-stage concert look. And as far as the comments from her & Nick, she threw down the gauntlet first and threw Nick under the bus. Nick also had other designers in the bottom and did he show a lack of support? No! So I’m not sure why they are so worried about that. There is a huge difference between the other designers and Isabelle. If he really wanted to throw her under the bus, he could have done so more than just saying there were some issues. He didn’t mention her rude comments or her being repeatedly told to stop working. So in fact, he was nice & held way back! On a positive note, the silver heels from Francesca’s & the chic up-do from Blowpro were eye-catching!

UTG01-ep5-episode11Moving on from that, here is a quick recap for the few designers who were in the middle this week –I loved Michelle’s look. I could totally see Zendaya rocking this on stage. It also seemed like she could really move & dance around on stage in this look. I felt as if other designers didn’t think about that aspect enough! Francesca’s shout-out, love the black open toed booties & silver cuff! Great job also by Benefit Cosmetics and the smoky eye! And another great high up-do from Blowpro!


Nicholas’ look was a bottom one for me. I’m not sure how it escaped the judges’ attention and I’m also not sure how Zendaya would dance in this? Also, just like most of his looks, it’s boring!! Still not sure why Anya chose him over Brady because Brady would have done great at this challenge! In fact, in an earlier post from this show I even said Brady’s aesthetic would work perfectly with Zendaya! Great side-swept do by Blowpro and another great cat smoky eye from Benefit Cosmetics!

UTG105-Nicholas-Komor-Look-FrontI also loved Sam’s look this week. The skirt could have been a bit longer, but other than that, this look was so fun and youthful. Zendaya could dance & jump around and just have so much fun in this look. Great job Blowpro with the long luscious hair & I love the shimmery pink lip from Benefit Cosmetics!


So these are the other 2 looks the judges had in the bottom. Stephanie’s faux leather crop top & pants were certainly deserving of this. The pants just didn’t fit well at all. And again, I’m not sure Zendaya moving & dancing was really thought about here. Also, it doesn’t seem to fit Zendaya’s style and youthfulness; it seems a bit more dated. Francesca’s shout-out, great heels though for this look!

UTG105-Stephanie-Ohnmacht-Look-FrontThe judges also made some critiques for Natalia’s look, but I did not agree! They said this was more of a back-up dancer look, but I thought it was fitting to Zendaya’s youthful and tomboyish side. There was also a compliment about the sandals, but Zendaya is not always in heels. When she competed on Dancing with the Stars, she was often in sneakers. Shout-outs, love the messy ponytail from Blowpro and the make-up is so fresh & clean here from Benefit Cosmetics.

UTG105-Natalie-Fedner-Look-FrontI guess there was more of a bottom 4, although sometimes it was hard to tell. The judges were definitely mixed with their reviews. Blake’s look was one of mixed reviews. I think it was a little plain for the stage and it kind of takes me back to J. Law’s Golden Globes Dior dress, with the belted straps. I don’t doubt Blake’s design capabilities though so I’m sure he will be back on track next week! Benefit Cosmetics really working the smoky cat eye this week!


I was worried Oscar was going on the ice skating route this week, but he certainly made his look not fall into that realm. I think it may be a little too mature for Zendaya, maybe in a few years when she is trying to break out of the Disney mold like Miley! But it certainly looked like an outfit many performers wear. They love the one-piece bodysuits such as this. It has shimmer & fringe, which works great with movement and to catch everyone’s attention. And how fitting that Francesca’s had the matching red open toed booties!


There was a clear top 2 though for this week and Shan was one. I think it’s great he was able to whip out this leather jacket so fat and it looks great, but I’m just not sure how well it fit the challenge. I think the fun printed leggings would work, but with a leather jacket, would Zendaya be able to dance & move freely? Love the Francesca’s black booties!!


And finally, this week’s winning look, Asha’s leather crop top & skirt with red flannel. I guess we saw this look worked on stage, from the preview clip they showed, but again, with this skirt & the leather material I did have my doubts on the dancing & moving aspect. But regardless, it was a great look and you could tell Zendaya was clearly over the moon for it! Shout-outs to all here — bold daring make-up look from Benefit Cosmetics, flowing locks curled to the extreme from Blowpro, & sexy black booties from Francesca’s.