NYFW — All the Shimmer & Shine!

Fashion Week is definitely at times about the glitz and the glam. You will see a great deal of RTW, but the shows with that WOW factor, the extra shimmer & shine, are definitely worth being in attendance at!

Rootstein Launch of the Phillipe Blond Mannequin


Rootstein, the iconic mannequin company who has been the leader in groundbreaking mannequin manufacturing and changed the standards of the retail display industry for almost 60 years, is proud to announce the release of a visionary new collection of male and female mannequins based on the visage of internationally famous fashion designer Phillipe Blond. This was a super exhilarating presentation. I was totally mesmerized!


Rootstein representatives elaborate, “In partnering with The Blonds, Rootstein continues its legacy of embracing individuality that captures, reflects and communicates the brilliant transience of fashion at its most beautiful and thrilling.” Throughout the decades, Rootstein has sought out celebrities who have embodied the spirit of their times and sculpted mannequins based on Twiggy, Pat Cleveland, Joan Collins, Susanne Barstch, Erin O¹Connor and Jade Parfit to name a few.


The event featured an exhibition of the mannequins wearing an archive of The Blonds most memorable runway pieces. Phillipe is beaming with excitement and adds, “The whole process is surreal and magical, like a dream. It is such an honor to join the ranks of so many inspiring icons that have been sculpted for mannequins by Rootstein.”


Pamella Roland

rs_634x1024-150912053855-634.Pamella-Rolland-SS16-Best-Looks-NYFW.jl.091215  New-York-Fashion-Week-Pamela-Roland-Spring-Summer-2016-14

Dream come true, that is what I would call attending this show. I was honored to receive an invite. In awe, that is what I felt after seeing these stunning looks grace the runway. This collection was inspired by what was dubbed in the 50s as Post-painterly abstraction by Frank Stella, but not just the visually striking paintings, it was the cultural context in which they were created.

New-York-Fashion-Week-Pamela-Roland-Spring-Summer-2016-25  New-York-Fashion-Week-Pamela-Roland-Spring-Summer-2016-23

There was a ton of unorthodox materials used here, plexiglass, PVC Nebula lace, reflective taffeta, and LED fibers, all as a nod to the wave of futurism prevalent in Stella’s early works. The unusual elements are paired with a foundation of gorgeous couture fabrics in streamlined silhouettes, creating a contemporary balance.


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New-York-Fashion-Week-Pamela-Roland-Spring-Summer-2016-12   New-York-Fashion-Week-Pamela-Roland-Spring-Summer-2016-29

Once again, this was just such an amazing show to be in attendance at. The magnificence of these various formal and evening wear looks were beyond my expectations. I could see so many as future red carpet contenders and I’m sure we will see a few in the coming latter 2015 award season, as well as the award season for 2016.

New-York-Fashion-Week-Pamela-Roland-Spring-Summer-2016-6  New-York-Fashion-Week-Pamela-Roland-Spring-Summer-2016-26


zimmerman-spring-2016-31   zimmermann-rs16-0243

Titled “Master and Mischief,” the show mixed the conservative — high, ruffled necklines, corset-like bodices and Victorian bib collars — with the disobedient, in the form of impossibly short, flouncy hemlines. Nicky Zimmermann derived inspiration from Ethel Turner’s 1894 novel “Seven Little Australians” about a group of mischievous siblings.


zimmermann-rs16-0335   zimmermann-rs16-0157

The lineup was very youthful, with lace-up backs and sheer embroidery, showing plenty of skin. It was a strong vision executed boldly. I thought this collection had a modern vibe, but still with a vintage appeal. I had a lot of faves that came down the runway!

zimmerman-spring-2016-35  zimmermann-rs16-0265