Kia Vonvega for S/S 2015 – Vivacious Looks w/ Vibrant Colors

All images in this post are courtesy of ArthurEisenberg.Photography, EDV (Eugene J. DeVillamil), & Adam Z. Lein.


Kia Vonvega, of Clear Boutique, debuted her Spring/Summer 2015 fashion week collection a few days ago at the hip lounge/bar LQ NYC. Needless to say, she debuted with a bang as pieces were brimming with energy, color, and allure.


Kia in bright royal blue, on the right!



LQ in NYC — 511 Lexington Ave.

There were 25 models that strutted down the runway, exuding such confidence and attitude. But how could one not in such bold, provocative looks! The collection included sexy silhouettes in various forms – swimwear, jumpsuits, bodycon dresses, streetwear, semi-formal looks, & more!



Now for a little lovefest on a personal fave of mine in this collection, pictured above & below, the fitted metallic lavender polka dot dress. Polka dots are a styled print I often wear and as such, this is a trend I always keep an eye out for on the runway. I am the NYC Fashion Editor for Bellus Magazine, and in my recent Fall 2014 Fashion Week recap, I summarized some hot looks and trends I saw during Fashion Week. One such feature was all on polka dots. So Kia, with this mesmerizing & stunning look, I add your design talents right alongside greats such as Lela Rose & Zimmermann – JOB WELL DONE! Clearly I am in love with this look and it will not be forgotten anytime soon!


Kia describes her collection and its inspirations as being about sexy and sensual moods. There was a clear focus & plan to showcase a sexier side of feminine appeal. The way to do that, utilize bold colors and showcase alluring silhouettes.




Lace appliqué & cutouts are 2 other trends I featured in my Bellus Fashion Week recap piece. And as I mentioned there, these are trends I don’t see going away anytime soon so I like to see what modern touches designers add to make the trend technique their own. As seen below, in this hot pink fitted number and nude striped jumpsuit, Kia is adding her signature stamp to these details.



Speaking of design details, the intricate details for Kia’s collection are what truly captivated every soul at LQ last Friday, Sept. 26th. Everything was so meticulously thought out and crafted. Fringe is in right now, so with this hot orange separates piece, it is right on trend for S/S 2015!


The colors in this collection POP! There are bold solid hues in lime green, tangerine orange, hot pink, royal blue, and more. With prints there is aquatic reptilian and zebra striped numbers. Getting back to some great details, there is always plenty of room for creativity, such as with this burgundy one-piece with multi-colored fuzzy balls.


These looks are all just super cool, some of a more relaxed style, while others are hip, bad-ass numbers that will grab everyone’s attention for sure! There is a totally chic vibe about the pieces that scream chic fashionista urban RTW. These looks would be eye-catching on the street or mesmerizing at an exclusive rooftop lounge or cocktail bar.





Let’s do another love-fest on this lace turquoise number. It grabs the attention from all angles. There is asymmetry, half pants, half dress. There are intricate & exquisite cutouts at the shoulder and on the back. The look is just hands down stunning. The instant it hit the runway I was intrigued. It would also work in any color, but I think the use of a bold pop of color in turquoise was wise for the runway. Another great look Kia — PROPS!!


A great designer knows a runway show is not just about a look coming down the runway, it’s about putting on a great show, styling looks from head to toe. Now I will get to the make-up & hair details later, but what clearly stood out for me with Kia’s presentation was many of her accessories, especially the footwear. Check out these rockin’ lace & floral combo open-toed booties — #LOVE!


And stealing the show with footwear are these thigh-high gold netted heels – smokin’, hot, killer heels, & whatever other sexy adjective one might think of that could and does describe these heels!


Another sexy amazing look with more hip, chic strapped heels.


This fashion extravaganza was presented by NYC Fashion Runway. NYC Fashion Runway is a leading event organization for classic & independent fashion designers to showcase their collections in NYC, offering press, buyers, stylists, industry influencers, and brand opportunities. They have conducted fashion shows in iconic venues such as The Empire State Building, Copacabana, The Waldorf, and private event spaces, producing all aspects of the fashion show so designers can concentrate on their collection. Get to know the brilliant NYC Fashion Runway team:


  • Lauren Ashley Mirsky – Events Director
  • Channing McIntosh – Events Assistant
  • Adam Z Lein / Alex Borghi – Official Photographers
  • Levi Bond Jr – General Manager
  • Erica Moor – Guest List Manager

Kia Vonvega’s looks were amazing. And what helped to even further amplify these pieces was amazing styling from partners and true pros for this event –


They’ve created an exceptional experience in beauty, mystic and elegance. Designed to satisfy even the most trend conscious, they’ve infused their services with elements they believe to be essential above all: art, creativity and talent. Shannon also books appointments with clients at the Soho Salon.





Special appearance for the presentation were


Other event partners –

Here are a few other bold, daring, sexy looks from Kia Vonvega of Clear Boutique!




Again, all images in this post are courtesy of ArthurEisenberg.Photography, EDV (Eugene J. DeVillamil), & Adam Z. Lein.