Ring Ring: PRAS Designers, School is Out, Time to Get to Work

Ring Ring!

So we start out this week with a field trip on none other than a school bus! Most designers were having fun acting like they were back in school. But one designer, Christopher, went back to some unpleasant memories. As you will see later, pain and hurt served as a great inspiration for him this week!

The designers pulled up to a very well known creative arts elementary school in NYC, P.S. 212.  Of course Alyssa was there to provide this week’s lesson, oh wait, I mean challenge! So the challenge is an oldie for PR, but a goodie – unconventional materials!! Alyssa said it was time to let your inner artist run wild and get your creative juices flowing with this playful challenge. Generally with the unconventional challenge, the designers get 30 minutes or so to think, plan, digest, grab, etc. But not for All-Stars! They had only 4 minutes to run into the school, grab their backpack and gather materials from a designated classroom. On your mark, get set, go!

pras03-ep4-episode4With such a short time, there was probably no planning. It was all what looks good and what can I get my hands on. So the designers filled their backpacks and were back to the workroom to then figure out what to do with what they grabbed. They didn’t get right to work though. How could the designers resist not playing with their jump ropes! Of course with any unconventional challenge we saw tons of panic attacks, tears and some drama!

pras03-ep4-episode3I think Mychael probably was freaking out the most. His materials were not working right and time was running out for him. He finally said something that has always been on my mind for the day of the runway shows – talking about when the designers are getting their models hair & make-up ready, he just sighed and was like “I don’t care, ain’t nobody got time for that”! Korto also brought some tears and freakout moments as her time was running low too, but she thought it was near sabotage because her model was taking too long in hair & makeup. I’m not sure about that, but Elena wins for the waterworks queen, or at least that is what her fellow designers basically said.

Zanna even had to comfort her in the midst of doing her designer check-ins. But before we get to the runway critiques, we have to mention Zanna’s additional incentive for this week’s challenge. The designers did consultations with Mary Kay makeup artists for their new line, At Play. The winning look would be featured with the winning designer in tow, for an exclusive Mary Kay ad in Marie Claire. All of the looks were donated afterwards to P.S. 212 for an auction to raise money for the school! So what was the runway show like this week?

pras03-ep4-episode26Just as with any unconventional materials challenge there were some spectacular looks and then those that looked like arts & crafts projects. Guest judges this week were PreciousGabourey Sidibe and Ugly Betty’s Michael Urie. While I agreed with the bottom looks this week, the top was a bit of a head-scratcher for me.

-project-runway-a7ll-       Irina’s look            -project-runway-a3ll-      

Seth Aaron’s look

I thought Seth Aaron and Irina did great work this week and was surprised that neither made it to the top. I figured Christopher, and his black binder dress, would be there. His look, with his inspiring anti-bullying message was so structural and chic. It truly represented strength. I’m glad he won and I thought of the judges’ top 3, he should have won. His dress would also photograph the best for the Mary Kay ad.

pras03-ep4-episode15I wasn’t so sure about Viktor’s look of rulers and playmats. I thought the judges might think like me – I loved the back, but I wasn’t so sure about the front and the segmented placement of what I think were playmats? But I felt okay with Viktor in the top and coming in 2nd since it drove Elena crazy! We heard all episode about how she showed him how to do the fringe effect with the rulers, but I’m sorry, did I miss that part? Did they show this? Either way, it’s fringe, it’s not an original design concept!

pras03-ep4-episode18Elena rounded out the top 3 with her binder and pencil cases look. I disagreed, but how did I know it was coming? Duh, we heard all episode how she didn’t do well her season for the unconventional challenge, call it irony! I didn’t hate her piece. I would have placed it as safe, but the judges like her work so to each their own! But the bottom picks were pretty much on point and as we saw right at the end, pointless!

-project-runway-a5ll-          Elena’s look              -project-runway-al1l-   Jeffrey’s look

Why pointless? Well, no one went home. I think they could have made a cut. Jeffrey was in the bottom now for a 3rd time with his jump rope and binder look. It was playful, but perhaps a little too playful since it didn’t cover much. Korto now found herself in the bottom for a 2nd time with her rubber balls and rubberbands look. The direction was there, but the execution failed. Multiple times in the bottom could certainly be grounds for an elimination. I’m glad though Mychael didn’t get the short straw, even if his crayons and construction paper look was total arts & crafts. But in the end, no elimination, so I’m predicting now that a double elimination is in the designers’ future.

-project-runway-al2l-       Korto’s look                 -project-runway-all- Mychael’s look

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