NYFW — An International Perspective

All Photography by Shanise Gibson




Jarret, presented by Ji-yeon Lee, maintained the sleek, chic finish, but also embraced a more eclectic and eccentric aesthetic.



From the vibrant colors to the imaginative prints, I was blown away.



I love a collection that offers true variety, from colors to silhouettes.




Yohan Kim Brand was first established in London in 2009. The Korea-born designer, Yohan Kim, graduated from London College of Fashion in 2007. And is now debuting at NYFW. Here is a brief bio on the designer and brand —

He used to work as the designer for both Michiko Koshino women’s wear and haute couture line as early as a BA student. Not long after his graduation, Yohan Kim moved to Paris and started to work for Balmain Paris, specializing in leather wear, and later opened his own design studio in Beijing.



There is always a dark sense of humor attached to Yohan’s work, playful yet stylish. He is also aiming at exploring the ‘luxuriousness’ thru his own way. Therefore, unexpected combination of textiles has been widely applied to this collection — textured leather, cashmere wool, gold embroidery, beading, printing has been all mixed in and merged with each other in harmony. His signature combines heavy details and strong structure emphasizing a special sense of sensuality and power.



The brand focuses on playing with slash, layers and geometry shapes to create garments that are original and creative. Yohan has always been experimental with his work. He invents the new studding and beading way of his own style. All these unique details definitely creates an extraordinary visual excitement. He shows his respect to his work by making 100% effort on each garment. It is visually reflected through this collection by using luxurious fabrics, innovative shapes and creative (also time consuming) details. Yohan Kim will always keep pushing the boundaries to make the brand youthful, fresh and absolutely timeless.



Hidy NG


DSC_0184Hidy N.G. presents some stunning RTW for A/W 16. The brand officially launched back in 2003 in NYC. The design is characterized by avant-garde silhouettes adorned with intricate details and feminine lacing technique using delicate embellishments and dentelle.




There are some truly stand-out, eye-catching pieces in this collection, specifically the look above and below. The sheer top is gorgeous, as well as the golden embellished one below.


Loom Loop — Polly Ho



This is one collection where the super fun, showmanship headpieces were also just as great as the looks. Well okay, not just as great, but it definitely enhanced the overall show quality.


The various prints adorned on various looks provided pops of fresh color and a youthful spirit.


However, I also appreciated the less vibrant pieces just as much, namely the black and/or white pieces as seen above and below. Regardless of the tone, you could see the designer’s vision and stamp.


Harrison Wong

DSC_0140   DSC_0124

Harrison Wong, founder of Harrison Wong Ltd, made his fashion debut by winning both the Hong Kong Young Designer’s Contest and the Grand Prix Contest in Japan. He then earned a Masters degree with distinction from the London College of Fashion. For a number of years before launching his own retail fashion business, Wong broadened his credentials by designing women’s and men’s seasonal collections for international runways in New York, Milan, Shanghai, Taipei, Sydney and Hong Kong. In addition, as Design Director for a number of fashion houses in Hong Kong and China, Wong has build up substantial creative expertise at the corporate level in these dynamic markets. Now, Harrison Wong has entered a new chapter in his career by opening his first menswear retail shop at PMQ, Hong Kong’s exciting new arts and design hub in Central.

DSC_0130   DSC_0142

The Harrison Wong brand offers contemporary apparel and accessories for urban males. The fashions have an edgy, aggressive design underpinned with understated elegance. Clients will typically be fashion aware with a good eye for design and who tend to incorporate art and tasteful design into their daily life. The apparel and accessories will be of the highest quality yet affordable at the same time demonstrating that fine design and taste are not necessarily determined by the price tag.

DSC_0157   DSC_0163


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