MBFW Swim Part 2 — The Countdown Continues…


So yesterday I posted about the 1st batch of designers who are showing on Day 2 for MBFW Swim. Here is the full list of designers and the entire schedule. But now, let’s check out what’s in store for Day 3!!

CAITLIN KELLY DESIGNER SWIMWEAR — July 19th, 5 pm, Penthouse

4762.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480                            4756.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480

Caitlin Kelly is bringing quality, technique, and love back into the garments consumers buy — designer swimwear at its best.

4759.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480                           4757.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480

L*SPACE BY MONICA WISE — July 19th, 6 pm, Cabana Grande

4491.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480                            4496.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480

Monica’s global travels provide her with endless inspiration. From the beaches of France, Mexico, and Bali to all points along the So. Cal. coast — pieces of these faraway places can be seen in each L*Space look.

4499.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480                             4493.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480

MIKOH — July 19th, 7 pm, Oasis


Mikoh swimwear brand is that of a very specific lifestyle — it’s swimwear for a confident and modern woman, unique & wearable no matter where she is.

mikoh-swimwear-2014                    mikoh-swimwear-k-3

RIP CURL — July 19th, 7:30 pm, Penthouse

GSWAA7_WHITECAP-GREY_2-display                              GSIAB7_BRIGHT-PINK_2-display

Rip Curl is more than just swimwear — it’s versatility, accessories, surfing, menswear options & more!


MARA HOFFMAN SWIM — July 19th, 8 pm, Cabana Grande

4290.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480                            4289.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480

Mara Hoffman, a brand that always delivers, bold, statement-making prints with each design — never disappointing!

4302.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480                             4298.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480

MAAJI SWIMWEAR — July 19th, 9 pm, Oasis

4556.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480                            4565.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480

Maaji is inspired from a magical surreal story — a true collaborative effort. The brand is a whimsical world full of eclecticism & attitude, seeking to create surprise and magic within each piece.

4557.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480                                4573.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480

CM CIA MARITIMA — July 19th, 10 pm, Cabana Grande

4353.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480                              4352.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480

The details, the intricacies, you can clearly see the passion behind CM CIA Maritima. And not to mention the ability to design and stay true to the brand’s Brazilian heritage.

4342.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480                                 4343.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480




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