UTG Teams’ Challenge: Well Who Expected That?!?

From the preview last week and ones shown throughout this past week, I’m sure everyone was thinking the same thing — Nick’s team was going to implode with some DRAMA! Surely this was the making of their looks being in the bottom. Well, half of that is true! Nick’s group, Oscar, Natalia, & Stephanie, certainly had some dramatic moments, but were not the bottom group. So how did this all unfold?

This week, once again, was the somewhat dreaded, but ever-entertaining team challenges, which PR is known for. Before beginning, we got to see a little more discussion between the designers and mentors about the whole Nick/Isabelle situation. I still don’t feel sorry at all for Isabelle and I don’t think Nick would do that to anyone else on his team. But it was nice that Nick still took some blame and apologized, very classy! Isabelle broke rules and for me, was disrespectful to the whole process so GOOD RIDDANCE!

Pool_at_Getty_Villa                                            imagesEveryone was then off to the immaculate Getty Villa, home to inspired costumes, architecture, art, structure, & much more! Special guest judge, Emmy nominated costume designer, and the costume designer for the recently released action film Pompeii, Wendy Partridge was alongside Tim Gunn to provide instructions for this week’s challenge. The surroundings and the movie were all to be utilized by the designers this week for inspirations. The teams were set based on mentors. Each team was to create a mini-collection of 3 cohesive looks. The designers were told to make wearable pieces, not costumes. The designers were then off to work.

UTG01-ep6-episode25Sketch-time showcased the beginning of a somewhat rough road ahead for Nick’s team. They were all over the place, while the 2 other teams were good to go! Nick thought his team needed “hands-on” Nick, ahhhhh! Things did not get better as the teams went shopping at Mood with their $500 budget. Nick’s team were all in major disagreements, while everyone else was working like they were BFFs!

The designers were all back in the workroom and Oscar/Natalia/Stephanie were still in argument-mode rather than full on work-mode. The mentors came in and before Nick & Tim could even get to the group, Tim could see things weren’t going well. The other groups were all still fine & dandy! I think Nick’s team could have benefited a bit more had he been less involved in the sketch time. It was clear a focus or vision was never agreed upon.

UTG01-ep6-episode3But when Tim & Nick arrived, this was the moment of change. With Tim’s guidance, Nick took a step back, leaving his team to figure out how to, that’s right, MAKE IT WORK! There was finally some calm communication and progress began to show. Nick was even caught off guard when he came by the next morning to see how well his team was doing. Now after watching all of the disastrous previews I then wondered which team was going to end up on the bottom.

UTG01-ep6-episode2The runway began and my questions soon were answered. I knew right off the bat that Anya’s team was in the bottom. The looks were just kind of boring, a little plain, but I did like Blake’s look; it was clearly the shining star! I was happy about that too since I knew he would be safe from elimination. His cloaked black look would have never been in the bottom on it’s own. I wasn’t sure the mini-collection was completely cohesive though.

UTG106-Blake-Smith-Look-FrontShout-outs: Love the Francesca’s heels & gold cuff; Very chic, fresh look from the Benefit Cosmetics Team

Nicholas having a boring & bottom look was no surprise, still wondering why Anya chose him over Brady! I was surprised by Shan’s creation though; it didn’t look anything like his style or aesthetic. I then wondered if somehow the judges would too save Nicholas over Shan, but I was certainly shocked to say the least when neither were eliminated. This makes me wonder if this show is going to be in as much love with Anya as PR was!! I think this was the wrong decision. Nicholas has been in the bottom countless times now and he’s not shown much improvement. Nor has he ever had a top look! Now I fear he will create something halfway decent next week and a less deserving designer will be sent home!


UTG106-Shan-Keith-Oliver-Look-FrontShout-outs: Lovely braided up-do by Blowpro & love the poppin pink lips from Benefit Cosmetics

Change of pace….

Let’s take a look at the safe team this week, aka the middle team — Mondo’s group — Asha, Sam, & Michelle. I kind of knew this would happen also. I could definitely see the Roman & architectural inspirations in these pieces. I thought it was very innovative and creative that the team created their own textile, a dyed-print. I didn’t mind it, but I knew it something one was either going to love or hate. And with such a large judging panel all it would take is one judge to low-ball with the scores and they would then be out of the running to win. Asha’s look to me was the weak link on the team. I just didn’t think her look was luxe-looking at all. It seemed a bit tortured.

UTG106-Asha-Daniels-Look-FrontShout-outs: Love the gold cuff from Francesca’s & another chic braided updo by the Blowpro team

Michelle hit another home-run for me this week. I love the haltered neckline & braided waistband. It was a very simplistically minimalistic look that was done beautifully; remember, it’s not always about bells & whistles! Sam also did a great job this week — Greek goddess coming from battle & kicking ass! The crop top & flowing printed skirt screamed SAM so I’m glad he is sticking to his aesthetic and showing growth.


Shout-outs:  Gorgeous gold tear-drop earrings from Francesca’s; love the strong & sophisticated structured ponytail from Blowpro;

UTG106-Sam-Donovan-Look-FrontShout-outs: Blowpro s certainly working the braided looks this week, another GREAT JOB!

And now to the winning team and we are left with that being Nick’s team. I never saw this coming, well….. until about halfway thru the episode. The pieces were just all so wearable and I think this factored into their win. I know I would have no problem wearing each and every single look here. The collection was so cohesive and as a resort collection it could take you from the beach to lunch/shopping to a nice dinner. What a great job by Oscar. I am so happy for his win! He sure is wracking up those $5k prizes! This white caped look was just so chic & sophisticated.

UTG106-Oscar-Garcia-Lopez-Winning-Look-FrontShout-outs: Amazing nude heels & dramatic earrings from Francesca’s; & of course, another lovely braided updo from Blowpro

The gals on Nick’s team of course stepped it up this week as well. Stephanie seems to be on a major comeback train and I’m eager to see how long she can keep it up! I love this shades of blue jumper, everything — the tye-dye effect, the buttoned-up neck, the sheer royal blue sleeves & back! And of course, Natalia did an awesome job this week as well. This was a great take on an evening dress, though not a full on gown! The free-flowing blue skirt was eye-catching and the sophisticated white bodice was just as beautiful, capped/structured sleeves & all!


Shout-outs:  Benefit Cosmetics did great with the make-up, love the blue eyeshadow! Blowpro with another beautiful braided updo; Francesca’s also working it this week, nude-strapped sandals & gold statement earrings

UTG106-Natalia-Fedner-Look-FrontShout-outs: Benefit Cosmetics with another stunning beauty look w/ statement-make blue eyeshadow; Francesca’s w/ more stunning gold jewelry — necklace & bracelets; & once more, w/ feeling, hahaha! Blowpro with another braided updo!

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