UTG Designers Present Their Take on Red Carpet Fashion

The Under the Gunn designers for this week took on red carpet creations, which is quite fitting since we are in the midst of all the red carpet glitz & glam (Grammy’s, Golden Globes, etc.),. The designers started off the episode with a Hollywood bus tour from Starline to help provide some Hollywood glamour inspiration for their red carpet look. UTG judge & Sr. Fashion Editor of Marie Claire Zanna Roberts-Rossi was alongside Tim Gunn this week to hand out the designers marching orders.

HollywoodTour_busZanna encouraged the designers to make their challenge look dynamic and eye-catching. Why? Well the winning look this week would at some point be worn by an unknown celeb (kind of vague?) and pics of the celeb would be put in Marie Claire. A few other bits of general information for this week’s episode — we saw the designers would be living it up this season in LA at the Apex Apartments. Of course we knew this was going to be a tough challenge with only 1 day to complete the look!! And with that the designers were off to Mood with a $200 budget.

I wonder if this season in every episode we are going to have a designer who flagrantly violates the rules?? Last week it was Isabelle in the workroom/sewing room and this week it was Camila at Mood. All of the designers were checked out, in line, or ready to go all while Camila was still gathering and cutting fabrics. Tim has had to raise his voice now twice though at certain designers so I say — LET’S GET IT TOGETHER!!

The designers were then back to the workroom to start off a day of chaos & craziness! Tim came by to first check on the mentors and with that let’s go ahead and get all the Nick drama out this week. So Tim took notice of Nick’s mentoring style very early on this week — from the bus to the workroom. The mentors however didn’t go to Mood and that made sense, probably too many cooks in the kitchen! But Tim had some firm words too for Nick this week. We saw Nick helping sketch, working with patterns, draping muslin, etc. It starts the debate of how much mentoring is too much?

Hollywood_MondoNickAnyaAnya & Mondo certainly had a bit more of a laid back approach. But you have to wonder how well does that work out since Mondo had 2 designers in the bottom this week? I definitely think there needs to be a balance though, a line. You have to help, but not give the answers. I think Nick, being a teacher and all, is struggling a bit with the balance. But, I think if he just took a few steps back he can definitely MAKE IT WORK! Mondo however, I think could serve to take 1 step forward. He could stand to be a bit more involved. I’m still not sure about Anya’s mentoring. I just felt her advice was so vague and she too could amp it up a bit. But hey, mentoring is not easy and it’s a learning curve so I’m eager to see how each progresses.

Under-The-Gunn-Episode-03-Team-Mondo-Designers                                     Under-The-Gunn-Episode-03-Team-Nick-DesignersThis show has a bit of an odd balance though, lots going on. There is focus on the mentors & that mentoring aspect, but the focus has to be on the designers, as well. It was hard this week because there were designers I felt we didn’t even see until their models hit the runway — Asha, Oscar, even Brady. Speaking of models, so funny watching their 1st fittings this week and Shan was certainly in for a large surprise, large breasts on his model that is!

Under-The-Gunn-Episode-03-Team-Anya-DesignersIt was then finally the day of the runway and what do we see, another designer choosing to not go to the bathroom?? So funny and yes, I had to mention this. While Isabelle was at Mood they aired her saying she had to really go, but ultimately decided to wait. Then again, on the day of the runway, Shan was aired saying he had to go, but again, would hold it! Time for the runway though and Tim announced 1 more fun surprise for this week and the rest of the season. The winning designer each week would receive $5,000, WOW! This is a nice treat just in the event you win a couple of challenges, but don’t win the show; at least you would walk away with something.

UTG01-ep3-episode3The judges (celeb stylist Jen Rade, designer Rachel Roy, & fashion editor Zanna) only discussed 6 looks this week — a top & bottom 3. Thus, not much attention to the rest, which left a lot of designers lost in translation. I would say to Nicholas & Asha, congrats on being safe this week, but there is definitely still some room for improvement!

utg-nk-ep3-sketch                         utg-ad-ep3-sketch

  • FRANCESCA’S SHOUTOUT — Love these black strapped heels on Asha’s model!

I love Brady’s girl and I could see a young hot celeb like Miley or Zendaya rocking that look. My only thought would be to maybe not do the full print on both pieces, maybe use a solid top or bottom with the print? But I can’t wait to see more! It’s clear though that we were seeing creations for a wide range of red carpets, going from Brady’s casual street style to full on glitz & glam with Natalia or Oscar, whose looks I also liked — great fit, gorgeous lines, striking looks. Let’s look at the top 3 for this week now!


  • FRANCESCA’S SHOUTOUT — love the purple metallic shoes!
  • BLOWPRO SHOUTOUT — One of my fave ways to wear my own hair, the side braided ponytail

utg-rr-ep3-nf-f_0                 utg-rr-ep3-nf-b_1                 utg-rr-ep3-ogl-b_0

  • BLOWPRO SHOUTOUT — Both blondes, great job on the hair, retroglam & modern chic!
  • BENEFIT COSMETICS SHOUTOUT — Love the pop of red on the lip w/ Natalia’s model & the makeup for Oscar’s, it’s just so fresh & clean, simply beautiful & stunning!
  • FRANCESCA’S SHOUTOUT — Oscar’s model, the gold triangle earrings, perfect touch!

utg-ogl-ep3-sketchI’m sure it was tough to judge for the top 3 this week. I was surprised that this was the top 3; I was sure Natalia, Oscar, or Brady, at least one, would be there. But it’s clear the judges went for the more risky or daring looks this week, perhaps those a bit more unique. Shan’s look was definitely one to push the boundaries. I mean, those boobs could have easily fallen out! I wasn’t a fan of this look, but it was something different. The print was just a bit too much for me and a little too much boob-age. But the back of the blazer was a surprising touch with an open back and I did like that element!

utg-sko-ep3-sketchBlake was a surprise for me this week, but ultimately it made sense. I completely agreed with the judges. We see it all throughout red carpet season, these bold, different, and unique looks — reference J.Law pretty much any time so far this red carpet season! People either really love it or really hate it. The look could be on Glamour Mag’s best dressed or on E Fashion Police’s worst dressed list. The look was very soft, light, & airy.


  • SHOUTOUTS ALL AROUND! — Blowpro w/ the sweeping updo; Francesca’s with the clear clutch; Benefit cosmetics with the clean look & nude lip!

I was still though so ecstatic for Sam this week! I’ve been searching myself for an amazing jumpsuit for fashion week and it’s so funny that is what he designed for this week! I thought this look was fantastically phenomenal. It would work wonders on a wide variety of red carpets. The back was done so beautifully and many women could wear this. If I could have any wish for it though, I might would want the neckline a bit deeper, maybe steal some boobage showing from Shan’s look!?! One thing I know is I can’t wait to see more!


  • Francesca’s — again, great job with the accessories — the necklace & open-toed booties!!

Now to the more depressing side of the show — the bottom 3, which was so weird this week because usually they send the designer home last, but the announcement this week was reversed? Let’s begin with Michelle who even though was in the bottom, I knew she was not going home. I did agree with Tim and his comment about the hoo-hah focal point diamond, but Michelle did have some great elements this week. They just didn’t all come together in such a short time. I loved the popping red color and I thought the fit was great, but to me it was just a little to basic. I’m not counting this gal out yet though!


  • BLOWPRO SHOUTOUT — love the structured ponytail!

I completely agree with the remainder of the bottom 3. I was a bit surprised though that Camila was the one to go, but it wasn’t undeserving. This look was just far too basic and what she tried to make special with the back of the dress really just looked sloppy. The top part being sheer would have been far more sufficient and efficient than the draping bow-looking thing down the back. If she is that unsure of the fabrics and the host of other excuses she gave then maybe she is not quite ready for a show of this caliber yet.

utg-rr-ep3-cc-b                                                                                               UTG103-Camila-Castillo-Losing-Look-Front-900x1350And finally, there was Stephanie. I kind of thought she was heading home. I hated seeing again this god awful green color. The dress really just looked tortured. It was too short and looked like prom gone wrong. When the mentor’s teams were formed I really thought Stephanie being selected was a surprise. If she can’t get it together next week I think it’s safe to say I was right!









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