The Best of “Big Brother” Fashion

Every summer, for over the past 10 years, I enjoy one of my favorite TV shows-Big Brother. This summer, as I have embarked upon a new passion and journey with my blog, I decided to combine it with an old summer love, Big Brother. Perhaps a bit of a stretch, but yes, often on the live shows for this summer reality competition, contestants will wear some pretty great articles of clothing. However, being trapped in a house all summer, some contestants clearly show what not so great pieces they have also packed! I have often imagined myself on this show and I always think about what I would wear on finale night, the live shows or special contests or events throughout the summer. This is the 15th season of Big Brother, but with the past 14 summers of contestants, I have named my top 3 for the ladies and top 3 for the guys!

This would have been a great feature to have written in years past, when images were a little easier to find, but I have some good examples hopefully to demonstrate why I selected who I selected. I will start with the guys, who generally love showing off 1 article of clothing, shorts or swim trunks! Most of the men do walk around shirtless, which is not necessarily a bad thing! However, a few have shown some great style over the years!

Dr. Will Kirby-Big Brother 2 & Big Brother 7


                will3                   will4

Dr. Will had 2 seasons to show off his style. He gets the title usually for “Best everything” else, so why not fashion too! He was never afraid to dress it up with a sport coat and dress shirt. But really even in just sweaters or tees, he could clearly make anything work!

Beau Beasley-Big Brother 6

beau1                    beau3                                  beau2

A lot of BB guys could easily make a dressy look work, but it was there more casualwear where the ball was dropped. Not with Beau, he clearly knew how to pack to dress for the summer, still look great, and not look as if he only brought swim trunks and tank tops.

Mike Dutz-Big Brother 8

         mike2                                       mike3


I didn’t have a lot of great pictures to choose from, but let’s face it, I had to include one guy as Best Dressed, that was also best with the shirtless aspect as well!! Plus, who could rock a coconut bra any better!!



Mike Boogie-Big Brother 2, 7 & 15



Yes, some get to be on the show for 3 seasons, go figure?? Each time, Boogie would wear the classic Boogie style, including bold t-shirts with his emphasis salutes to his season 2 alliance-Chill Town. I could never get past the bad hats and denim shirts, for me, that is a no-no.


Dan Gheesling-Big Brother 10 & 15

dan1             dan2

Dan was one such contestant who certainly recycled clearly what some of his favorite pieces of clothing were, they were just not mine! 2 items always stood out — black and white swim trunks and then all of the bandanas. Black and white swim trunks, worn often, just always looked so dirty. And then there was his kung fu warrior attempt look. I never got it and was always just like-Take the bandana off!!

Lawon Exum-Big Brother 13


And who could forget this guy, the bold colors, always worn together, the paisley ties, the bad silk dress shirts. I don’t mind a bold style, but pick 1 and wear it, don’t just throw every bold style you can think of together!

Now onto my fave ladies!!!

Britney Haynes-Big Brother 12 & 15


Britney clearly had a favorite color during her tenures on the show, PINK, but she wore it well! She wanted to do very feminine looks, but that were still youthful and fun, not so much with trying to be overly sexy.

Dani Donato-Big Brother 8 & 13


Daniele sported blonde one season and brunette another. She wore a wide range of clothes both seasons, but one thing I remembered when her 2nd season rolled around was how much her fashion style had changed. It went from a more basic and LA trendy style to boho/rocker chic. She clearly knew how she liked to dress and always looked great in anything!

Janelle Pierzina-Big Brother 6, 7, & 14

Janelle is another contestant who had a 3 season tenure, but she made this work to her advantage! She is also one who always gets Best everything else, so why not fashion too!! Janelle always packed some great dresses for live shows, but could just as easily rock the more casual-side items too!

Some of the ladies went a different route, not really my style or what I would wear if I were on national TV!!

Natalie Martinez-Big Brother 11

nat1             nat4

Nat was clearly a more sporty dresser, but you can make sportswear still look fashion forward. The problem with her dressier side then was the colors, too much brown and then some odd prints, yikes!

Maggie Ausburn-Big Brother 6

Its okay to be laid back when choosing your style, but for many, there was too many pant suits and again, odd prints & patterns.

Erika Landin-Big Brother 4 & 7

erika1                                       erika2

Erika is won who didn’t know how to make the pink work. I wish there were better pictures, but anyone who saw season 4 and remembers the track suits, the ugly pink cap and I think there were even these ghastly pink boots in one episode, would agree, to put her in the worst dressed category!

This was so much fun going back through all of the Big Brother seasons and remembering the fashion. It is shown 3 times a week during the summer and people are watching these contestants on a daily basis! So I say, remember to dress your best!

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