Fashion Week Journeys — Lots of RTW for Women, Get Ready!

NYFW takes you to many venues, if it’s MBFW, you are at Lincoln Center. But home to many other runway presentations is Chelsea Piers. Let’s check out some dynamic designers that showcased their RTW women’s apparel for S/S 2015!

455042356.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000 VIVIENNE HU

Vivienne Hu knows what women want in their wardrobes. As a former investment banker, Hu knows Wall Street women and is now infusing her true passion and knowledge into design. Since her fashion week debut in 2012, she has been successfully channeling the independent, sexy New York woman in her designs.


The collection was extremely versatile, featuring both light, airy pastels that characterize the playful, soft side of a woman, and bold neutrals that designate power and influence. Although there was a delicate, feminine side to the collection, it certainly did not lack in strength. The other side of the collection captivated the sexy, independent side of a woman, with bold neutrals, cropped hemlines, and loud prints.


While being able to capture the essence of the many sides of a New York woman is not a new talent of Vivienne Hu’s, her Spring/Summer 2015 collection exceeded well beyond past collections. Through her versatility and ability to cater to a broad spectrum of women, Hu remained true to her classic contemporary roots.



Karolyn Pho — Designer Karolyn Pho’s fifth collection definitely had a story that she wanted everyone to see. The Pho’s Girl for the Spring/Summer  ’15 season is a nomad, a traveler basically one that forgot her self-preception. We follow her as she meanders through castles in the air, traipses between realities and crosses unknown borders.

The collection was presented at Pier 59 Studios. In classic Pho form, she dabbled in the menswear details such a double breast lab coat paired with nurse clogs. This collection served a clean slate for the designer where she showcased her flow of feminitity and innocence.


There was a lot to take in with this collection — trendy dresses, separates, day dresses, outerwear, &  more. This season she aims to further abstract the conditioned perception of femininity and masculinity, with a color palette inspired by the Med-Deco architecture of Miami. Pho utilized a great sense of color from delicate pastels in sky blue and soft pink to neutrals in tans and beige, and even to some bold pops of color such as forest green & tangerine orange.

The collection featured sky blue pinafore day dresses and racerback tank dresses, while Pho’s first foray into sequins as debuted in patch dresses and sequin back t-shirts.