Nolcha Recaps — Sophisticated, Sultry, & Sexy Looks for the Ladies!

Nolcha Fashion Week has a little something for everyone! When it comes to great looks for women, you can choose from chic, full-on fashionista pieces to sensual & alluring numbers to bold, confident frocks. Let’s begin with a few looks that are so polished, very sophisticated in nature with Charles & Ron.


These pieces are quite exquisite. The collection encompasses a lot of styles & silhouettes. Taking for example this look above, very formal in nature with a full ball gown skirt — it’s divine! The prints for this collection are superbly eye-catching and stunning.


This print seen above is featured on many looks in this collection. I love seeing it on a basic dress silhouette and then on a maxi as seen below. It all works! These pieces look to be so well made, high quality, creating a very polished overall look. Charles & Ron is sticking by their signature here, feminine silhouettes adorned with modern graphic prints.


Keeping in line with a well put together ensemble, head to toe, there are some great accessories to catch one’s eye as well. There are many handbags, totes, and clutches paired with the looks — perfectly coordinated!


Another highlighted feature is this white netting, as seen above over a fitted floor-length dress and then below over a LBD. It’s intricate, very detailed, and very in tune with this overall collection, the other looks, the underlying theme.


Prints alone are great, but there is also a great use of color mixed in. Lots of black and white, but the varied pastels in rose pink, lavender, tangerine, and light teal are truly mesmerizing.


This collection is phenomenal. It’s graphic and chic fashionista style. There is an infusion of many great elements here and they all combine so well, so fabulously! LOVE!


Next up, let’s spice things up a bit, show off a little sexiness with Rinat Brodach.


The collection is called “How to expose the Heart”.  It was inspired by the dilemma of exposing and protecting the heart. Rinat wears her heart on her sleeve. The inspiration was taken from everyday life where the heart is exposed, passionate, happy, sad, scared and vulnerable. This exposure leads to pieces that exhibit such confidence, also high quality design technique!


The draping around the areas of the heart show us different situations and feelings from exposing the heart to protecting the heart. Sometimes art doesn’t make sense, ’cause it comes from the heart. But Rinat’s draping is very much her signature, and she does it so beautifully. Her pieces tell a story, and everything from the draping to the simplistically minimal style draws you in. You want to know more.


The materials used for this collection also add into this story. Everything is of such high quality, captivating in nature. You wonder what is used right! It is different kinds of jerseys with some amazing textures on them, Cotton Satin, and Cupero. So not leather, but it’s great that the varied fabrics leave the eye & mind to wonder!


I think it is great that Rinat echoed her signature, doing what she does so well with high-fashion construction and drape, and using this signature to further tell this collection’s story. The draping and construction conveys a mode of expression, inspiring women to lead from the heart and to bring out the inner sensuality, with the feeling of confidence and security.


What makes this collection so intriguing to me is how understated the pieces are, yet still they are so captivating. It’s because of great technique in draping, high quality, great fit, and a clear story that grabs one’s attention.


PBN_5433To complement these looks, Brodach collaborated with jewelry designer, Orly Ruaimi, to deconstruct Rinat’s concept of “How to Expose the Heart” (SS/2015) to its literal foundation, the arteries and veins of the human body. Copper pipes, with their stunning visual presence and metaphorical connection to the body’s blood flow, became the building blocks for the collection. Additional sterling silver finger shields were incorporated by jewelry designer, Schentell Dominique Nunn.

Moving on, let’s take a last look at a designer who infuses feminine sex appeal and culture into her pieces, Sofia Arana.


Sofia Arana is another designer who is not afraid to showcase a little bit of sexiness with her pieces, but at the same time, they are super girly, fun, and flirty! You can see her Puerto Rican heritage & culture infused into each piece, from the prints to the colors to the silhouettes.


This yellow & grey floral print is a featured print for this collection. I love the flirty feminine vibe it gives off and the cutout is just a great touch! This piece perfectly encapsulates Arana’s vision of a basic, classic shape, or silhouette, but adding her own signature, modern touches to keep up with today’s trends.


Her lace detailed pieces are some of my personal faves, also keeping with today’s trends, especially with the use of sheer overlay. Sofia also loves to keep with a vintage appeal and I think she has really stuck by her true aesthetic with this collection, but just taking it to the next level.


The pieces have just such a great flare, a lovely vibe. You would be able to wear these pieces at so many different places, dressed up, dressed down, on the streets, to a cocktail affair!


Sofia’s signatures are being whimsical, yet a classy style for the young woman who appreciates casual elegance and a romantic vibe. All of these pieces take a new spin on this signature, a new twist that continues to stand with modern times and today’s trends.


I love this print, have to feature it again! This look is probably one of my faves and would be great to dress up for a summer night out, or even pair with some flats for an on the go busy NYC day.



All in all, the pieces are for women who like to have a little fun when getting ready, are infused with a great confidence, and are not afraid to be a little flirty, a little sexy in the styling.

I also have to highlight ANTM cycle 10 model, Stacy Anne Fequiere, workin’ it for NYFW 2014, always great seeing her strut her stuff and do her thing!





Special guest celebs were Jessica Pimentel & Madeline Brewer of OITNB!