Proj. Runway & the Urban Jungle


As PR began this week, we saw the designers taking a ride on the Rip Ride RockIt rollercoaster. But no episode of PR is about fun & games. As the “8 hours earlier” caption came on the screen, we were transported back to the runway, where the designers were chatting with Heidi. Heidi informed the designers they were going to recharge their batteries a bit, as they looked restless, and doing so by heading to Universal Studios in Orlando.


There, the designers met up with Tim Gunn and Mike West, the Director of Design for Universal Creative Studio, recently creating “Skull Island: Reign of Kong.” Of course, the challenge instructions were then provided. The designers were to find inspiration from the theme park, the Skull Island jungle, and then create looks for the Urban Jungle, aka streetwear for NYC.


The designers sketched at the park and then headed back to NYC to hit up Mood with a $200 budget. It was then back to the workroom to begin this 1-day challenge. The designers faced normal hiccups this week, lots of doubts and frantic flurries to finish up on time.


Heidi announced at the start of the runway show that whomever won this week would hold the last immunity for the season. The guest judges for the streetwear runway were designer Rebecca Minkoff and actress Carly Chaikin.


The judges’ top 3 was a little confusing. Dexter I assume was on the top, but certainly didn’t get love from all 5 judges. This has happened before, and it always makes me wonder how nobody else received a higher score to make the top 3. There were certainly a couple of other good looks. I thought Rik and Jenni did some good work, very strong streetwear pieces.


I didn’t mind that Dexter was in the top, it’s just if he is going to be there, let’s get mostly praise, not crazed arguments. I thought this was elevated streetwear, definitely something different. The shorts were very tight, and that was my main critique.


JUSTFAB SHOUTOUT — Love these bright yellow heels!

The clear top 2 for the judges was between Nathalia and Laurence, ultimately with Laurence being selected as the winning designer. This was the right choice. Her jacket was fierce. Nathalia’s color palette was a little bland, so with Laurence, she at least had the great pop of color.


Nathalia’s pieces were not all bad, despite the monotone color choices. I did appreciate that she made so many pieces and they all looked very well made. I wish she had instructed the model to take off the jacket on the runway because the top she made, it really had an interesting back. It would have added some dramatic flare to the whole look.


JUSTFAB SHOUTOUT — Gorgeous earrings!

The bottom 3 consisted of Brik, Erin, & Cornelius. I really could have seen the bottom 2 going in all possible directions because they were pretty hard on all 3, but Erin escaped the bottom 2. She certainly was deserving of this bottom 3 placement. Last week, other looks could have ended up there over her. But here, it was a very different case. She really needs to start thinking of the challenge, and how to adapt her aesthetic a little better. So much time on this look made “0” sense. It makes one wonder in the next episode, will she get back to the top???


I really wasn’t sure who was going home between Cornelius & Brik. Both had faults, but it seems as if when one designer does too much versus one who does too little, the one who does too little goes home. Thankfully that was not the case this week and Cornelius was saved. I didn’t have a problem with his pants, but the top was not only too basic, it was poorly constructed.


SHOUTOUTS — SALLY BEAUTY & MARY KAYChic, sleek locks & a great pop of color on the lip!

This meant Brik was the one out and I had no problem with this. I have not been a fan of his work this season and kind of thought his elimination was long overdue. I agreed with pretty much all of what the judges said — mismatch of prints, it was too much, and there were some construction issues.


SHOUTOUTS — SALLY BEAUTY, MARYKAY & JUSTFAB Love the heels, stunning beauty look, and this updo is beautiful!


2015 Independent Handbag Designer Awards


The 2015 Independent Handbag Designer Awards are next week, June 17th, 2015, and will be held at the School of the Visual Arts Theatre in NYC (333 W 23rd Street) at 8 pm. I am ecstatic that I will have the privilege to attend this prestigious ceremony. If anyone would actually like to attend, you can too as well! Click here to purchase tickets!


Founded in 2007 by Handbag Designer 101, the IHDAs were created to celebrate handbag design and creativity from around the world. The IHDA is the only international design competition of its kind, receiving lots of great press over the years, and and is a platform for putting new designer talent on the map. Now in its ninth year, it is an industry staple responsible for high profile collaborations and hundreds of success stories.


This year, Rebecca Minkoff will be honored with the 2015 ICONOCLAST Award. 40 finalists in 8 categories will be present. Huge prizes are at stake, such as a feature in the September issue of InStyle (Event Sponsor), potential partnerships  with Guess, MaryKay Cosmetics, and Trina Turk. Also, the “Best Overall” will receive a feature on the digital e-commerce platform EVINE Live.

Here are the 2015 finalists across the 8 categories — (all pictures in order of listing for each category)

The EVINE Live Best Handbag in Overall Style & Design —
Best executed handbag overall in style and design


The EVINE Live Best Handbag in Overall Style and Design – These bags represent the best-executed handbag in overall style and design. Winner will receive a booth at WWDMAGIC, a mentorship with Hilldun and a brand consultancy with the Accessory Think Thank. The winner will also garner the opportunity to have their line sold on EVINE Live, a yearlong membership to the Accessories Council and a feature in the September issue of InStyle.


The Trina Turk Best Studentmade Handbag


Students who started a line while in school. Winner will receive a coveted apprenticeship with famed designer, Trina Turk and Signal Brands. Winner will receive a yearlong membership to the Accessories Council and also be part of the IHDA feature in the September issue of InStyle.


Bernina Best Hand-Made Handbag —
Made with any material where the designer is making their bag by sewing machine or by hand


Winner will receive the BERNINA 560 sewing machine. In addition, winners will have the prestigious opportunity to be an Ambassador for BERNINA in creating blogs and projects for BERNINA social media and We All Sew Blog. Winner will receive a yearlong membership to the Accessories Council and also be part of the IHDA feature in the September issue of InStyle.


Klean Kanteen Best Green Handbag —
Bags that are made out of sustainable, recycled or organic materials


Winner will have the opportunity to work with Klean Kanteen, a year-long membership to the Accessories Council and will be part of the IHDA feature in the September issue of InStyle.


Fashion 4 Development Most Socially Responsible Handbag — Bags that are made in a country where the proceeds are given back to the country of manufacturing or people that are employed to manufacture handbags to better their lives and/or conditions


Winner will receive a feature with Fashion 4 Development. Winner will receive a yearlong membership to the Accessories Council and also be part of the IHDA feature in the September issue of InStyle.


Distinctly Denim by Guess Handbags — Sketch Based Category
The most trend driven use of denim, in a playful and imaginative way by embracing the personality of the brand


Winner will garner an amazing opportunity to have their bag sold on, work alongside our handbag designer based in Florence, Italy, receive a yearlong membership to the Accessories Council and receive a feature in the September issue of InStyle. We are partnering with the Guess Foundation to donate a portion of the proceeds of the winning bag to the social service agency Peace Over Violence. Its mantra: Make a social statement with your fashion statement. And wear denim for a purpose.


The Standout & Look Great Work Bag by MOO — Sketch Based Category
Creating the unisex bag for professionals on the go. Business does not have to be boring.


The category winner will receive MOOlah with which to create business stationery, promotional materials, and merchandising assets. The Designer and bag will be showcased on materials, and merchandising assets. The Designer and bag will be showcased on and the category promoted on, owned social channels, and Handbag Designer 101. The Winner will receive a yearlong membership to the Accessories Council and also be part of the IHDA feature in the September issue of InStyle.


The MARYKAY Most Irresistible Makeup Bag — Sketch Based Category
The most versatile and stylish makeup bag that every woman will want.


Winner will have an amazing opportunity to work on Mary Kay projects and have their bag featured on global’s and social media platforms. Winner will receive a yearlong membership to the Accessories Council and also be part of the IHDA feature in the September issue of InStyle.


The 2015 preliminary judges panel is made up of the top industry influencers and bloggers —

  • Colin McDonald — NYC PR firm owner
  • Nancy Forman — owner & operator of The Accessory Think Tank
  • Lolita Alford — Social media marketing whiz
  • Emma Grady — personal stylist and award winning fashion writer
  • Lois Sakany — Founder & editor of TheSnobette
  • Samia Grand Pierre — Editor of TheSnobette
  • Celia San Miguel — Bilingual style & beauty expert
  • Dawn Del Russo — stylist, on-air fashion expert and tv personality, recently seen on Glamour Magazine show “Dressed to Kill”
  • Pamela Pekerman — fashion and lifestyle expert
  • Grace Gold — multimedia beauty journalist
  • Lidia Z. — founder of StylingOn
  • Adriana Marie Quaranto — started a new company called AMCONYC which is the go-to platform for emerging designers, millennials and entrepreneurs
  • Carey Reilly — Comedian, TV Host, and Actress


So make sure to tweet or message to any brands you know a congrats for making it as a finalist and send them encouraging words to wish them luck for next week! In the meantime, check out pictures from last year’s ceremony and who the finalists and winners were last year. From Fashion Nexus, GOOD LUCK to all of the designer finalists this year as I am a huge supporter of independent and/or emerging fashion designers!

Remember, click here to purchase tickets!

This year’s sponsors are — InStyle, Guess, Rebecca Minkoff, Trina Turk, Signal Brands, Bernia, EVINE Live, Moo, Mary Kay, Klean Kanteen, Fashion 4 Development, Basic Adhesives Leather, Affinia, Garment District NYC, Pantone, WWD Magic, Hilldun, Leather Suede Skins, Bottomless Closet, Tassen Museum, The Fashion Class, Save the Garment Center, Accessory Think Tank, & Accessories Council.

And the PR Season 13 Winner is……

Yes, let’s just announce the spoiler right from the get-go! With a much-deserved win, the PR Season 13 winner was SEAN KELLY!! With blogging/recapping, it’s all about the discussion, so let’s get to that, and see how this season came to its conclusion.

From last week’s episode, we left off where the designers had previewed 3 pieces from their collections so that the judges could offer some feedback. Amanda needed a little more sophistication. Sean had to show he was more than just the one note of fringe. Kini needed to re-work a lot, youthfulness was the goal to achieve. And finally, Char had to scrap several looks, making sure her collection represented who she was as a designer and was cohesive.


Tim quickly came by to offer the designers the option of returning to Mood with an additional $300 to spend. Amanda was the only one who decided to hang back, having some extra fabrics already at her disposal. She didn’t want to lose any time! With some new fabrics and a rejuvenated focus, each designer was back to work finishing up their collections. Tim also came by again for a little more Tim-time.


He instructed Amanda to stop over-thinking so much. Kini scrapped his trench coat and already had many new youthful pieces to show Tim. And Tim definitely recognized the improvements! Tim & Sean discussed the fringe. He told Sean to take in what the judges said, namely Nina with lessening the number of fringed looks, but he further advised him to ultimately still own it. Tim was a bit confused on the new fabrics Char purchased. He reiterated what the judges had just told her, be who you are, don’t stray.


The guest judge for the finale was Emmy Rossum, a very talented actress from the Showtime hit show Shameless.. She did a wonderful job as the guest judge –lots of thoughtful critiques and words of wisdom. And just as all of the judges were, I too was impressed with the finale presentations. I’ve been reading comments that the finale was a bit lackluster, perhaps lacking in shock or wow moments. I 100% disagree and here’s why!


It can’t be helped that with this season there were 3 top notch designers who each could have easily won. The surprise factor was lacking because there wouldn’t have been much outrage had Kini or Amanda won. As long as the “ABC” (anyone but Char) remained in effect, the end result was going to be a bit predictable. I guess you could say underwhelming. But just because predictability or a general acceptance was on the rise, it doesn’t negate the designers’ outstanding work. Kini, Amanda, and Sean all had different designer POVs and really stuck to those aesthetics. Each did a fine job, and with so much greatness to choose from, it was hard to be so surprised over who won. But I would be much more disappointed had their only been 1 decent final presentation and if the winner had been so clear cut. I think there was a bit of surprise because even with narrowing down to Sean & Amanda, it was still up in the air over who might win. I think what was missing this season was diehard fans over 1 designer and what we saw was acceptance for a few instead.


Another type of comment I’ve come across was about a lack of dramatic flare with the various presentations; the pieces were maybe a bit too RTW. In this case, people have to recognize a runway presentation is only going to include a few showstopping gowns if that is what the designer specializes in, such as Monique Lhuillier or Carolina Herrera. But take attending a show for Rebecca Minkoff, Wildfox, or Desigual, what you are going to see are pieces much like we saw with this finale, looks that are more wearable, RTW. Taking in a presentation, you still have to be mindful of who the designer is. And to me, based off who these designers are, I think the presentations stayed true to that and there were still many highlights. Remember, highlights don’t always come in the packaging of bells & whistles, sometimes it’s in the details or the subtleties.

But getting back to the runway shows at hand, here are my thoughts based on the judges’ placements for this final 4, first up, the winner, Sean!


I’m definitely a fan of this collection and happy for Sean’s big win! He not only stuck to who he was a designer, but he also told a great story in that of the betrayal of Caesar. Each moment was perfectly encapsulated in the various looks, whether it was the betrayal in black or the bloodshed in bright orange. The looks were not over-the-top in dramatic flare or with volume, but rather, it was his understated and detailed work that was truly mesmerizing. From the perfect fit to the great movement, Sean truly did a fantastic job with this collection.


There were so many great pieces, so above and below are just a few of my faves. Yes, many of Sean’s looks worked with fringe, but it wasn’t as it if the fringe effect was the same from piece to piece. He definitely mixed it up with this design technique from fringe all over a floor-length dress to jumpsuits to just a dangling few strands draping down the back. It really created such great movement, very much catching the viewer’s eye as the pieces came down the runway


The draping also created for some lovely, flowing movement. I too loved  how regal and sophisticated these looks were. There was such a refined and elegant sophistication. Any woman would want to wear these pieces because of how luxe they looked, very high quality work.


Shout-out: Mary Kay beauty look, nude lip, shimmery silver eye. Still not a fan of the slicked back look, but it wasn’t too distracting!

Whether it was looks in black, white, or the burnt orange, this luxurious quality was maintained throughout. No piece felt lacking in this chic, sophisticated vibe.


A truly fascinating facet of Sean’s fringe detailing was when the fringe was done in 2 colors. The way it moved and mixed was a stunning and eye-catching detail!


The judges felt a look or 2 was not at the same level as the others. But clearly his innovative, fresh take, as well as creativity was enough for the judges to give him the win. They were able to envision his growth and potential. I’m not sure as we heard Zac say that the decision was so “crystal clear” between Sean & Amanda. But either winning would have been well deserved.


Amanda should certainly feel proud of herself for a job well done. She came back for redemption this season, a do-over, a 2nd chance. And while winning would have been the ultimate redemption, 2nd place is still a pretty decent result. To me, Amanda has the most clear design aesthetic and I think she really could have built this big brand she had mentioned upon winning. I really hope she can still make this happen and hopefully not winning will not deter her or keep her too far off track.


Her looks were all boho chic, effortless and easygoing. I think she heeded the judges’ advice. Her looks were not all hippie basic, they were modern and sophisticated for her aesthetic. Her work with color-blocking, use of prints, mixing of texture, such as with leather and suede, were all top-notch. This knit eye-print was probably my least favorite aspect of her collection, but when paired with a vest as seen below, it worked for me. So breaking up the full length knit dress was 100% the right decision!


The judges were not a fan of the look below, but I disagree. It again demonstrated Amanda’s ability to make her aesthetic work with a mix of fabrics and textures. It was the escalated level of the boho vibe the judges were wanting. It was more than just a long flowy maxi.


Amanda was right when she said there was just the right amount of color in her collection. If Sean was able to make use of only some burnt orange, than Amanda’s vibrant pops of bright blue and red are just as sufficient. Both of Amanda’s shades of blue looks were totally to die for. I WANT THEM BOTH NOW! It may not seem as if these looks were that extravagant, but this type of look can easily be dressed up or down. And when dressed up, it would create a wow factor.


Amanda really showed she could work with not only dresses, but just as well with separates. And again, the color blocking, missing of fabrics, specifically the work with leather, I was impressed.


I’m not sure what the pinpointed moment was with the decision between Amanda and Sean. I did feel as if they maybe were more in love with her jewelry perhaps, than her collection. Not that this is a bad thing, but PR is supposed to be about the garments. I thought they saw her more with a clear vision, focused brand, big future, but maybe not quite as fresh or innovative as they saw with Sean’s work. In any event, the judges had a hard decision here, quite tough, but I think they still thought a lot of Amanda’s work, as did I!


Next up, let’s discuss Kini’s practically re-worked collection. I mean for someone who had so much re-working, re-thinking to do over a 10-piece collection, and in less than 2 days to do it all in, this was pretty amazing considering the circumstances. I guess the point that lingered with the judges is they still had to point him somewhat in this direction so this likely counted him out for the win. I think Kini re-made only a few pieces, but the rest was just a matter of re-styling, re-pairing. He may still have a little way to go in the judges’ eyes, but I have 0 doubts he will get there!


Kini definitely gave us some flare with the volume and some more formal looks. Take for example this denim and neoprene mermaid gown below. To make denim feel so luxe, Kini clearly has a talent with this. I’m not the hugest fan of denim, but Kini is doing a great job on making me RE-THINK this opinion!


This flirty feminine frock below was probably my most fave of his pieces. It was super-cute and fun. I could see a ton of girls wanting to rock this look. And the point that will still be of such talk, such attention, is that it’s DENIM! The pleats, the volume, and the perfect execution all lend to the fact that Kini is still a top notch designer, despite his not winning PR.


Emmy pointed out a great note in that Kini did take direction well, both in terms of styling the looks and the beauty look with hair & make-up. He took it and was able to execute what was needed to make the necessary improvements to his collection. The high ponytail may have not worked universally for every look, but the Mary Kay beauty look was great, vast improvement from the way too dark smoky eye from last week!


I think the youthfulness vibe was always underlying with Kini’s pieces, it was just a matter of styling. His newer pieces did really amp that level up a few notches though. I’m still amazed at how great Kini’s quickly made leather shorts were, as seen above, far surpassing the shorts from Char’s graphic print piece, which she had way longer to work on. So all in all, job well done to Kini and I can’t wait to see more from him in the future!


And finally, we have Char to discuss. I still stick with my original notion in that she was not quite ready for her fashion week showing as a finalist. Even had she not made a top 4 finale, she would have still presented. But in terms of the prime-time viewing, compared to her fellow designers, the work, the design, the pieces were just not at the same level.


Take for example a few things we saw during the episode. She had to scrap just as many, if not more looks than Kini. On top of this, she was nowhere near Kini’s level of speedy sewing. Because of this, she ended up keeping a look that still had many fit and execution issues. Even up until pretty close to the start of the runway, she was still sewing, having model fittings, and the like. It just all showed in her final presentation she wasn’t quite ready.


I feel as if the judges knew what kind of designer Char is, but she might not know quite yet. That or she isn’t able to fully execute looks that are encompassed under her design aesthetic. There really was not any cohesion amongst these pieces. I’m not sure why Tim bothered saying there was. To me, everything was scatterbrained, a little all over the place. There were a few good pieces in the midst, but the lack of cohesion and poor execution really kept Char out of the running for the win.


And once again, here is what Sean has in store for him with this big win!

  • $100,000 from Red Robin to launch their business and the opportunity to design a fashion accessory for all Red Robin servers
  • a complete sewing and crafting studio from Brother International Corporation
  • a premiere entertainment center, courtesy of Samsung
  • a fashion spread in Marie Claire magazine
  • a car from Lexus
  • from Mary Kay, an entire year’s worth of beauty products for their fashion shows and professional makeup artist services for their debut show
  • a shoe and accessory collection from ALDO to help enhance their upcoming runway shows
  • Best Western International will also provide the winner travel and hotel accommodations to fashion capitals and inspiring locations around the world
  • The winning model will also appear in the winner’s fashion spread in Marie Claire magazine.







ENK Shows — Accessorie Circuit — 1st Time Attending for Fashion Nexus!!

There have been many firsts, fashion firsts to be specific, since I launched Fashion Nexus. I’ve always been invited and of course I’ve heard of ENK prior to last week. I was just never able to attend the multi-day event. But I’m happy to now report I HAVE! And it was such a blast! I was so excited to meet and greet new brands and even see some familiar faces from brands I already know. There was so much to see and because I saw so much this post is just the first of three. I want to go into more in-depth detail about the immaculate jewelry, high-quality accessories, and stunning apparel pieces I came across.

So 1st up, let’s take a look at some very well-crafted and well-made accessories, handbags, clutches, belts, etc., from some great brands!      





ashlyn’d I have fallen in love with this brand of unique, custom, and high quality clutches/handbags. Check out their latest collection here. You can also check out my full featured piece on ashlyn’d as well. Always impressed with each piece I see!





Botkier If you want practicality, while also feeling like a fashionista, then Botkier is the brand for that. So many options from basic handbags to satchels to totes to cross-bodies. It was a must for me to include the brand on my 4th of July piece!



Rebecca Minkoff Rebecca Minkoff is probably one of the 1st designers I met as I was developing my fashion blog. She was very kind and it was an honored experience to be in the midst of such a great talent! The brand is also no stranger to Fashion Nexus features — 4th of July piece; Jamie Chung — 2014 Coachella Best Dressed; and her Guest judge spot on Project Runway All-Stars.



Liebeskind Berlin Liebeskind is a brand that has caught my eye for some time now. Of course I made sure it was included as a featured brand on one of my “Best Dressed” lists, 2014 PCAs, Greer Grammer sporting one of the brand’s signature clutches! I’m very impressed by the many new pieces, in addition to the brand’s staple bags.





Lauren Merkin This brand is all about customizing and personalizing for the consumer. It’s hard to be disappointed when some of the design aspect is in your hands! There is definitely something for everyone — basics, fun, color, creativity & more!




WCM Belts Handbags are of course must-have accessory essentials, but so too are belts! WCM is a recent brand I’ve discovered and one I hope to stick with when it comes to features and showcasing of the brand’s design and functionality.




















PRAS Designers Are all About Some Cocktails — Cheers!

So this week, the designers were toyed with just a little! They were all so excited, as I would be too, because they were going to Jay-Z‘s hot NYC club, 40/40. It was supposed to be all about fun and enjoying a relaxing night. But hey, this is All-Stars, so haha, the joke was on them! Although, at least they got to enjoy 1 drink, even if it was for their challenge this week.

pras03-ep3-episode10                                 pras03-ep3-episode2Alyssa was of course at the club to hand down the designers’ marching orders for this week. There was a list of cocktail beverages and each designer would choose one. This cocktail would serve as the inspiration for, drumroll please, a cocktail dress! The designers could take inspiration from the ingredients, the mixing process, the color, etc. They sketched at the club, but then were off to Mood with only a $100 budget for their 1 day challenge. Wow, kind of rough!

pras03-ep3-episode6                                        pras03-ep3-episode8Speaking of rough, let’s talk about the cocktail selection process. Mychael got to choose first since he won last week. But then, he and every other designer had to choose who to toast to, meaning who would go next. I definitely think strategy took part in this as Seth Aaron and Irina were the final 2 standing. But I don’t know how necessary that was. It wasn’t as if any drink would really not work as an inspiration. Hold on because there is a bit more roughness the designers had to endure.

pras03-ep3-episode5                                         pras03-ep3-episode7Zanna time of course consisted of her firm words of encouragement and wisdom. But this time she also added a twist for this week, no pun intended. No cocktail dress can go without a little garnish right? Of course not! So each designer had to now make an accessory to go with their cocktail dress. They could use their own fabric, another designers or somehow make something work from the QVC wall.

One other little side note from this week — what was with all of the references to copying or designer imitation this week? It was all a bit odd. Jeffrey said Korto’s look was a bit like Isaac’s resort collection from a few years back. Elena made a quip about Viktor’s dress being similar to Alexander McQueen. But maybe she was too quick with that quip since the judges referenced I think Balenciaga when critiquing her piece. I wonder what everyone else thought about this or if it even registered. Let me know!

pras03-ep3-episode15But now onto the top & bottom. This week, the judges were joined by the accessories queen, Rebecca Minkoff and renown interior designer Nate Berkus. I wasn’t entirely on board with the judges this week, but I can see their logic. I think one big surprise for me was that Irina was not in the top. I loved her shimmery gold cocktail dress, inspired by the Strawberry Fields concoction. It certainly looked luxe to me, nowhere near the $100s she spent. So how did the judges pick their winning look this week?

-project-runway-a5ll-                                                                            Strawberry-FieldsI wasn’t sure if the judges would really like Christopher’s “The Rose” inspired dress, but I’m glad they did. Alyssa handed down another twist during deliberations and said she would wear the winning look. When this happened I thought, well that means Chris is out of the running to win, but she decided to wear 2 top looks? I think he should have won this week, but I will settle for top 3!

-project-runway-al6l-                                                                   top_gwen_roseViktor actually won this week with his “Tiger Eyes” inspired look, which was a bit shocking to me. One because how did the judges tire from their Elena kool-aid, haha! I for sure thought since she was in the top again that she would win. Plus, it didn’t seem as if the judges were all in agreement over Viktor’s look, but regardless, he won. I didn’t get it because it was a bit sloppy looking to me around the hem and the slit, but he did do a divine job with the cutouts.

-project-runway-al4l-Speaking of cutouts, Elena also created a quite fetching “Sardinia” inspired cutout dress. It was well constructed and chic. The seaming detail was also eye-catching. It wasn’t a surprise she ended up on top. I thought I remembered hearing the designers talk about color as an inspiration. I didn’t see that with most of the looks. But inspiration doesn’t have to be  literal. This worked well for some of the designers. But not so much for others since I think the bottom designers went a bit more for literal inspirations.

-project-runway-al7l-                                                                  imagesKorto’s Summer-inspired cocktail dress was first up for the bottom. She went with a green and yellow print to show inspiration from her cocktail. The judges quickly took her out of the elimination running however. There focus for who to send home was on the other 2 in the bottom — Jeffrey and Melissa.

-project-runway-all3-I wasn’t sure if Melissa would get a 3rd chance. Even though she’s been in the bottom a lot, there was still a wearability factor for her pieces. Whereas Jeffrey’s dresses, who also has been in the bottom twice now, didn’t have that capability. His Le Exotique  inspired dress this week was just very dated. With a lower budget, he really should have paid more attention to his fabric choice.

-project-runway-all1-But it was Melissa’s Sunset-inspired cocktail dress that was tossed aside this week. I would have voted Jeffrey out, personally, but the judges, I guess, were out of chances for Melissa this week.

-project-runway-al2l-                                                                                jamaican_sunsetExcited for next week, can’t wait! Remember, keep up with Fashion Nexus by liking on Facebook! By liking, you are entered into the amazing giveaways I will have going on. This week’s giveaway can be seen below!